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  • Casino promotion. The ins and outs of casino marketing for professionals

    It is hardly necessary to convince anyone of the importance and necessity of online casino promotion. It is enough to look at such sites as Vulkan Casino, Golden Watermelon Casino and other popular brands in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to make sure that brand recognition and popularity today is the main component of their success.

    If you are planning to create a casino, we are ready to offer our help in choosing and purchasing casino software! On the website of our company b2bslots you will find all the necessary information and terms of cooperation. But even if you have created a high-quality reliable online casino, you can not say that you have passed at least half of the way.

    This is only the beginning and the next step is the promotion of the casino. To do this, you can apply almost any tools of online marketing. Moreover, free methods and self-promotion are available. However, if you want to achieve the most effective result as quickly as possible, it is recommended to order the promotion of casinos online in a professional web studio.

    Basic casino promotion methods

    There are a huge number of methods for internet marketing to promote a gaming resource. It is practically impossible to describe them all in one article, and it is not rational to do so. There are many nuances, pitfalls and risks that professionals can help you to solve and circumvent.

    Therefore, we will only touch briefly a few of the most common and affordable methods of promotion casinos:

    • SEO Marketing;
    • EMAIL marketing;
    • use of CRM systems;
    • SMM social media promotion;
    • affiliate marketing.

    These methods are quite universal and relevant for the promotion of any resource. We want to pay closer attention to such a method as affiliate marketing. It is on this method that big name brands are betting heavily today in their fight for visitors. Let us start at the beginning of the list.

    Casino promotion

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    To apply

    1. SEO marketing and casino promotion

    SEO (Search engine optimization and CRM – Customer Relationship Management) aims to get traffic (visitors) from search engines for popular search terms. The process involves three main steps:

    • work on internal website optimisation, bringing it in line with search engine requirements; this is done using various methods, including placing special keywords and phrases, HTML codes, etc.;
    • work on external optimisation of the resource – accumulation of the largest number of external links, cooperation with thematic platforms, exchanges, etc.;
    • maintaining the results achieved – regularly optimising the website for new search engine requirements. SEO-optimisation allows the widest possible coverage of the target audience.

    2. EMAIL marketing

    Email newsletters to users who are the target audience (CA) of an online casino. They are by no means spam. Mailings are made to users who have agreed to receive thematic information, for example, during registration at the casino or in any way. Such letters inform about the beginning of tournaments, promotions, new bonuses, game content updates, etc. In other words, the mailing informs about casino news.

    3. Use of CRM systems

    A CRM system is a customer relationship management system. Choosing the right CRM system allows you to communicate more closely with your players and to improve retention, or in simple terms, to bring players back to your casino. This, in turn, leads to more popularity of your establishment and thus an improved casino promotion.

    The main benefits of using CRM systems:

    • automating the storage and management of the client base;
    • the ability to quickly access the customer base;
    • more responsive customer service and improved customer satisfaction;
    • control of sales, financial transactions on a per customer basis;
    • human resource management.

    4. Social media promotion SMM

    In today’s environment, it is social networks that accumulate the largest number of users. Therefore, the promotion of casinos in social networks is an effective and fairly quick way to promote. If possible, it is necessary to cover all the most popular networks.

    It should be borne in mind that the methods for promotion in different networks differ significantly. Somewhere it is necessary to constantly repost and run promotional materials, and somewhere enough 1-2 posts per day, but the main emphasis is on the quality and format of the material. Turning to the services of professionals, you can easily avoid mistakes and achieve a high level of impact and effectiveness of promotion in social networks.

    5. Affiliate marketing and casino promotion

    Affiliate programs in modern gambling – a common and relevant phenomenon. This is a way of free advertising and promotion of the casino, in which she shares part of her profits with the partner who brought the client, without spending their own advertising budget. All costs fall on the shoulders of the partner (affiliate).

    For casinos – this is a very effective way to promote and attract the flow of new players. For users looking for earnings on the network – it is a real opportunity to make money. We strongly recommend using affiliate links in your work.

    However, it is important to organize their work correctly and efficiently so that such cooperation is mutually beneficial for all parties. That is why we suggest you to dive into their “kitchen” and to understand in details affiliates, their peculiarities, differences and advantages, answering the key characteristic questions.

    Affiliate programme as a phenomenon in casino promotion.

    Running an affiliate program allows online casinos to attract new customers to their site. It works in the following way: users-partners, using their resource, sometimes their customer base, advertise online casino, which provides an influx of new players. For each new player partner receives compensation.

    If you come across the terms affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing somewhere, then you should understand that we are talking about those affiliate programs and partners. The increase in the number of online casinos has led to competition in the affiliate market, as partners are looking for the most favorable conditions of cooperation.

    Main benefits of affiliate gambling partnerships:

    • Prospects – gambling continues to grow rapidly and is now one of the most profitable businesses.
    • High yields of gambling partnerships – essentially, an affiliate is a variation of passive income. If you organise the process correctly, you can earn a consistently high income, giving less than an hour a day to your work.
    • Uninterrupted payments – most partners expect almost lifelong payments for a client, i.e. a percentage of the player’s play is paid to the partner until the player stops playing.

    Types and possibilities of earning from gambling affiliates

    Let’s understand the basic concepts.
    RevShare (RevShare, Revenu Share) – is the partner’s income for attracted players, it is a percentage of the ggr or ngr.
    Revenue (GGR, Gross Gaming Revenue) – is the total amount of money that an enterprise receives from the sale of its products, services and works.
    NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) – is the net profit, i.e. the revenue from which all costs and expenses have been deducted.

    Affiliate Income = (GGR – Expenditure) * % RevenueShare

    The benefits and benefits of affiliate marketing for casino promotion:

    • Affiliates are paid per result. Although there are several formats of affiliates, the casino always pays for the result already obtained. Thus, it is possible to talk about cost-effectiveness. Even if the conditions are quite favourable for the affiliate, the casino makes a higher profit.
    • Measurable results. Typically, casino marketing involves a range of activities with different budgets. And not all of these methods allow you to accurately calculate their effectiveness.For example, ordering an information stand and installing it at a gambling conference. You will not be able to measure with certainty how much money it cost to produce it, as you will not know with certainty how many new users came to your site due to this type of advertising. With an affiliate program, it is different – you will be able to do detailed analysis and get accurate and reliable information about the effectiveness of this method of marketing online casino.
    • Easy to track on a per affiliate basis. Modern quality gaming platforms have a user-friendly and easy-to-manage module that allows you to track and maintain analytics across all affiliate programmes involved.
    • Building a positive reputation and gaining popularity. A good affiliate is a kind of reference in today’s gambling world. He has a certain weight among users, he is an active participant in gaming forums and blogs and he is trusted. Therefore, promotion on behalf of a well-established affiliate is about gaining recognition in the online gambling market.

    How to find a good affiliate

    • Take advantage of information from independent online gaming resources. Often such resources post various ratings and useful information not only about gaming sites, but also about promoted affiliates who may even act as experts and advisers to users.
    • Advertise your affiliate programme on one or more of these online gambling resources.
    • Take part regularly in organised affiliate conferences and exhibitions. Major affiliates are sure to attend them in order to learn new casino marketing techniques, exchange experiences, etc. Information about your affiliate programme is sure to get noticed if presented properly.

    Another way to find the right and truly effective partners is through word of mouth. The more useful acquaintances and connections you have in the online gambling industry, the more information you will be able to gather. You can talk to friends and acquaintances to get verified information about honest business partners and scammers who are better not to do business with.

    Moreover, you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the basic techniques of the affiliate you are considering as an attractive and constructive partner. Of course, he won’t tell you all his secrets for attracting traffic, but you can also learn something by visiting the resources he uses to participate in affiliate programs.


    Note the following points:

    • A resource for affiliate links should be of high quality, vibrant and dynamic. This not only attracts users, but also generates credibility.
    • The number of marketing methods used. The best result is always achieved by the combined use of several marketing tools to attract the target audience.
    • The information and promotional material placed by the partner on the website should be clear and accessible to visitors of all user levels. A simple interface and user-friendly navigation play an important role in retaining the visitor, engaging them and getting them to click on the link.
    • Whether or not social media advertising is used. Today, they are an accumulating source of huge audiences.
    • Contextual and teaser advertising is another effective tool for attracting players, widely used by professional affiliates.

    So, it’s safe to say that affiliate programmes are a highly effective method of promoting casinos.

    The key is to choose carefully and competently. However, once you have developed and launched a gambling affiliate, you may face a situation where affiliates will not rush to you in an endless stream. Unfortunately, foreign affiliates are very popular on today’s gambling market.

    In order to clearly understand the reasons for this, we suggest to read the results of an independent evaluation by online gambling experts of the general characteristics of the main mass of domestic and foreign affiliate links.

    6. Promoting casinos through affiliate CPA networks

    An affiliate CPA network is an advertising network that involves paying for a targeted action. It is a great way to get the most out of your advertising. Through a CPA network, you can earn high quality traffic.

    An arbitrageur is the name of the person who promotes casino services while receiving compensation. His tasks boil down to the following:

    • Invest your own personal funds in attracting leads;
    • Find users who are interested in services or products by buying traffic
    • Create high-conversion ads.

    Here is a general view of earnings:

    Profit = (Costs of buying traffic / attracting visitors) – (amount for resale).

    Outline of the CPA model

    It is possible to work directly with an arbitrator, but there is a risk of fraud for both parties. A more elaborate way to collaborate through intermediaries is through CPA networks. Be prepared to pay a commission on conversions – around $0.3-2.0 of the fee. This will serve as a guarantee of a clean deal, as well as a mutual commitment.

    A participant in the process interacts in this way:

    1. The advertiser must place an offer in the affiliate;
    2. The webmaster, by selecting an offer, receives a link to the product page;
    3. At his own expense, he sets up advertising (it can be search advertising or media advertising, etc.).;
    4. User clicks on posted advertisements with an affiliate link;
    5. The webmaster has earnings – this is a fixed amount for each productive action of the visitor (purchase of goods, order of services, etc.)

    Do you want to be successful and have a global outlook? Choose a quality professional approach to casino promotion and break stereotypes.

    Use for promotion not only the methods described by us, but all available online casino marketing methods. Comprehensive promotion means high efficiency and long-lasting results!

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