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  • Gambling licence in general

    A casino licence is a document authorising an entrepreneur to operate an online gambling business. Gambling is one of the activities subject to licensing. The very notion of licensing, of course, is not limited to gambling business and implies a whole complex of measures to issue or revoke a license, control activities of the enterprise, which received a license, for compliance with all relevant regulations, conditions and requirements of licensing.

    However, the license for online casino is not mandatory. It allows the legal operation of the establishment, to open bank accounts and legally conduct financial transactions. In the eyes of the general public, gambling affiliates, financial institutions and regulators, the rating of a licensed casino is initially high.

    Casino license online why you need it

    For a gambling establishment, a casino online license is a confirmation of its legal activities.

    Licensing is a procedure, the result of which is permission to conduct gambling activities. To pass it, the entrepreneur must submit a certain package of documents and pay the fees approved by the legislation of the selected jurisdiction.

    In different countries, the requirements for the licensee may differ significantly. Thus Maltese or British licenses are considered among the most prestigious. International financial institutions do not consider these countries as offshore zones. As a result, all banks, payment systems and partnerships with the best software developers are open before the operator with a license of such jurisdiction.

    General advantages of getting a casino license online:

    • the legality of gambling activities;
    • the high business reputation of the institution;
    • a positive image in the eyes of potential customers;
    • ample business development opportunities.
    Gambling licence

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    To apply

    Gambling licence basic types

    When considering gambling licensing, it is impossible not to mention all the different types of gambling licences that exist. The fact is that the entertainment industry is not limited to online casinos. Equally popular are betting shops, lotteries and other types of entertainment that fall under mandatory licensing. Therefore, offshore zones can offer four types of licences to interested entrepreneurs:

    • for an online casino licence;
    • for online betting sites;
    • to organise lotteries;
    • on the activities of companies that provide hosting, software development and other related services to support the gambling business.

    To issue a license in each offshore country a special regulating body is formed. Its functions include the development of requirements for obtaining casinoonline license. The main requirements, as a rule, apply to the accuracy and security of financial accounting, the possibility of audit, the functionality and quality of the gaming content, a detailed description of the company’s online casino operator.

    Only a legal entity may become a license holder. The applicant for its receipt must not only collect and provide a full package of documents and required information, but also comply with the established requirements throughout the duration of the license.

    We have already mentioned that the number of countries providing the opportunity to obtain gambling licenses amounts to several dozens all over the world. It is noteworthy that among them there are not only countries, traditionally considered as a comfortable offshore zone for various business activities, which use licensing for money to develop their own economy.

    Online casino licence choice of jurisdiction

    As mentioned, an online casino licence can have different jurisdictions. There are about 80 countries in the world today that offer this type of service under certain conditions. The price of a gambling licence has a wide range. The highest cost of licensing is in European countries.

    When choosing, one should pay attention to:

    • a list of documents required for the application;
    • additional conditions;
    • the taxation system applicable to the licensee;
    • acquisition time;
    • permit period;
    • price.
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