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  • How to legally open a casino in Russia

    The question of how to open a casino legally becomes particularly relevant. Gambling is very popular today. And with the spread of the Internet and the movement of gambling sites into the network, gambling entertainment has become available to a wide range of audiences.

    Russia is a country with a huge territory and a population of many millions. It is possible to open a gambling establishment legally here. If we consider the majority of the adult population as potential customers, great prospects for the gambling business open up. The nuance is that the organization of gambling and the operation of land-based gambling establishments in the Russian Federation is permitted only in special gambling zones.

    Open an online casino franchise

    What does it mean to open an online casino franchise? In the network today there are already large online casinos with a high level of popularity and recognition. They are trusted by users, and such casinos have steadily high levels of income due to the influx of players. Buying a turnkey casino or creating a casino on your own, the entrepreneur faces the need to promote the resource. In order to achieve the level of popularity of online casinos Golden Watermelon may take more than one year. But you want to make a profit now and today. The solution may become a partnership with a well-known brand in franchising.

    Franchise is a contract between an entrepreneur and a famous casino to use his brand for its commercial activities. In this case, the entrepreneur gets at his disposal a well-adjusted, fully ready-to-work resource, and for the franchise owner it is an additional way of its distribution and popularization, which also carries a certain income. For example, Vulkan online casino is very popular in Russia, Belarus and other Russian-speaking countries. Today, it is possible to buy a Vulkan casino franchise and open your own online casino. The popularity of the brand will provide a flow of players and a mental high profit.

    How to legally open a casino in Russia

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    The advantages of opening an online casino franchise

    Highlight the main advantages that gives the opportunity to open an online casino franchise known brand:

    • Simple, fast and affordable way to open an online casino with a high degree of popularity. As a well-known brand will provide a constant influx of visitors and a high level of income.
    • Saving costs for promotion and advancement. Because together with the franchise, the entrepreneur receives a recognizable name and further assistance in the form of promotional materials and other things.
    • If you buy a franchise, you can work without a license, which means that you do not need to buy it yourself. Because the franchisor already has a license and it applies to the franchise.
    • The franchisor provides legal advice and comprehensive development support.
    • Working under a promoted brand reduces the impact of existing competition in the market and provides a stable income.

    The price of a franchise mostly depends on the chosen brand. The terms, as you know, can also vary. In particular, two franchise payment options are offered:

    • The lump sum fee is a one-time payment. The amount of the fee is determined by calculation and includes the franchisor’s costs for the provision of relevant services.
    • Royalty – payment is made with a certain periodicity, and can also depend on the percentage of turnover or margin.

    Online casinos how to open without a license

    In Russia, legislation regulates the organization of gambling and the operation of gambling establishments. Their activity is allowed only in specially designated areas. The question, accordingly, is about land-based establishments and in order to obtain a permit, one will have to go through a complicated and lengthy procedure. Regarding the online casino how to open and get a license, on the territory of the Russian Federation, this type of activity is not licensed.

    An alternative is to register a legal entity in an offshore zone. After going through a certain licensing procedure, an entrepreneur gets an opportunity to open a casino online and start his business.

    Obtaining a gaming license allows one to legally conduct business. There are several offshore zones where they can be obtained.

    • Malta. The license here is highly quoted, but it is not easy to obtain. And the costs will be high.
    • Seychelles. Here it will be a little easier to get a license.
    • Costa Rica. It is here where there are acceptable conditions for entrepreneurs. At the same time it is quite difficult to open an account here.

    But licensing is a time-consuming process with many nuances – from the choice of jurisdiction to compliance with all the requirements put forward to the licensee. To find out how to open an online casino without a license, choose ready-made solutions from developers.

    An example of such a solution is casino White Label. This service implies that the questions of organizational and legal nature and full technical support is assumed by the developer, and the operator of the institution is engaged in its promotion, customer attraction and policy of loyalty to the players. This is not the only way, you can learn more about possible options for opening a business without a license at b2bslots.com.

    Vulkan Casino franchise benefits

    If you analyze the statistics of search engines, the query “Vulcan casino franchise” will surely take one of the leading positions. The reason why many entrepreneurs want to buy an online casino franchise Vulkan, lies in the popularity of this gambling site. It is well known to experienced players and on the ears of even newcomers.

    The advantages that characterize Vulkan among gamers:

    • safety and reliability;
    • licensed game software;
    • a wide selection and variety of gambling games;
    • a wide choice of convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds;
    • professional support service;
    • high % of winnings in the machines.

    All these advantages make the platform popular among players. Buying a Vulkan online casino franchise, the operator gets the opportunity to use all these advantages to conduct their own commercial activities. There are no costs for marketing promotion of the resource in the network. The brand is already well promoted and popular.

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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