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  • How to open your own online casino and make it popular

    The high profitability of gambling business makes many people think about how to open their own online casino. With the relocation of casinos to the web, gambling entertainment has become available to a wider audience. The increased influx of visitors to online gambling sites has increased financial turnover. All this situation has led to the emergence of a fairly large number of casinos on the network, and the competition has also increased. Therefore, for a successful start it is necessary to create a quality competitive resource.

    We suggest you consider how you can open your own online casino and how much money you need for this.

    How to open your own online casino on a legal basis

    Do not forget about the current ban on gambling business in a number of countries, so the question of how to open an online casino in Russia, not violating the law, is very relevant. Consider the factors that affect the cost of launching your own online casino.

    • The price of a gambling license. In order to run a business legally, it will be necessary to purchase a license. This service is offered by a number of countries where gambling business is not prohibited. However, the prices of licenses may vary from country to country. For example, traditionally, licenses of European countries (Malta and others) are often more expensive than similar offer of other countries. The second important point – the duration of the license. It can be for a period of 1 to 5 years, which means that it will require periodic renewal.
    • The cost of gaming software. On the quality and variety of gaming content depends largely on the popularity of the casino among users. Do not save money, it is recommended to buy software from well-known, leading developers. Also, pay attention to the range – should be present and popular classic slot machines, such as Royal, Pharaoh, different types of roulette and card games, as well as novelty themed slots. Should take care about the possibility of regular updates and additions to the range of gambling games. This is an effective tool for attracting new visitors and retaining old ones.
    • Promotion budget. Without promotion and promotion in the network can’t do without, and the best option – professional services. The cost of such services has a wide range, and it all depends on the choice of company. Quality and fast promotion is one of the key points for a successful start.
    • The number of support staff. Even though this is an online site, you will need technical support operators to work 24/7. If your plans include livecasino, you will also need real croupiers.
    • Availability of the initial game fund. From the moment of opening you should be ready to pay the player the amount of any possible winnings.
    How to open your own online casino and make it popular

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    Ways to open a casino on your own

    As we can see, the independent creation and promotion of a gaming resource requires considerable initial investment. Do you want to know how to open your own online casino for free or with minimum costs? To do this, you can use one of the ways offered by today’s providers:

    • buy a turnkey online casino;
    • buy a casino franchise online known brand, such as Vulcan, Golden Watermelon, etc.;
    • rent a casino;
    • buy a casino script.
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