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  • Organising gambling businesses legally, illegally, illegally, Criminal Code laws for 2018

    Anyone interested in the organisation of gambling business in Russia has probably heard about the existing prohibitions and restrictions. In itself, the interest in this line of business is understandable and understandable.

    The gambling industry is based on one of the oldest passions of mankind. It is excitement and a desire to regularly experience a sense of risk, which gives a powerful rush of adrenaline in the blood. Over the years, gambling has been significantly transformed and improved. However, they remain an inexhaustible source of attraction for a large army of gamblers.

    The benefits of gambling

    Hence the main advantages of modern gambling:

    • having a large and growing target audience;
    • high profitability;
    • high level and speed of return on investment.

    But let us return to the information about the bans and restrictions that accompany the organization of gambling business in the Russian Federation. In fact, not the casinos themselves, not slot machines and gambling are not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. You may be surprised, but any citizen of the Russian Federation has a real opportunity to open his own casino. A separate question: what is required for this?

    The procedure for obtaining a permit is complicated, time-consuming. It requires not only effort, but also a fairly large investment, as well as the implementation of a number of special conditions. And we are not just talking about the bureaucratic component, but about a perfectly legal procedure as a whole.

    But in this case, what kind of prohibition and penalties are we talking about when the question of gambling is raised? And here everything is quite simple – there is a penalty for the organization of gambling business on illegal grounds.

    That is, if the entrepreneur has not passed the procedure prescribed by the legislation or with a permit violated the conditions for the organization and conduct of gambling, he faces an administrative fine. Sometimes the punishment is criminal liability.

    Today the illegal gambling business of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely the illegal organization and holding of gambling games is regulated by article 171.2.


    Organising the gambling industry

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    The organisation of gambling and the concept of gambling

    For the legal organization of gambling business not to cause problems and difficulties, it is probably necessary to begin with the very concept of gambling.

    The law in force in Russia defines gambling as a conclusion between the parties about winning, based on a certain risk. The organizer of a gamble and the participants themselves act as the parties. The number of possible participants in the game is limited. The game process has several solutions – the participants can play against the organizer or against each other. The prerogative to set the rules belongs to the organizer of the gamble.

    We want to draw the attention of newcomers to the existing differences between gambling and lotteries, which are also aimed at winning participants.  Such kind of activity as lotteries is allowed by the Russian legislation and is regulated by the special administrative norms 14.27 of the Administrative Offences Code.

    Unfortunately, supervisory authorities came across the situation when unscrupulous entrepreneurs tried to organize gambling games, disguising them as lotteries. Such incidents were taken into account and in 2015 appropriate changes were made in the Criminal Code and the CAO, toughening the punishment for illegal gambling business.

    It should also be noted that criminal liability for gambling business is provided for the illegal organization and conduct of gambling games. Administrative responsibility – for violation of rules for organization and holding of lotteries.

    Permitted zones for organization of gambling business

    All of the above is relevant to the organization of gambling business in land-based casinos. The State in Russia strictly regulates and controls the organization and activities of land-based casinos. Functions of control are entrusted to the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation. The authorities perform the following functions:

    • developing and approving procedures to allow the formation of gambling businesses;
    • the issuing of relevant permits and licences;
    • definition of special areas permitted for the organisation of gambling;
    • exercising state control over the organisation of games of a gambling nature.

    Today, the list of permitted gambling zones includes:

    • Kaliningrad region;
    • Primorsky Krai;
    • Krasnodar Territory;
    • Altai Territory;
    • Crimea.
    Organising the gambling industry

    Organising online gambling

    Organising the gambling industry

    Entrepreneurs are even more vividly interested in the organization of gambling business on the Internet. Modern opportunities and the ubiquity of the network have opened up new prospects for the development of this area of the gambling industry. The emergence of online casinos have made gambling more accessible and, consequently, even more profitable.

    However, in the Russian Federation to obtain a license for online gambling you will not yet succeed. According to the Russian legislation, the organization of gambling is allowed only in the specially allocated zones. The Internet does not belong to this category.

    The situation may seem hopeless only at first sight. Do you want to open an online casino and thus start your own gambling business, but at the same time act within the law? Such an opportunity is now available to everyone. For this purpose, an online casino operator is registered in one of the countries of the offshore zone, where gambling activities are allowed.

    How to set up an online gambling business

    If you are seriously interested in online gambling, there are several ways to set up an online gambling business. The way each entrepreneur chooses is very individual and depends on various factors:

    • availability and size of start-up capital;
    • the time frame – how long you are prepared to wait for the project;
    • area of planned work;
    • desired payback time, etc.

    Let’s highlight a few of the most popular and common ways to start your own online casino:

    • Installation of a casino script. Perhaps one of the easiest, most economical and affordable ways to open a casino online and start your own gambling business. A casino script is a set of codes that ensure the operation and functionality of the gaming site. You can buy a casino script online, completely ready to install and install it on your website. As a rule, quality scripts are characterized by ease of installation and configuration. They are accompanied by detailed installation instructions, and assistance to the operator can be provided by the selling company.

    In order for this method to guarantee a successful start and development, you need to choose the vendor and the software product itself carefully. A good vendor should provide detailed information on the product’s specifications and functionality at your first request.


    Organising the gambling industry
    Organising the gambling industry

    As for the software itself, pay attention to such parameters as the presence of an admin panel, the quantity, quality and variety of game content, the possibility of updating and replenishing it, the possibility of integrating the product with software of different developers. A careful selection will allow you to successfully launch your own online casino with a minimum investment.

    • White Lable casino. The White Lable casino scheme is becoming increasingly popular. The principle of this method is that you buy from the developer fully ready to install and run the software for online casinos. It is based on a quality working engine with extensive functionality, but the resource is still impersonal – “white label” is how the name of the method is translated from English. The operator can set up a unique design and get to work.

    But the secret of White Lable Casino’s popularity lies in one important advantage – all the organizational and technical support and maintenance of the resource is taken care of by the provider company. The operator’s job is to market and promote the resource.

    The operator has a wide range of administration options; it sets up payout percentages, sets up promotions, bonuses, organises tournaments and develops a loyalty programme for players; it is possible to run affiliate gambling programmes and much more.


    This is a great way to start your own online casino for relatively little money. By choosing the right provider company, there is every opportunity to quickly start earning and actively developing.

    • A casino franchise. Another fairly popular way is to buy a casino franchise from an established brand. The principle of this method is that well-known gaming sites offer aspiring entrepreneurs to work under their brand.

    For example, you buy a franchise of the popular Vulkan casino. The parent company provides you with a fully ready-to-launch software product, distinguished by its high quality, which is important. One of the main terms and conditions of the franchise – to work under the brand name of the parent company.

    The operator has no right to make any changes in the design of the casino and in general should adhere to the overall marketing policy of the brand. Pi maintenance, player support, legal support, promotions and the provision of promotional materials, updating and updating the game software parent company takes on itself.

    The benefits of a well-known brand from such cooperation is to popularize its casino and to receive additional income in the form of royalties from the casino franchise (the amount of royalties is stipulated by the contract).

    Advantages for the operator:

    – affordable cost;

    -No investment in promotion and advancement;

    – The large influx of visitors due to brand awareness;

    – quality technical support.

    The disadvantages are the high degree of dependence of the operator on the parent company and the lack of opportunities for individual development.

    • A turnkey casino. A way to buy a full-fledged, multifunctional online casino with a custom design, fully ready to go. Such offers on the market can be found by professional developers of online casino software. They develop the software, initially filling it with the most sought-after functionality, control features, high-quality gaming software and up-to-date payment systems.

    The entrepreneur can familiarise himself with the technical characteristics of the products, order the installation of a unique design and possibly make adjustments to the gaming software according to the region of the planned operation. Such adjustments can be called minor, they require little time and the casino is almost immediately ready for operation.

    A professional developer can offer assistance in developing and implementing a marketing strategy to promote the game resource as an additional service.

    This is not the cheapest method, but the cost is fully compensated by the high quality, quick launch time and the possibility of a fast payback.

    • Developing a bespoke casino. This method requires a large investment and a long time to wait first to launch the project, then to promote and promote it.

    You can order the individual development of an online casino. A team of highly specialized specialists will work on the project, and the result will fully meet your requirements and the vision of the gaming resource. The main advantage of this method – uniqueness and high quality. This is the choice of businessmen who prefer quality and at the same time are not limited in money and time. Full implementation with the promotion of online casinos takes at least a year.

    All of the above ways to open an online casino allow you to run a gambling business legally. When choosing the best way, you should consider the region of operation, legal aspects and government policy.

    Newcomers can get advice from professional companies dealing with online casino software development and promotion services.

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    Online gambling performance indicators

    Online gambling provides a wide range of tools for determining business performance. Creating and launching your own online casino is only the first step. In the future, there is a lot of work to be done on its promotion and constant optimization of the resource for new user requirements. The emergence of new technologies and solutions also forces casino owners to keep moving forward.

    That’s why it’s an important point to determine the efficiency of casinos at a certain stage in terms of various innovations and marketing tools. Let’s highlight some of the key performance indicators used for analysis:

    • Financial indicators – gross gaming income, net gaming income, rates to deposits, NGR to deposits.
    • Hybrid indicators – average revenue per player, cost per player.
    • Human indicators – churn rate, lifetime value per player, etc.

    Still have questions? Email us and we and the professionals will get back to you!

    Organising the gambling industry
    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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