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  • How to set up a casino and a profitable online business in 7 steps

    The gambling business is characterized by high profitability, so many people strive to create a casino online. Among those wishing to be found and experienced businessmen, and beginners, and ordinary users who are well acquainted because of his passion for the industry of gambling entertainment and understand the prospects.

    How realistic to open an online casino from scratch? Is it possible to open an online casino without investment? Will the casino work legally without a license? This is only a small fraction of the questions that arise when considering the idea of starting your own gambling business.

    The first and main answer in this case will be – Yes! Everyone can start their own business in online gambling and open their own casino on the network. To do this today, there are quite a large number of methods available. Each of them is worthy of attention and detailed consideration.

    Create an online casino in 7 steps

    If you have confidently decided to take your place under the sun in this festival of life called online gambling, then in order to create a casino on the Internet, you have to carefully study a set of key issues, develop an action plan and implement them step by step.

    Our “cheat sheet” of 7 steps, of course, not a panacea and not a dogma, but it will help you move towards your goal directionally, without missing important points.

    In some steps, we want to focus on certain issues, which newcomers do not always pay attention. For example, it concerns drawing up a portrait of the target audience or working with new gambling technologies.

    The team of specialists at b2bslots.com has extensive experience in developing and providing software for online casinos, and we believe that for successful business development it is necessary to keep up with the times and actively adopt innovations.

    Step 1: Competitor analysis and business plan development

    Despite the promise and high profitability of the gambling industry, the competition is high. Therefore, before setting up your own online casino, the following steps should be taken:

    • Define the audience and region for the project launch.
    • Examine the existing competitive offer in the region.
    • Draw up a business plan with a development period of at least 3 years.

    Why is all this necessary? You must first of all make a clear idea of what product you want to offer users, what audience it will be aimed at and what budget will be needed to implement the project.

    Regarding the first point, the prevalence and opportunities of the Internet really make almost every user of age your potential client. However, choosing the “whole world” as your target audience is like “shooting into a void” and losing money and time in the end.

    Narrow focus on a particular region allows you to minimize the initial costs and develop the most effective strategy for promotion. In the future, you may well be able to expand your sphere of influence and conquer the whole world.

    Step 2: Company registration

    It should be noted straight away that in order to legally operate a gambling business, a legal entity will need to be set up. In particular, it will be necessary to obtain a gambling licence. Since the legislation provides for different forms of legal ownership, the choice must be made carefully. The figures in the business plan will certainly help you here. It should be decided whether it is planned to contribute share capital, what kind of turnover is projected, whether the company will have shareholders, etc. The procedure for registration of a legal entity has sufficiently clear and transparent regulations, so will not cause any particular difficulties, but will take some time. The length and complexity of registration will depend on the jurisdiction you choose, but we will touch on this in more detail when discussing licensing.

    Step 3: Buying a gaming licence

    If your task is to take a niche in online gambling seriously and for a long time, you cannot do without getting a gambling license. In fact, to open an online casino without a license is possible, the main thing is to determine the market – the country that the future online casino will be aimed at.

    If you buy a turnkey casino, then all the hassle of licensing, hosting, processing, you have to take into your own hands. That being said, you’ll have to spend more money initially, but you’ll pay less royalties to the software provider in the future.

    When you buy a White Lablel casino solution, you can operate legally under the license of the software provider. The provider can provide many services, including hosting, licensing, processing, etc. Such a purchase will cost you less, but it will involve increased royalties to the software provider.

    Step 4: Create a site adapted for gambling

    The question of how to create a casino website can be quite complicated for a layman with an average user level. On the other hand, you, as an online casino operator, do not need to know all the intricacies of programming, Internet design and other highly specialized subtleties. The development of the structure of the resource, fully adapted for the installation of game software – it is the work of professionals. Even if you already have a site that was once created for some other purposes, we strongly recommend to give it in the hands of experts to bring it into line with gambling resources.

    Step 5: Creating a Domain and Choosing a Reliable Hosting

    The simplicity and memorability of the domain name is a great tool for visitor retention. The name of the domain should be so simple that the user can enter it into a search engine without any effort. You came up with such a name, and it was free? Immediately conclude a contract with the relevant provider.

    Reliable hosting is the key to stability and smooth operation of your gaming site. You have to ensure player access to the casino around the clock. That’s why we recommend you to work with proven providers providing reliable hosting. Not experienced in working with providers yet? – Choose companies that offer a test period.

    Step 6. Choosing a platform, gaming and payment software for the casino

    Software for online casinos is a broad concept. First of all, it is a gaming platform, that is, the software that will be integrated into your already prepared website and will provide the functionality and operation of the gaming site.

    The next type of software is the gaming content that will fill your casino. There are plenty of online casino gambling developers on the market, but experts recommend choosing games of high quality from leading manufacturers. This will ensure the interest of your site players, and will also be a tool to attract and retain them.

    Our company B2bSlots offers ready products of such brands:

    • NetEnt
    • Igrosoft
    • Playtech
    • Erotic
    • Novomatic Delux

    The products of these brands are the benchmark for quality, reliability and safety. Cooperation with us will be profitable and convenient for you.

    The third type of software – payment software, includes a set of payment tools and systems providing safety, efficiency and reliability of deposit and withdrawal of funds.

    An important point is the platform’s compatibility with any existing gaming and payment software. Therefore, the following parameters should be paid attention to when selecting the software:

    • the quality of the software, its release date and its relevance;
    • quality of graphics, sound;
    • the variety and quantity of the range of game content on offer;
    • the possibility of regular software updates and additions;
    • ability to integrate quickly and easily with software products from different developers.

    Step 7: Design and implement marketing promotion

    Another step that requires a professional approach. Online casino marketing promotion is always an extensive set of internet marketing tools. They are constantly being improved and developed. If you want to quickly and effectively promote your gaming resource from scratch, you can’t do without the services of specialist online agencies.

    At this point we would like to draw your attention to the importance of developing a portrait of your target audience. It is the correct work with the target audience that is the key to successful development in gambling. Your task is to satisfy the needs and desires of your customers, and for this you need to know your customer very well and develop a marketing strategy for him or her.

    The target audience is classified in several ways:

    • socio-demographic;
    • psychological;
    • behaviourallyе.

    Work with the CA in each of the cuts to ensure a steady flow of new visitors and retention of old players!

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