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  • White label casino software for a fast start to gambling

    If you are interested in how to open your own gambling business quickly and with a minimum of investment, then it’s time to consider the White Label Casino. This scheme is becoming increasingly popular in modern gambling.

    What does it look like in practice? New online casinos appear on the web, which, in most cases, have a unique design and look like a completely self-contained playground, but in fact they are clones of already existing high-quality and untwisted resources. Does not sound quite clear?

    In that case, we suggest to examine in detail what is the White Label casino, how this scheme differs from other ways to open a casino online and what are its advantages.

    White label casino software as an online gambling solution

    To be clear, we must begin with the meaning of the definition of White label casino software. Literally, “white label” translates to “white label. What does it mean? An entrepreneur acquires a ready, well-established and ready-to-launch business scheme, but it has no reference to any brand.

    That is, he has the opportunity to run a business under his own “label”, coming up with an original name and engaged in promotion of their own brand. You’d be surprised, but this scheme of starting a business has long been common in a wide variety of areas and trends. So it is logical that the online gambling simply could not pass by such an accessible and effective way to start a gambling business.

    The field of online gambling entertainment has become a very favorable “ground” for the development of White label casino software. What is the structure of any online casino, including popular sites such as Vulcan Casino or Golden Watermelon Casino? The structure is standard:

    • Online casino software (i.e. platform).
    • Gaming software (slot machines, slots and other gambling entertainment, including betting software).
    • Payment software (connection of payment systems).

    A White label casino software scheme allows you to buy a ready-made gambling platform integrated into a website, with game content installed and payment systems connected. The platform is fully ready to launch. All the entrepreneur has to do is to install the original design, as if to stick his “label-label”, develop a casino promotion program on the web and start working. As a rule, buying a White Label casino involves professional technical support, the ability to regularly replenish and update the gaming software and support players around the clock. Such a project is traditionally bundled together:

    • White label casino software;
    • gambling licence and other permits;
    • game software;
    • payment systems;
    • server and reliable hosting;
    • tech support.
    White Label Casino Software

    White label casino software

    White Label Casino Software

    Even such a superficial acquaintance with the White label casino software clearly demonstrates that it is the easiest and fastest way to open your own gambling business. Highlight the main advantages of this method.

    The possibility of a quick start. Against other existing methods of opening an online casino white label casinooblasts the advantage of a rapid start-up project. For the launch will take from several days to several weeks, depending on the speed of development and integration of new design.

    Economic affordability. As we know, casino development costs can reach several hundred thousand dollars. Buying a casino under the key has a smaller, but still a very impressive cost. The cost of white label casino, even taking into account the monthly fee is much lower and allows you to get a consistently high income for a relatively small initial investment.

    Simplicity and convenience of the organizational process. To be more precise, the organizational issues are almost entirely taken care of by the parent company offering a White Label casino for sale.


    Site development, reliable payment systems, contracts with developers and game software updates, purchase and renewal of gaming licenses, technical support – all this falls on the shoulders of the parent company. The operator has only to deal with marketing, attracting and retaining players.

    And for this there is a wide range of tools, including the ability to run various loyalty programs, promotions, bonuses and other incentive systems.

    Reliable partner support. The parent company in this case acts as a reliable experienced partner, which is very important for newcomers to the gambling business. Without knowing all the intricacies, there is always the risk of encountering various legal conflicts and other pitfalls of gambling entertainment. By choosing White Label casino for your start-up, you will minimize your business risks.

    Use of quality game software. Despite the wide presence of game developers on the gambling market, it is not always easy to find a quality partner for first-time businessmen.


    White Label Casino Software
    White Label Casino Software

    Developers with a worldwide reputation do not always cooperate with unknown start-up gaming resources, and cooperation with little-known fly-by-night companies contains the risk of encountering scammers. But if you buy a White label casino software, you are guaranteed to get a quality game content from the best developers with the possibility of regular updates and replenishments.

    Our company B2bslots offers its services to those who are looking for high quality White label casino software. Our offer also includes modern HTML5 games that are steadily penetrating the modern gambling market. Detailed information about our offer is available at b2bslots.com.

    Promotion of your own brand. It’s no secret that most businessmen prefer to invest effort and money in the development of their own brand.

    Working with franchises, for example, also allows you to provide a quick start, but all the work of the operator will increase the popularity of someone else’s brand, such as the Vulcan casino. Therefore, for ambitious businessmen who do not want to share the laurels of their own successes with “someone else’s uncle”, the White Label casino system is the ideal option for an individual start.


    Comparing the White label casino software with other ways to open an online casino

    We have already mentioned that the gambling business has become more accessible today, and it is possible for almost any user to open their own online casino. Of course, this will require some start-up capital, but in general the amount of costs depends on the method chosen. The popularity of white label casinos online is based primarily on the availability and cost-effectiveness of such projects. But how much of this view is true, would be able to show only a comparison of the scheme with other ways, what we propose to do.

    Consider the most common and popular ways to open an online casino and the advantages of the scheme White Label before them.


    White Label Casino Software

    White label online casino software

    White Label Casino Software

    The way of self-development or ordering a professional development of online casinos, undoubtedly, has the right to exist. Its key advantage is the high quality of the result.

    If an entrepreneur orders individual development of a gaming resource, the site will be guaranteed to be created taking into account all its requirements and wishes. The work involves the best highly specialized professionals, which guarantees the high quality of each of the elements separately and the project as a whole.

    In today’s environment, an independent development of online casinos is also possible, when the entrepreneur is personally involved in legal and organizational issues, the conclusion of contracts, website development and search for high-quality software.

    Our company B2bslots is ready to offer in such cases, constructive cooperation in the selection and purchase of game software.

    However, both of these options of individual development have certain disadvantages:

    • Developing and promoting an online casino from scratch requires a longer period of time – in most cases the process takes at least a year.
    • The cost of professional services at each stage is very high and ultimately requires huge start-up capital.
    • The White label casino software development can be classified as a long-term investment with a long payback period.

    This method is chosen by businessmen with no time or financial constraints, who prioritise a high quality gambling site.


    Advantages of White Label casinos over this method

    • fast start-up time of just a few weeks;
    • cost-effective – no large start-up capital required;
    • short payback period.
    White Label Casino Software

    Turnkey Casino Purchase

    A profitable alternative to custom development is the turnkey White label casino. Such an offer of providers actually enjoys high popularity, both among beginners and experienced businessmen. Perhaps the main advantage of this method compared to ordering the development of a resource is the absence of waiting time.

    Providers, as part of their normal activities, create a game resource that is fully ready to launch, has a wide range of features, settings and management, and offer it for sale.

    The entrepreneur has the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical parameters and characteristics of the proposal, to make some adjustments, order a customized design. Such minor improvements do not require much time and allow you to run your own casino relatively quickly.

    In most cases, the service “turnkey casino” includes the following set of works:

    • creating or selecting and purchasing software for the gaming platform;
    • building a website for an online casino or adapting a buyer’s existing resource;
    • selecting and purchasing game software;
    • connecting payment systems;
    • game licence purchase.

    On the face of it, this method has more appeal than customised casino development, but it also has its drawbacks:

    • quite high cost – the price of a turnkey casino varies depending on the company of the provider, and a product from a leading developer has a high cost;
    • requires the promotion of a casino from scratch, which is quite time-consuming;
    • services such as organising ongoing technical support, developing a promotion strategy and running a player support service are additional and are provided on a contractual basis at a rather high cost.


    White Label Casino Software

    Advantages of White Label casinos over this method

    White Label Casino Software
    • cost-effective – White Label costs significantly less and, even with monthly payments to the parent company, has a high return on investment;
    • quality technical assistance and support is provided.

    Buying a casino franchise. Online casino franchise is an opportunity to use the platform of a well-known brand, that is, the operator gets at its disposal a fully ready-to-launch gaming platform and works under the brand of a famous casino.

    There are a large number of popular promoted casinos that offer entrepreneurs to cooperate in the format of franchises. Among them are white label casino Vulcan, Admiral, Golden Watermelon and others. The main advantages of online casino franchises:

    • the ability to get off to a fast, almost immediate start;
    • the operator receives a high-quality software product and state-of-the-art gaming software;
    • reliability and legality of gambling activities;
    • receiving full support from the brand company – legal, technical, marketing, etc.;
    • no promotion and promotion costs – the brand itself is a guarantee of attracting a steady stream of players and, consequently, of high profits.

    However, this method has its disadvantages. In particular, the operator works in absolute dependence on the parent brand – it cannot make decisions on changing, for example, design, game content and other organisational issues on its own.

    The next point – as a rule, the franchise has rather strict conditions for its use and requires substantial monthly income transfers to the brand holder.

    In each individual case, the amount or percentage of transfers is stated individually in the contract, but the sums are significant. When working with a franchise, there is no question of individual development, and all the efforts and successes of the operator go to the promoted brand.


    White Label casino advantages over this method:

    • favourable terms of cooperation with the parent company, with no critical impact on the operator’s profits;
    • providing quality professional technical support on mutually beneficial terms;
    • the opportunity to work under your own brand – successfully developing and promoting your own name.
    • Casino script. One of the most affordable ways to open your own online casino is to buy or download a casino script for free. A script is a set of codes that ensure the operation of an online casino. Surprisingly enough, you can actually find famous brand name scripts online for free download. There are also companies on the market offering to buy a script at an affordable price. Affordability is the main advantage of this method.

    However, there are also a number of fairly significant disadvantages:

    • poor quality software;
    • the need for rework, which incurs additional costs;
    • high risk of encountering scammers and paying money for bogus scripts;
    • the need to settle legal matters independently in order to be able to operate legally.


    White Label Casino Software

    White Label casino advantages over this method:

    • high White label casino software quality and reliability;
    • the legality of online casino operations;
    • reliability of payment software;
    • the variety and quality of the game software.

    Instead of a conclusion

    As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to start your own gambling business today. The white label casino scheme has a high overall appeal, which has made it popular and in demand.

    However, only an in-depth analysis of all available methods and making a business plan with a development perspective for several years ahead will help to make the best choice for each businessman individually.

    With us you can buy a Vulkan casino script, with such a great design.


    White Label Casino Software
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