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  • Casino Deception and its Seven Deadly Sins

    Of course, the story below is completely made up and all coincidences are coincidental… though who knows… who knows…

    1.Insatiable AdminFii

    Cheating the casino by increasing costs and pinning them on your partner, as any gambling affiliate Online casinos from the company. No one claims that they do, just that there is a function, and in a place with it and the possibility of cheating casinos of their affiliates.

    Consequences: In the next life, it will be the AdminFee that will reduce the income of sinners throughout their lives. So think about it, take a little from the affiliate and live your next life in poverty, or work righteously, share your bread honestly with your affiliates and be reborn into a casino magnate family, the choice is yours.

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins
    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

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    2.The Echid Rat

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    Shows imaginary bet revshary. Partner deduced in a private office one figure for example RS50%, but in fact it is considered with another, much smaller RS25%, vile deception casino.

    Consequences: All Pestilent Rats in their next life will have their intelligence reduced by the same percentage that they sinned. You will suffer all your life, though you may not notice =), to atone for your sins. Do you want to avoid it? Work honestly.

    3.Quiet Shave

    Cheating the casino by stealing or disconnecting players from the affiliate, thereby taking away 100% of the affiliate’s earnings. One of the worst reputational sins in gambling. And if the “Pandemonium Rat” can be tolerated by some, because, after all, something drops, then here they steal players, profits and say to their faces that they do not do it, even if it is strongly noticeable.

    Consequences: All who Shave, will be reborn in the next life as a roulette ball, which day after day, hour after hour will be tossed and launched, causing the Shaver headaches, endless motion sickness, diarrhea and other unpleasant things. Don’t shave guys and you’ll be an online casino owner in your next life ;)

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    4. LifeTime Pride

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    When they promise to pay “for life”, for life as long as the player will play, but in fact they change their own iron “Terms and Conditions” in the PP, and begin to pay understated several times the rate of players. For example promised to pay 50% revshare lifetime, and began paying 10% after 2 years for the players. Usually they think that they do all the work, and the partner is a sponger, but so be it with a bargaining chip you can give him a bone, while forgetting where they would have been without partners in the beginning.

    Consequences: In the next life and all their lives, lifetimes only illness and bad luck will accompany them. It does not matter if they are born into a rich or poor family, they will be forever unhappy, seriously but not terminally ill and suffer only bad luck and defeat. They will want to end their, completely unhappy, life quickly, but will live long, but painful, suffering and going crazy. Remembering that they could have not opened that stupid door to the supposedly “new” opportunities and vices that came with them as a bonus. And then … but it would have been too late … or would it?

    5. Stellar Kidnapping

    When the deception of the casino is obvious and openly close affiliate affiliate program and just throw all his income. And the arguments are always absurd:

    • You have not corrected the name of the bonuses – Close PP.
    • At first they please you, put extra high rates of RS90% for 3 months, and when you have a large base of players begin to blackmail you by saying that if you do not pour more diligently will close the PP, you drive and pour traffic, and one day they tell you “Not enough traffic, so we close you”! And you’re broke;
    • I’m God, I’m the Manager, and you’re the Slave! I do as I please! Close, you can’t be pardoned!;
    • Everybody does, and I do. That’s life! Screw the Affillitees! We’re so small, we’re so big, we don’t give a shit about our reputations.

    Consequences:The entire Star-Kid will be doomed to drag out a meaningless existence in a black hole, slowly and methodically going mad with loneliness and self-injury about how, if they hadn’t done so in a past life, they could have become the new mission on earth that everyone loves and reveres. But no, now spinning endlessly in a place from which not even sunlight can escape.

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    6. Greedy CrossMarketing

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    This deception of the casino is related to the affiliate program, when the owner has several online casino brands. And ignoring the fact that the base of casino players collected not only the casino itself, but also affiliates. Forgetting about the affiliate sends all the advertising on this base for a new brand, what would players “honestly” and as if independently registered in the new casino without affiliates. This sin, this casino scam, comes close to a Shave, but not a Shave. Because cross-marketing is always done openly and in plain sight and happens when a casino admits its mistake and fixes it by giving its affiliates back their players.

    Consequences: In the next life, all who sin by cross-marketing will not only fail to find their way in life, but they will be lost to all for the rest of their lives. They are doomed to an eternity of searching and failing in any search. Family, Love, Friends, Self-Actualization, Favorite Business, Money, etc. all these will only echoes of their past lives. And things could have been different if not for cross-marketing.

    7. The Two-Personal Public Eye of the Righteous Messiah

    And this casino scam is the most terrible and insidious. For example, the owner first decided one buy a casino, starts working with affiliates, attracts them, attracts a large number of players through affiliate marketing and affiliates. And then he says publicly that he will open his second online casino, it will be without affiliates and affiliate program.

    Because he doesn’t need these freeloaders, brats and scoundrels. Because he did and gave them ALL: Gave them Knowledge, Faith, Money, Popularity, etc., and they spit in his back, betrayed him and constantly just ask and ask, without giving anything in return.

    And he thinks and cares about the players first of all, like no one else. And in general, such a compassionate person, except for him not on earth. And so he’ll let everything he earns on his second casino right away for bonuses and a loyalty program for the players, his favorite customers.

    He’s a sensitive, fair, honest, reasonable man. And of course, not a cheater, not a swindler, not a swindler, like everyone else. All the casinos are mired in deceit, but not him.

    He is the Messiah! And He’s Always Right!

    He’s the one who leads these lost souls down the righteous, holy path. And all those who are not in his holy, righteous flock and do not agree with his precepts are only envious, cheaters, swindlers, deceivers, retards, and the rest of the mob.

    And so, he drags this heavy independent burden of promoting his second online casino on his hump. Thinking about the happy faces of the players and how grateful they are to him for an “honest”, licensed, and not scripted second online casino.

    When his second online casino launches, it turns out that the bonuses and conditions are slightly better than at his first establishment. Players have indignation, why so, because they promised paradise on earth, and got almost the same as it was. To which the Mission replies: “How has not changed, I’m already in debt because of the new bonuses . My casino is running at a loss. It’s good that I earn a godsend and can afford, such minuses and suffering for you. And yes by the way, you can take a bonus on your first deposit anyway! And that’s already WOW! Trust Me!”

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins
    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins

    And so our Messiah is not stingy on latent motivation of players to move from the first casino (where he divides income with affami) to his second project, designed specifically and only for players (where there are no affami freeloaders, and do not need to share profits with them).

    And he motivates the players with sweet speeches, miracle-bonuses, “divine” loyalty program, conducting various public contests in pubs and on the forum, and public flickering in the miracle-box, where he preaches and shows examples of how to play at his casino, while abundantly sprinkling viewers with lying bonuses. Telling them the truth and pointing out once again the fraud, deceit and atrocities, and having so strong immunity to his similar actions, that he does not even notice that he has long ago turned on the crooked road of hypocrisy, cheating casinos and cheating.

    The 7th deadly sin is the most terrible sin, which absorbed all the previous 6 sins and added to it. And we must try to sin like that.

    As you stand in the way of the 7th deadly sin, sinner know this: All your actions are on the surface and visible. So if you think you have cheated everyone beautifully and stayed clean, you are wrong.

    If you cheated your partners, affiliates, albeit indirectly, beautiful cross-marketing, you still cheated them, you tricked them, you stole their honestly earned bread and labor, which they shared with you, because they thought you were an honest partner. But it turns out that you are even worse crook than the people you’ve been badmouthing.

    Consequences: You will get what you fear most: Eternal Oblivion without the right to be reborn.

    Casino Deception and the 7 Deadly Sins
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