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  • Where can I get links for gambling projects?

    Due to changes in legislation and the introduction of bans on the activities of casinos on the Internet, a large number of portals have appeared on which gambling enthusiasts can spend their free time playing their favorite slots, roulette, card and other games. Online casino sites are very popular all over the world today. And this popularity is the result of efforts made to effectively promote the resource so that it becomes recognizable and is in the top of search results.

    To promote a gambling site, various tools are used, including links.


    The main problems of link building

    Note that when promoting an online casino site, you cannot use the placement of guest articles or adding it to directories. Registration of a gambling site in directories is always associated with risks, since it is on the verge of legality. In the case of guest publications, everything is also not so simple, because not every portal or online publication will take responsibility and publish an article with an active link to a virtual gambling establishment.

    In addition, gambling sites have tough competition. With a huge number of them on the Internet, most sites are similar to each other, and their only difference is the duration of existence and the level of reputation.

    However, there are options that allow you to solve the problem of casino link building – getting links from other resources.

    Casino & Gambling Link Building

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    Crowd Marketing

    It is believed that with the help of crowd marketing can solve these difficulties. This term refers to the placement of expert content comments on various forums, blogs, websites, etc. Crowd marketing really helps in promotion, namely in building up the link mass and attracting interested users to the portal.

    This method is almost the only really effective method of backlink promotion of gambling sites.

    Posting expert comments on forums, Q&A sites, and under feature articles with the ability to comment provides the following benefits for gambling sites:

    • safe link building of the site;
    • attracting a motivated target audience;
    • increasing the level of trust of the target audience;
    • Increasing the company’s visibility on the web.

    Buying links on specialized resources

    SEO links, which will always be provided by certain resources operating in the “gray area”, help to increase the search engines’ trust in the resource, make it more recognizable among the target audience. Using the services of exchanges where you can buy links for gambling, you can improve your site’s position in search engines much faster and bring the necessary traffic.

    Before buying links, you need to study the information about each of them in order to find out the pricing policy, functionality and other features. Exchanges enable the client to place links to pages that are listed as prohibited in the domestic Internet space, as well as to acquire links to Russian and foreign sites.

    Where can you buy links?

    Many Webmasters who develop and promote gambling projects often face the problem of acquiring links to their projects. The fact is that almost all exchanges like Miralinks, GoGetLinks do not accept sites of these topics for work. The question arises: where to get links to the casino? We offer to consider a few good solutions that will help solve the problem. in detail.



    It is a perpetual link and article exchange offering an extensive list of high quality sites to post at very competitive prices.

    Compared to competitors, the cost of placement on Trastik is 3-5 times lower, while the quality of these sites is much higher.

    Here you can buy links to white and gray websites, including gambling, casino, betting and adult. However, it is forbidden to acquire links to projects of black topics.

    To use the services of the exchange, you need to register on the service, after which you will receive 200 rubles as a gift for buying links. At the same time, account replenishment can be performed using various payment systems, including cryptocurrencies. When replenishing your account for large amounts of money, you will receive bonuses in the amount of up to 10% of the replenishment amount. The minimum cost of buying a link or posting an article is only 110 rubles.


    • On the exchange, you can build links to any gray topics, including online casinos;
    • A small link price from 100 to 1000 rubles compares favorably with competitors’ offers;
    • Ability to control the article and link. That is, you yourself add an article to the system and insert a link into it. And after the link is published, it is possible to change the publication or anchor in it;
    • Quality. The exchange features high-quality donors;
    • Ability to buy links on old and indexed pages;
    • Wide coverage. Russian and foreign sites are presented here;
    • Possibility of refund for deleted links;
    • Easy to use. You add an article, choose a site, publish it, and in 2-3 minutes the link is ready.

    The above arguments are strong enough to choose Trastik for cooperation.



    The freelance services exchange offers various freelance services that can be ordered at reasonable prices. Here you will find many kworks offering placement of the following categories of links:

    • profile;
    • article and crowd;
    • forum;
    • in comments;
    • from social networks and site directories.

    Please note that the exchange rules prohibit directly ordering links to gambling sites. However, you can write your task and attach it as a text file when ordering one or another kwork, and the performer will begin to complete it without any problems. Also, for each customer and kwork, you can read reviews and leave your own after the work is completed.

    Specialized software

    If you have many projects for which you have to constantly order various runs and buy links, you might be thinking about purchasing specialized software. It will automatically add links to websites, forums, directories, blogs, etc. It is clear that this software is not cheap, and plus you will have to invest in proxies and databases. And all the same, in terms of finances, everything will turn out to be many times cheaper than ordering it from various performers. For a large number of projects, this option is appropriate.

    There is an opinion that the software creates spam links that will only harm sites. However, things are quite different. You can get a big plus if you follow some rules:

    • use fresh and not heavily spammed databases;
    • do not resort to adding many links at a time;
    • do anchor and non-anchor runs.

    As practice shows, most sites about casinos, betting, adult are effectively promoted when using runs with the help of such software.

    The most popular software for automatically adding links and articles to websites and forums is Xrumer.

    And if you want to choose an option to get excellent results and not worry about anything, then you can use services, for example, in Linksstream. Here they will select sites for you, and write high-quality texts, after agreeing them with you, and put down links, and replace the deleted ones for free. However, the prices here are high, about 6-7 dollars for 1 link.

    Comparison of links: which ones are better to buy?

    Casino & Gambling Link Building

    To understand which links are better to buy, let’s compare their types:

    Lease links have the following benefits:

    • low price;
    • the possibility of control;
    • any quantity.
    • monthly payment (if there is no payment, the links disappeared, with them a drop in positions is possible)

    The cons include:

    • identification by search engines;
    • the risk of falling under the filter;
    • difficulties in finding worthy sites for buying links.

    Automatic purchase

    This option requires a minimum of effort on your part. However, you will not be able to control which sites links will be placed on, which carries great risks of an uncontrolled result.

    Eternal Links

    These are the advantages.

    • payment is made once, and links are placed forever;
    • links look as natural as possible;
    • you have full control over the sites you select.

    The disadvantages of eternal links include:

    • high cost, despite the fact that there are no guarantees for “eternal” placement;
    • if necessary, remove the link, it will be difficult to do this;
    • a finite number of quality sites.

    Crowd links


    • links are as natural as possible;
    • there is practically no risk of falling under the filters;
    • paid once and posted forever.


    Links are very labor intensive. However, with prolonged placement, they give a good effect.



    If you are sure that you will be able to choose where to buy links for gambling projects, then choose the appropriate option yourself. And if there is not enough knowledge in this matter, then it is better to contact the specialists of our company, and we will help with the solution of this problem!

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