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  • Casino affiliate marketing

    Almost all global business areas, including the gambling industry, use affiliate marketing in their activities.

    Thus, experts predict that in 2024 the size of the market will grow by about $13 billion, and this dynamics will continue over the coming years. The leading affiliate networks are owned by world famous companies: Shopify, Avangate Affiliate Network, Amazon, Taobao and ShareASale.

    The trend of further development of affiliate marketing is also observed in the iGaming industry. So, casino affiliate marketing today is represented by rather encouraging figures, according to which in 2024 the market value will reach about $173 billion. And new casinos launch their affiliate channels every day. With restrictions on online advertising, affiliate marketing is now becoming a priority marketing channel for many casinos.

    In answering the question of how much casinos and affiliate marketers can earn from iGaming, we will look at a general idea of the numbers and ways to generate revenue.


    Peculiarities of Affiliate Marketing in the Casino Industry

    Before discussing the amount of profit and how to get it, it is necessary to understand how affiliate marketing works in iGaming.

    In essence, affiliate marketing is a commission-based partnership in which the partner refers players and receives a predetermined commission, but only after the referred player performs certain actions: spending money or making a deposit.

    To assess the possible profit and risks, the region in which the online casino operates is of great importance. Its rules may differ depending on a number of factors, including the country in which your casino operates, the gaming niche, the games available on your platform, and many other points.

    For the affiliate program to work successfully, you need to find affiliates who are ready for active cooperation with your casino. Therefore, the affiliate program should be attractive and interesting for your future partners. This also means the financial component, the commission that you will pay to the participants of the affiliate program.

    How Much Do Casinos And Affiliates Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

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    How Much Can An Affiliate Earn in the Casino Industry?

    Affiliates, as well as in other types of business, have their own gradation, ranging from startups to established large companies, and therefore their rates differ depending on the status of the affiliate or casino.

    PartnerMatrix has the following data.

    Startup partners’ earnings can range from $0 to $10,000 per month and are directly dependent on their ability to generate the right traffic.

    Advanced Affiliates Can Earn $1 Million Monthly!

    In terms of earnings, they are surpassed by professional partners, whose income can start from $ 1 million and reach several million.

    Considering the commission rates, the casino market gives grounds to consider it as more profitable than other affiliated industries. For example, depending on the market and the type of traffic received, the average cost per conversion in a casino can range from $50 to $400 per player, and commissions can sometimes reach 90% of the money spent by players.

    Affiliate Marketing Scams to Avoid in 2024

    While affiliate marketing is a great way for affiliates to make money online, there are certain types of scams that you need to be aware of so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

    Here is what should alert you.

    The promise of easy money

    If an affiliate program promises easy money, you should be wary and remember that free cheese is in a mousetrap, and money always pays for work.

    Requesting too much personal information

    As a rule, registration in an affiliate program involves the provision of the following personal data: name and email address. And that’s just when you sign up, so be wary of any program that asks for your bank account details or social security number. It is better to stay away from such offers.

    There are hidden costs

    Some affiliate programs charge affiliates hidden fees such as setup fees or monthly membership fees. Before signing up for the program, carefully study the offered conditions, read the reviews to find out if there are hidden costs in this affiliate program.

    Unclear terms

    Do not ignore the familiarization with the terms of the affiliate program before registering. Be wary of anything that is unclear or seems unfair to you. If you have any doubts, it is better to contact the support service for clarification.

    Enforcement to register

    When referring to an affiliate program, you should not have a feeling of pressure when registering. If you clearly understand that someone is putting pressure on you, it is probably a scam.

    How much does a casino earn from affiliate marketing?

    Giving affiliates only a percentage of the profits, of course, casinos have a much higher profit compared to their partners. The fact is that the lion’s share of the money goes into the “pocket” of the casino.

    PartnerMatrix has the following data on casino affiliate marketing revenue.

    • Monthly profits for beginner casinos can range from $0 to $50,000.
    • Established operators with developed partner channels can attract to their treasury from 1 million dollars or more per month
    • Casinos with the status of the highest level, having a multi-hundred army of partners, can receive multi-million dollar income.

    For example, FortuneJack Casino managed to achieve a 370% ROI after just one year of launching an affiliate channel with PartnerMatrix.

    What role does affiliate software play in successful marketing?

    Considering that modern affiliate marketing is built on digital technologies, therefore, in order to achieve significant success, advanced software is a must. Using the necessary software tools, you can create the most attractive and measurable affiliate channel.

    PartnerMatrix covers the following important features of partner software.

    • Real-time statistics that provide instant tracking of all the important information needed to take necessary actions, such as shutting down harmful traffic sources.
    • Anti-fraud intelligence security. This is a multi-module security tool with which you can counter fraud attempts by partners.
    • Marketing tools. With their help, casino partners will be able to access your media files and content in advance size, so that they can create marketing materials (banners, special links, GIFs and videos).

    Together with PartnerMatrix you will be able to create your affiliate casino channel from scratch. You will get a personal affiliate site equipped with all the necessary tools and settings you need to attract the right affiliates.

    Is affiliate marketing legal?

    Affiliate marketing is often mistakenly compared to a pyramid scheme, which is an illegal business model that promises members payments or services for bringing new people into the scheme. However, in the end, not everyone receives commission payments from the investments of recruits, since over time those who want to participate in this financial pyramid and contribute their money disappear.

    Unlike a pyramid scheme, affiliate marketing is a completely legal way to make money online. Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of products or services for other companies with the help of referred affiliates who receive a commission on each sale of the sale made. There’s no hiring here, and you’re not promising anyone pay to join.


    If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of affiliate marketing, you can dispel them if you familiarize yourself with the experience of world-renowned casino platforms. You will see that almost every one of them has its own active affiliate channel, which brings them huge traffic and profit. Note that affiliate marketing is also suitable for startups that need initial traffic to grow their business.

    If you are looking for ways to launch an affiliate channel for your casino, or tools to upgrade to better software, then look no further than PartnerMatrix, which provides everything you need from a powerful system to marketing and payment tools.

    Affiliate marketing in gambling is currently undergoing an active phase of development due to the emergence of new tools for attracting affiliates. Therefore, its long-term prospects are assessed as the most positive.


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