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  • Attracting and Retaining Players in Online Casinos

    As the practice of casino activities shows, it is much cheaper to retain or resume the activity of an existing client than to attract a new one. Therefore, it is worth making an effort to ensure a high level of engagement and retention of players.

    Note that the planning of funds to expand the audience, and a customer relationship management system, must be created in advance.

    Failure to timely invest in this business will result in an increase in marketing costs, on which the success and profitability of the online casino depends.

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with the tools that will allow you to retain players and the rules for building advertising strategies, thanks to which your customers will connect their lives with your casino, and you will enjoy high and stable profits.

    What contributes to the formation of gamblers' loyalty

    Loyalty to the online casino and the desire of players to stay in it longer is the result of the interaction of many “elements” aimed at making players visit the casino more often, spend more time here, and also to ensure a comfortable and convenient use of your product.

    The loyalty of gamblers to a virtual institution is made up of a number of factors. It’s like a kind of puzzle, where individual modules must be put together into a coherent picture that fully meets their needs and expectations.

    Entering the casino site, players always pay attention to the following components:

    • range of game content;
    • branding and design;
    • opportunities to interact with clients;
    • payment systems;
    • popularity among users;
    • availability;
    • bonuses.

    Marketing experts emphasize that these key points must be taken into account.

    In order to understand the reasons for the frequent return of players to the site, the operator must optimize the data, which will provide customers with relevant content, and the casino with a flow of regular users and, accordingly, profit.

    The process of customer retention is greatly influenced by bonus and promotional offers in the casino. By offering platform visitors gifts from the institution, you provide your site with a lot of traffic.

    It is important to remember that your audience may simply disappear once your resources are depleted and you will not be able to offer new incentives to players. Therefore, it is better to work systematically to win the loyalty of players than to pay for it with bonuses.

    Do you want players to trust you? Did you go to your casino like “to your home”? Then analyze their wants and needs, as well as actively communicate and interact with them using effective marketing tools.

    How to Attract iGaming Players And Retain Them

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    Ways to attract players

    Виды игроков в онлайн-казино. Types of Players in Online Casino

    Let’s look at all the options that will help you achieve your goals.

    Player segmentation. Profiling

    It is known that each person is unique with their own personal characteristics, temperament, taste and aesthetic preferences, etc. No wonder the proverb says that there are no comrades for taste and color.

    Therefore, the methods of communication with each visitor to an online casino should be selected taking into account the characteristics of customers.

    Segmentation of players makes it possible to identify groups of players with similar interests and preferences. This approach makes it possible to involve players in the gameplay as much as possible, create such messages, create such promotions, a bonus system that will cause a wide response, increase the number of new customers and make your campaigns more profitable.

    Classification and profiling for different types of users should be based on available information, quality and size of databases for different types of users.

    For effective segmentation of players, it is necessary to take as a basis key elements that can tell a lot about a gambler:

    • the theme of the selected game;
    • the time spent with her;
    • the amount of the deposit and the frequency of its payment;
    • type of rates;
    • device used for games;
    • activity status;
    • balance.

    At your discretion, you can add other segmentation elements depending on the characteristics of your audience, but in any case, you will need to create special profiles for those who will visit your casino.

    They allow you to imagine how the player perceives what is happening, and how he will act further. In addition, you can predict the behavior of players based on the following profiles:

    • “Highroller”. Prefers to play often and make big bets.
    • “Standard”. Plays in the evening for no more than one hour to relax after a working day.
    • “Careful”. Makes small bets on different games to minimize financial losses.
    • Bonus Hunter. Plays to convert bonuses into real money in order to make a profit in this way.

    Why customer retention is important

    In fact, the answer lies on the surface. The task of the operator is to encourage players to visit the online casino site frequently, and so that they stay in the game for as long as possible and make more bets.

    Important! Without your influence on the actions of visitors to a gambling establishment, you are unlikely to ever make a big profit.

    Two tactics can be used to influence the behavior of players: public and private.

    • As the name suggests, public initiatives are announced to all players. This is a public obligation of the operator;
    • Personal initiatives include notification of narrow groups of clients or only one player.

    The most popular tactics for retaining players

    Тактики удержания игроков в онлайн-казино - How To Keep Players in Online Casino

    Each of the following tactics has its own characteristics that must be considered when choosing.


    The offer of bonuses can be both public and addressed to certain categories of players or even individuals for performing an action: making the first deposit, recommending the casino to friends, etc.


    As a rule, such offers are publicly available. They are open to anyone who would like to take part in them.

    Loyalty program

    This is a public obligation of the operator to its regular customers.

    VIP management

    A private tactic that provides for the receipt of offers from the VIP manager to each player individually.

    Promoting your business

    Effective marketing tools for your business should be used to grow your audience and retain players.

    Online casino promotion actively uses advertising marketing, using which you can keep gamblers interested in visiting your gambling site.

    Their list includes such “elements”.


    Such events are an excellent tool not only for attracting users, but for successful customer retention. How it works? A player who considers a tournament as an opportunity to get something new and interesting for relatively little money will most likely want to stay in your casino.

    Some casinos offer free entry to tournaments, while others require a certain registration fee. In addition, there are tournaments that provide a “re-buy” option. What does it mean? If the players are not satisfied with their progress, they can make another entry fee (usually it is several times less than the first one) and start from the beginning.

    Ranking tables

    This promotion tool resembles tournaments and finds use in many games. To do this, a list of leaders is compiled, at the beginning of which the player must be before the end of the promotion. That is, as soon as visitors start playing on your platform, they are automatically entered into the leaderboard, the results of which are summed up at the end of a certain period.

    To participate in the rating of gamblers, an entrance fee is required (in some games.)

    Depending on the division into groups of players, it is advisable for operators to separate the lists in order to enable different categories of users to participate in the promotion.

    Race and chase

    This is the name of some tournaments in the world of gambling.

    A race is a type of promotion in which X number of people who are sufficiently successful in achieving a goal Y in a particular activity will receive a reward Z.
    Chasing is a type of promotion in which any player who is successful enough in achieving a goal Y in a certain activity will receive a reward Z.

    These promotions are effective and can run over a longer period than the specific tournament.

    Random draw

    We are talking about different ways to earn or buy entry to the draw. That is, your players will play popular slots and earn points necessary to participate in the draw by completing the tasks: wagering a certain amount, the agreed number of bets, reaching the desired level. Winners are selected from a global database of all platforms participating in the draw.

    Insured and big prizes

    Significant cash rewards can be insured in the regular markets. Due to this, gaming platforms can protect themselves from the huge losses that they could theoretically suffer. In addition, more often than not, insured prizes are not paid out by the platforms.

    With a negligible chance of winning is negligible, such cases can be referred to insurance companies with which you can cooperate. As for large non-cash prizes (cruise, vacation, car, etc.), players can exchange them for a smaller amount of money, and the casino can take the difference as a profit.


    Today, CRM systems are also used to engage and retain customers. At the same time, not only the owners of online casinos benefit, but also users. Thanks to proper application, it is possible to increase the customer focus of the institution, find a personal approach to the players, make their stay on the site as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

    Thus, the loyalty of users increases, who return to the online casino site with pleasure, and also recommend it to their friends. It is important that positive reviews on open resources also contribute to the formation of the casino’s image and speak of its reliability.

    Structured CRM systems enable data analysis of marketing programs, cross-selling and targeted advertising of new products. For example, if a casino owner decides to open a sports betting project, then thanks to CRM, he receives an already formed base of potential customers.

    In addition, user interaction systems help track the actions of newcomers, identify an audience with high potential and store all contact information.


    As mentioned above, the retention of players in the institution is the basis of the activity and profitability of the gaming platform. But the policy for their implementation should be based on a variety of factors, incl. on the psychological portrait of the players, predicting their actions, etc.

    In the absence of proper experience in casino promotion, the operator may face difficulties on the way to achieve the best possible result. However, this should not stop you, and in order for the platform to lose players due to your inexperience, seek the help of professionals.

    That is why our company offers you a ready-made turnkey gaming solution with a thorough development of a retention strategy for your audience, taking into account the peculiarities of its behavior.

    We have taken care of all the components that ensure the maintenance of high traffic on your site, including:

    • understanding the reasons for the loss of player loyalty;
    • profiling and segmentation of visitors to form the best offer;
    • degree of impact on customer retention;
    • providing effective means of promotion, according to the results obtained as a result of a thorough analysis.

    By resorting to the help of professionals, you get the opportunity to avoid losses that the casino may incur in the event of a passive or incorrect policy to keep players in the institution.

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