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  • How to start an online casino in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan, being the second largest country in terms of territory and the fourth most populous country in the CIS, serves as a kind of magnet that attracts entrepreneurs who make money on gambling.

    Gambling market of Kazakhstan. Key features

    In January 2007, the President of the country signed the law “On the gambling business”, thanks to which the gambling industry became legal. However, here we are talking about gambling zones, where the activities of land-based gambling establishments are allowed. Now 13 licensed land-based casinos are successfully operating in these zones. The activity of slot machine halls, bookmakers and sweepstakes is allowed. However, the activity of online casinos is prohibited.

    As for the law, almost all the interpretations given in the text can be interpreted in two ways. So, by online casino they mean: “a gambling establishment that uses a hardware and software complex located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan…”.

    It turns out that if the entire technical and software base that ensures the operation of an online casino is outside the country, its activities will not be prohibited. Therefore, the question is: “how to open an online casino in Kazakhstan?” is relevant among people who want to get involved in the gambling business and find their niche in the gambling market.

    They have the opportunity to open an online casino with servers outside of Kazakhstan and work, playing on the contradictions of the law.

    Before opening an online casino in Kazakhstan, you must first study all aspects of this activity.

    Target audience in Kazakhstan

    As for all fans of gambling in Kazakhstan, they can be divided into two categories:

    Middle-aged high rollers who have a high income and play in land-based casinos in order to get an adrenaline rush;
    Online gamblers who are not ready to risk large sums and make small bets.

    As practice shows, online poker is especially popular among Kazakh players. Proof of this is the largest Eurasian Poker Tour in the history of the country with a guarantee for a series of 850 thousand dollars, held in Borovoye.

    How to open an online casino in Kazakhstan

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    To apply

    How to open an online casino in Kazakhstan

    If you want to open an online casino in Kazakhstan legally, there are two ways: do it yourself or order the development of a turnkey platform.

    What will you have to face if you prefer to run an online casino on your own?

    You will have to go through the following steps:

    • Register a legal entity or company.
    • Purchase all the necessary documents for opening a casino, including a gambling license and other certificates.
    • Buy your own hosting.
    • Buy software.

    And, we note that this is only a small part of the necessary actions in order to open an online casino in Kazakhstan. Think about how much time and effort this might take.

    Obtaining a license

    Получение лицензии на казино

    An important step is to obtain the appropriate license.

    At the moment, the legislation of many countries considers the activities of casinos and gambling in particular illegal.

    However, in some regions of the world, there is special legislation that gives the right to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry-specific services for the supply of gaming software. As a rule, in these jurisdictions there is an organization that is engaged in issuing licenses and regulating the activities of licensees. You can legally obtain a license to open an online casino in Kazakhstan only in the following jurisdictions:

    • caribbean
    • Curacao, Costa Rica and other countries of the region;
    • Europe
    • Latvia, Romania, Montenegro and other European countries;
    • And;
    • Malta;
    • Seychelles;
    • Kahnawak (Canada).

    The requirements for issuing a gambling license vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Therefore, if you are interested in gambling licenses from Curacao or other offshore jurisdictions, you must first study the features of local regulation.

    When choosing a jurisdiction for the gambling business and obtaining gambling licenses, it is necessary to take into account the following criteria:

    • Time frame and cost of the procedure;
    • laws regulating the gambling business;
    • maintenance cost per year;
    • requirements for obtaining a license;
    • the reputation of the chosen jurisdiction;
    • taxation and benefits.

    Licensing Requirements

    Требования к лицензии

    In accordance with the requirements of the regulator, it is necessary that most of the operations take place in the territory of the jurisdiction in which the company wants to obtain an online casino license.

    The rules for issuing a license apply to a wide range of activities:

    all operations;
    accounting and auditing;
    conducting games offered within the institution.

    Please note that the rules must be followed by all persons involved in gambling, including employees, companies, as well as its owners and / or partners.

    The procedure for issuing a license is carried out in accordance with the standards, which are reflected in the control act that grants powers to the licensing authority.

    Legal entities and companies wishing to obtain a gambling license in a particular state must be prepared to fulfill the following requirements.

    Observe the norms of decency, conscientiousness, honesty;
    Disclose detailed financial and organizational information about the gambling establishment, its owners, partners and other persons associated with it;
    Provide information about employment and criminal information about certain individuals in the organization.

    The rigidity of the requirements is justified by the need to combat individuals and organizations that are suspected of conducting illegal activities.

    Issue price

    The cost of obtaining a gambling license is formed taking into account a number of important factors, including a gambling license, application processing fees and license issuance. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the work of an online casino involves the payment of taxes. In addition, some jurisdictions, such as Malta, allow sublicensing, which gives the right to work under someone else’s license in order to reduce costs by sharing them among partners.

    Cryptocurrency Gambling License

    In modern gambling, payment systems that support cryptocurrencies are a hot topic today and are in trend. Therefore, if you are going to launch an online casino in Kazakhstan, you need to apply for a gambling license in order to obtain the legal right to process payments and use the gaming content of the largest software providers.

    When making cryptocurrency payments, the participation of a third party (banking institution) is not necessary. Replenishment of the deposit withdrawal of funds are carried out between the player and the casino wallet.

    However, casino players who choose to use cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals need to be sure of the repute of the online casino they have an account with. To do this, the institution must be audited by an independent testing agency. This means that a casino that is licensed in a respected jurisdiction is more trusted.

    Please note that applying for an online gambling license is a complex and lengthy process with many subtleties and nuances. Therefore, if you decide to launch an online casino in Kazakhstan on your own, you should definitely enlist the support of qualified specialists.

    Choice of jurisdiction

    Юрисдикции онлайн-казино

    When choosing, consider the following points that will help determine the option that is most suitable for you.


    How much will it cost to operate your establishment in a particular jurisdiction? You must evaluate your financial capacity and determine how much money you can afford to spend on licensing, customization, and operational maintenance. Based on this, you will be able to understand which jurisdictions are within the budget and offer the necessary flexibility.

    Economic and political instability

    Considering that the registration of a gambling business involves certain difficulties, the instability of the policy may provoke negative changes in the legislation on gambling. Therefore, the economic and political stability of the jurisdiction chosen for doing business provides the entrepreneur with a number of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to worry about exchange rates, transferring profits or negotiating with contractors.

    Double tax treaties

    This important nuance, which provides for the existence of agreements on the prevention of double taxation with other countries, enables companies to reduce the tax burden and optimize costs.


    The protection of personal data is an extremely important factor for gamblers. Therefore, when registering an online casino in a particular jurisdiction, it is important to take into account the requirements of local legislation regarding confidentiality, information exchange, as well as personal data of establishment owners.

    As you can see, the procedure for independent launch of an online casino in Kazakhstan, including obtaining a license, is accompanied by high material investments. You also need to be prepared for other challenges. And, if you want to launch your business as soon as possible, without spending a lot of time, effort and nerves on solving all issues, we offer an excellent alternative, namely, order the creation of a turnkey online casino in our company! Our team will take care of all the tasks, and you will receive a high-quality project, ready to be put into operation.

    And the subsequent technical and marketing support within the framework of constant cooperation with us will make your gambling business successful and profitable!

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