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  • Top GEOs where online gambling is most developed

    The very first sites for online gambling saw the light of day in 1995. During this time, small projects managed to become the most famous casinos that serve tens of thousands of gamers around the world every day. Today, online gambling is very popular: the market has exceeded 45 billion euros, and this is not the limit. According to the experts’ forecasts, the market of virtual gambling will actively develop up to 2022.

    Are you still in doubt whether you should try your hand in the gambling business? Absolutely. You are waiting for a huge audience, large payments, the possibility of expansion and growth of the business project. But before you start organizing your business, it is worth to determine the geolocation. What GEO traffic will provide the maximum profit?

    General statistics

    1) European countries (22.074 billion euros). In terms of gambling, the most developed GEO is Europe. The latest analytical data is discouraging: the growth rate of income from online gambling exceeded 17%. Such high figures can be explained by the legalization of online casinos in most European countries; accordingly, these institutions can actively develop without going beyond the legislation. Another important point is a high level of economic development of European countries where the standard of living is very good. Why not bet at lunchtime if you have some free money? Among the five most profitable European GEO in the field of gambling are the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Then go countries such as Greece, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden. Try it!


    2)Asia (12.379 billion euros). GDP per capita. GDP per capita in recent years in Asian countries has increased many times, not least of which was the great leap in economic development. There is no escaping the regularity: the higher a person’s income, the more pronounced his or her desire to gamble. Among the most developed Asian countries, which control the online gambling market almost entirely, it is worth noting the Philippines and Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. If you decide to deal with Asian online gambling, take a closer look at this list.


    3)North America (8.078 billion euros). Honorable third place. Online casinos are allowed in some areas, banned elsewhere, but people play and win everywhere, using third-party servers set up outside the country.


    4)Australia (2.651 million euros). The legislation of Australia is very loyal to the activities of online casinos: virtual gambling portals are not prohibited here, and winnings are not taxed. It is not surprising, therefore, that over 80% of adults in Australia play slots, poker and roulette from time to time. Moreover, the GDP in this country is even higher than in the same England. However all is not so bright: here all the consequences of gambling addiction are obvious and you should take it into consideration when choosing Australia for your traffic. What consequences are we talking about? Firstly, the Australian market is saturated, both online and land-based casino: with the fierce competition there is little prospect for expansion. Secondly, the government is actively struggling with addiction to cheating, imposing various restrictions. However, people still find opportunities to tickle their nerves and try to get rich in the shortest possible time.


    5) Latin America (834 million euros). Online gambling in Latin America is just beginning to develop. And it is good, because firstly, you have room to expand (there is almost no competition), and secondly, almost none of the countries here gambling is not yet banned. If you have decided to develop in this direction, we recommend looking at Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. The second echelon includes Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. Who knows, maybe one of these countries will be a springboard to earn your first million?


    6) Africa (304 million euros). Another promising country for the development of gambling business. In recent years, a number of African countries are rapidly developing mobile technology: more and more people have access to smartphones, the Internet, respectively, more and more people here can get acquainted with online gambling. Residents of African countries are very gambling: among the most favorite entertainment can be noted online casinos, lotteries, sports betting. Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria are the most interesting for you.

    Ley traffic, earn experience and make millions. If necessary, we will answer all your questions, consult you and solve any of your problems. Contact us!

    Top GEOs where online gambling is most developed

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