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  • Predictions of Vanga

    Vanga woke up as usual, the day was sunny. Nothing foretold trouble. But as soon as she opened her right eye and poked the screen of her new smartphone with her left finger, she had an epiphany.

    She saw that on the most reputable online casino site where reviews are not bought and sold, CasinoMeister.com, there was suddenly a topic. It was about a rich, reliable online casino, which not so long ago, as claimed on the same reliable portal AskGamblers, paid the player $ 1’000’000 even without blinking an eye.

    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss and all its white label casinos

    Yes, undoubtedly it was Bob casino from SoftSwiss. So Bob decided that his time had come, and he began to accept players from the United States. And then he thought if he was going to take a risk, then he was going to take a big risk, so love the queen, so screw the U.S. citizens! (Curtain.)

    Source: casinomeister.com/casino-reviews/bob-casino/

    CasinoMaster, without really looking into it, and seeing that SoftSwiss has the same license, automatically equated it with Bob. And as if inadvertently, on his page devoted to software manufacturers, he wrote: » Transparency is important. As a player, you need to know if the games you are playing are the real deal – not rip off variations of NetEnt being hosted from servers in Belarus. » (с)casinomeister.com/casino-software/

    Vanga disagreed with the CasinoMaster. Because she knew for sure that the servers were in Holland.  Because the Dutch flag crossed with a red line meant something…

    And just as she was about to exhale, her now open, blind left eye slid over the second screenshot. And read the cryptic letters:

    «From their website: Bob.casino is owned and operated by Direx N.V. A company registered and established under the laws of Curacao and its wholly owned subsidiary, Direx Limited. Registered address Stasinou 1, MITSI Building 1, 1st Floor, Flat 4, Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia, Cyprus. Direx N.V. is licensed and regulated by Antillephone N.V. Direx N.V.’s registration num is 131879 and its registered address is E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curacao.» 

    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss
    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss

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    She repeated the words over and over again, shaking, pounding, hitting the floor, the cryptic letters shrinking. Until she screamed at the top of her voice:

    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss

    I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE, I SEE. Direx N.V  Direx N.V Direx N.VDirex N.V Direx N.V!

    All of the white labels in SoftSwiss sit on the same license, documents, settlement accounts.

    • I see a distant voyage, to the land of overseas owners of bicycles!
    • I see the last hope of the players departing in a sloop in Portugal. Batman online gambling that brings light and justice to this world.
    • I see the owners of the bicycle, softviz explain to the jury that they are all independent. And the reason that one license, one bank account, one software, one legal entity, and one physical address is simply coincidental.
    • I see how casually, not on purpose, everyone is led into cozy, compact almost deluxe rooms.

    This could be the outcome if a U.S. player were to report to his government authorities that his money had been stolen. And the U.S. government must and will do something about it. Undoubtedly, it reacts very harshly in such cases.

    And it turns out that for a lot of money, you get a white lable from SoftSwiss and a real prison sentence. And it’s not your fault, but the fault of those who thought they were smarter than everyone else. And in this situation not only Bob casino is to blame, but also SoftSwiss itself, which allowed to accept players from the USA. Thereby setting up all their other customers.  As the saying goes: “One for All! And everybody to jail!»

    And if you think that Bob casino is such a D’Artagnan pioneer from SoftSwiss, which began to accept U.S. citizens, you are mistaken, it is not the first and not the only one. Athos, Parthos and Aramis were all musketeers early on. And then they took D’Artagnan in as well. Who, by inexperience, made a mess. Not only for himself and his friends, but for all the Musketeers. And the pendants and the ball.

    That’s what greed of the software provider and operator gets you. And if you don’t want to get into that situation, then honor and do not break the commandment: «Casino scam and The Seven Deadly Sins».

    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss


    Vanga predicted the imminent collapse of SoftSwiss

    We wish our colleagues to pay attention to this situation and close it as quickly as possible. We hope that the ending that Vanga predicted in this story will not come true. If you, dear SoftSwiss, don’t exist, it would be harder for us to show all the greatness and humble superiority of our product on the online gambling market.

    We sincerely do not want you to close down. So we ask you to “live… live, in the shadow of our technology and developments”.

    Loving you, b2bslots.com team

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