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  • Casino does not pay out money

    When entering an online casino site, gamblers who play for money are sure that they will receive the money won without any problems.

    However, there are many comments on the Internet where players share their problems with online casino payouts.

    Note that one-sided approach to such cases is not worth it, since the reason may lie not only in the casino, but also in the players themselves. Let’s figure it out together, “who is to blame, and what to do” if the casino does not pay money?


    Frequent violations of players, due to which money is not withdrawn

    It is no secret that many users deliberately do not want to waste time studying the rules of the casino and automatically tick the “I agree” icon. Without knowing the rules, a player can commit serious violations, leading to non-payment of money and even account blocking. Therefore, be sure to study the terms of the user agreement and if at least one of them is in doubt, then it is better to go to the site of another operator.

    We have included the following in the list of common violations:

    • Registration by one person of several accounts. In case of detection of a violation, all accounts are blocked without a refund.
    • Opening an account by citizens of countries for which registration on the operator’s website is prohibited.
    • Refusal to pass verification, which is often required by players who want to withdraw large amounts in the equivalent of $1,000.
    • Use as payment methods of electronic wallets and plastic cards that do not belong to the client. It is important to know that excuses like “a friend or relative replenished the account” will not work. At the same time, some sites can return the deposit to the real owners, however, but without the received winnings.
    • Payout order before wagering for an active bonus. In this case, there is always a refusal to process the application, and the winnings and the balance of bonus funds are subject to write-off. In order not to encounter such a problem, carefully read and be sure to follow the conditions of the promotions.
    What Сan I do If an Online Casino Refuse to Pay Money?

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    To apply

    Ways to solve the problem of non-payment of money

    If the casino has not paid you the money, the first thing to do is contact the support service.

    If you have not violated any of the rules of the online casino, then contact the support service for an explanation about the refusal of payment. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to do this via online chat. In addition, it is advisable to “arm yourself” with screenshots that reflect the amount of winnings, the state of the balance, and the current situation with the bonus.

    Support workers should explain the reason or provide contacts where you can file a complaint.

    If you are faced with ignoring your request in the chat, look in the rules of the site for contacts to fill out a detailed appeal. Based on the response you received from the support team, you will be able to decide what steps to take next. It is assumed that the operator can remove the restriction on payments and ask to re-submit the application or approve the previously submitted one.

    When you failed to resolve the issue when contacting support, then you need to take further action. The second step will be to file a complaint on iGaming-related sites where casino representatives are present.

    To open a dispute, you will need to provide evidence in the form of the necessary screenshots from your Personal Account, electronic copies of correspondence with support staff.

    Even users with blocked accounts have a chance for a successful outcome, as operators who value their reputation seek to quickly resolve disputes. However, to prove your case, you will have to give strong arguments.

    Appeal to regulators. This solution to the problem of non-payment of money to the casino can be used if the previous actions did not give the desired result.

    Please note that this method is suitable for use if the casino has a license, on the basis of which the institution operates legally.

    Each casino works with its own licensing authority, information about which players need to clarify at the stage of getting to know the gambling site even before registration.

    Since, upon detection of violations, casinos can be punished by imposing sanctions, operators try to respond promptly to claims.

    Казино Кюрасао


    Many gamblers believe that filing complaints with the licensing authorities of Curacao is pointless. In fact, this is not always the case. Depending on each specific case, the regulator nevertheless reacts and starts proceedings. It is important to know that the request must be made as detailed as possible and accompanied by confirming screenshots. Obviously, simply writing about the blocking of your account and non-payment of money will not be enough to solve the problem at the regulator level in the jurisdiction of Curacao.

    Note that 4 Master License holders work on the island at once with the right to issue a sublicense. Therefore, you need to make a request with a complaint to the organization that cooperates with a particular casino. You will need to fill out a form with the following information:

    • Name.
    • Player ID.
    • Subject of appeal.
    • Text describing the problem. Since the file attachment is not provided here, therefore, you need to insert a link to the screen from the cloud storage service.

    Important! All information must be provided in English, so it is necessary to translate screenshots of communication with the support service, including emails. You also need to specify information about the date of registration, the frequency of gaming sessions, participation in promotions with bonuses.

    antillephone. Another licensing organization in Curacao. When you go to the validator page, there is no form for filing a complaint, but at the bottom there is an email where you can write.

    The Gaming Curacao validator page also lacks a button to open the form and email. However, the email address can be found directly on the licensee’s website.

    Please note that nothing is known about the ownership of the fourth master license under No. 5536-JAZ. Not only that, the sites that indicate it do not even have a link to the validator. Therefore, it will not be possible to conduct a check and issue an appeal.


    The regulator of Malta has a more serious attitude to the control of casino activities. So, from April 1, 2019, the Maltese licensing authority introduced the ADR mechanism for alternative dispute resolution.

    Under the new mechanism, all cooperating venues are required to place in the rules information about organizations that act as impartial judges in situations that have arisen. Players can contact them for free dispute resolution. However, the following conditions must be met for this:

    Go through the internal complaints procedure with the operator’s help desk.

    No result was reached that would satisfy both sides.

    The decision to be made by the ADR organization must necessarily comply with both parties to the dispute.

    Сертификация eCOGRA


    This arbitrator was chosen by many casinos, which placed a link in the disputes section to go to the site with the form. In it, the player must give answers to the questions posed, which directly relate to the controversial situation, and confirm the problem with the given data.

    Despite the new mechanism introduced, the Malta Gaming Authority has still left a form for players to apply on its website, which allows you to express your claim, describing the situation in detail. Important! Profanity, threats and deliberately fabricated data are prohibited here. In case of violation of the rules, the appeal is immediately rejected.

    Be aware that when filing a complaint, identification will be required and you will be asked to send electronic copies of your documents.


    A feature of a casino with a Gibraltar license is that they try to resolve disputes with customers in person. In most cases, sites allocate up to 8 weeks for this, after which a final decision on the controversial issue must be made.

    If the user is dissatisfied with the decision, the user may contact the designated alternative dispute resolution body. Information about the ADR organization can be found in the rules section on the operator’s website.

    If the decision of an independent body also does not suit the player, then he can directly contact the regulator. The email address for complaints is listed on the Government of Gibraltar website. There is also a link to download the application form, which must also be filled out in English and sent by email.

    Important! Phone complaints are not accepted!


    Online casinos operating under a UK gambling license try to protect players when resolving disputes.

    The gambling commission monitors the implementation of its rules by operators, and violations are punished with heavy fines.

    The regulator has ADR-approved services, from the list of which operators themselves can choose an organization for cooperation. The site is obliged to provide information about the intermediary to customers in its rules.

    If an acceptable result is not achieved after contacting the casino support service or the authorized ADR body, UK players can file a complaint with the independent Resolver service or the courts.


    When entering the casino site, before registering, take the trouble to carefully read the terms of the user agreement and only then confirm your willingness to accept them. In addition, be sure to check the license of the site you have chosen. This approach will allow you to get rid of possible problems with payments in the future.

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