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  • Bitcoin games in online casinos

    The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has also made bitcoin games for online casinos relevant. Experts predict the further spread of bitcoin as a universal means of payment. Already today, there are many transactions involving various cryptocurrencies on the web. Such trends open up new prospects for online gambling as well.

    Software for bitcoin games

    Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no physical expression outside the internet. This is already an advantage because it is not affected by the risks associated with financial crises.

    In order to buy and use bitcoin in your transactions, you need to open a special virtual wallet. This in turn implies that online casino betting will also require special software. This applies to both the payment software and the gaming software, as bitcoin betting also has its own characteristics.

    B2bslots is among the leading developers of bitcoin casino software. There are two solutions available to customers:

    • stand-alone, full-fledged bitcoin casino software, where all payments will be made exclusively in cryptocurrency;
    • integration of the bitcoin casino script into an operating platform, where the cryptocurrency will be a complement to traditional financial systems.

    The company’s offer includes a wide range of software products and services for installation, configuration and start-up. The cost of products and services is an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors.

    Bitcoin games in online casinos

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    Features of bitcoin casino software

    Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any state or financial system. Consequently, there are no intermediaries between the sender and the recipient of the funds.

    Firstly, this ensures that transfers are made instantly. Secondly, there are no commissions.

    Another feature that players have come to appreciate is the ability to bet on bitcoin in any amount. When it comes to the traditional currency, players are faced with a minimum betting limit. This threshold is quite low. For example, the minimum bet is $1. But, nevertheless, it is present.

    In the case of bitcoin betting, there is no such restriction. A bet in dollar terms can have hundredths or thousandths of $1.

    Benefits of bitcoin games for operators

    Online casino owners are primarily interested in the inherent benefits of implementing cryptocurrency payments. Let us highlight them:

    • The lack of intermediaries and commissions is also attractive for operators. This makes it possible to offer higher odds to players, increasing their profits as a result.
    • The anonymity that players crave has another feature that benefits operators. Refundable financial transactions become impossible. Since a cryptocurrency wallet is completely anonymous, it becomes impossible to withdraw or refund any funds.
    • Bitcoin is not a physical or state currency. It is purely virtual, and there is no connection to financial or banking systems. Accordingly, no licence is required to operate a bitcoin casino. However, multi-currency casinos, where cryptocurrency is one of the means of payment, will require a licence to operate legally.
    • The competition among bitcoin casinos today is not that great, and there is every chance for the successful rapid development of their gambling business.

    High-quality bitcoin casino software online, technical support and full support is offered by B2bslots. Build a successful business with us!

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