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  • How to organise gambling legally

    The question of how to organise gambling on the internet is not accidentally asked by many people. Today, gambling is one of the most lucrative areas of business. The availability of slot machines online has made them very popular among users.

    How to organise gambling in Russia

    Do you want to know how to organise gambling in the Russian Federation without violating current legislation? Then this material is for you.

    The first thing we would like to draw your attention to is that there are restrictions on gambling and casino operations in Russia. You can open a land-based casino only in a few existing special gambling zones. And online casinos are completely banned.

    You will not be able to get a licence for online gambling club in the Russian Federation. However, this does not mean you should forget about your own gambling business. Below we will tell you how to organise gambling legally for a Russian entrepreneur.

    How to organise gambling legally
    How to organise gambling legally

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    How to organise gambling offshore

    The answer to the question of how to organise online gambling legally is to register a business offshore. Today, there are about 80 countries in the world, whose legislation provides for licensing of online gambling.

    A prerequisite for opening your own gambling business is the registration of a legal entity in the territory of the chosen offshore zone and passing the licensing procedure. The main office of the company and all computing power (servers) must be located on the territory of this country. Internet opportunities allow to orient the work of online casino to the target audience of any region, including Russian-speaking users.

    Choice of jurisdiction for offshore

    What you should pay attention to when choosing a jurisdiction in order to organize gambling:

    1.       The class of license to be issued. Depending on the activities planned, the appropriate classes of licenses may be required:

    • on slots;
    • on casinos and lotteries using the CSF;
    • on betting and online betting;
    • to “game of skill” entertainment in which the outcome does not depend on the players’ skills (poker, bingo, etc.).

    Some jurisdictions offer universal licences – covering all types of activities.

    2.       Complexity and duration of the procedure.

    Licensing conditions in different jurisdictions may vary significantly. This is reflected in the complexity of the procedure and the duration of application review, execution of all the licensing documents. The duration varies from 2 to 6 months.

    The presence of additional conditions.

    For example, in Malta it is mandatory to provide a business plan for 3 years. In some countries the condition is to open an office with a mandatory employment of 2-3 employees from the residents of the country, etc.

    4.       The price of registration and the applicable tax system.

    One of the highest cost of licensing is observed in European countries. Also, when selecting should pay attention to taxation, so as to benefit from the organization of gambling.

    5.       Duration of the license.

    Validity in different countries may vary from 1 to 5 years. At the end of the validity will have to arrange for the extension.

    The experts at B2bslots will advise you on how to organise your gambling and choose the best region for licensing. Do you want to avoid this procedure? On our website b2bslots.com you will find ready-made solutions for online gambling with a license. This is an opportunity to organise your gambling activities quickly.

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