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  • "Cloud" solutions in the online casino gaming segment

    Many users of personal computers, laptops, smartphones and other gadgets have heard of such a definition as a cloud solution or cloud technology. Every year they are becoming more and more popular because of their benefits and features. In this article we will explain what cloud technology is, where it can be used, what the pros and cons are, and what the opportunities are in the context of online casino and gambling business.

    What is the essence of cloud solutions

    This term refers to distributed information processing technology, where computing power is located on some remote service. In other words, a user accesses a resource via the Internet and conducts operations and activities not on his or her home PC, but on the server of the company from which he or she orders certain services. Here are some simple examples of cloud solutions that almost everyone is familiar with.

    • Electronic mail (E-mail). Previously, you had to install special messengers or applications on your computer to receive and process emails. Now it all happens directly on the service website. This is an example of a simple cloud-based solution.
    • Remote image processing. A simple example is the Picasa picture and photo service. All processing takes place on a third-party server using its power and features.
    • Storing data in the cloud. These services include Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and many others. Users are given a certain amount of storage space, which can be expanded by upgrading to a more expensive plan. Upload your data to such storage and you can be fully confident that it is safe from loss.

    There are many more cloud solutions to choose from, including trading platforms, servers for online casinos and accounting products, hosting companies and many more. For smartphone users, the easiest and most straightforward examples are GooglePlay, Yandex.Music and others. And all popular social networks can be safely classified as such technologies, as all data processing is done by third parties over the Internet.

    To be even clearer, if operations are performed on a home or work computer, it has nothing to do with cloud solutions. But when the process is performed on a server on the network, then we can talk about such technologies. In other words, it refers to a specific set of hardware, software and methodological tools through which the user manages his projects and solves certain tasks.

    “Cloud” solutions in the online casino gaming segment

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    Benefits and opportunities of cloud-based solutions

    • Access data remotely from any Internet-connected device. “Cloud technology is simply indispensable during the development of mobile gadgets (smartphones, tablets).
    • Ability to work in all popular browsers of different operating systems.
    • A user can view the same information, perform certain actions from different devices without being linked to a physical address. The same can be done by unauthorised people who have access to the data.
    • In the event of problems or damage to your computer or other device, your information will not be lost – it will be safely stored in the cloud.
    • Ability to share data with anyone on the planet, hire ‘remote’ staff.
    • The cloud user always has the latest version of the software and does not have to think about updating it.

    There are plenty of opportunities, but there are always disadvantages.

    Disadvantages of cloud-based solutions

    • The need for constant access to the web. Without the internet, cloud technology is completely useless.
    • The user is only satisfied with the software provided by the service, as there is often no possibility to customise it to their own needs.
    • Confidentiality of information. Although the owners of such services claim the highest level of data protection, no one can offer a 100% guarantee. But every year the level of information security increases and threats become fewer and fewer.
    • It is possible to change tariff plans. Even if you use a service for free now, there is no guarantee in the future that its owners will not charge for their services, although reliable companies always fix prices for their services because they value their reputation.

    Whatever the case may be, cloud solutions are the future, as people are becoming less and less tied to their home computer every year. It is not for nothing that such giants as Microsoft, Apple and Google invest billions of dollars in the development of such technologies, and they know how to make money, analyse market trends and consumer demand for services.

    "Cloud solutions in the online casino segment

    With the introduction of such technology, it is now possible to buy a ready-made gaming business that operates on a full machine, generating substantial profits for the owner. Our company offers gaming licences and turnkey solutions with online casino software that operates through cloud technology. This gives your business the following advantages:

    • The ability to update game content quickly and easily.
    • Uninterrupted software operation.
    • Availability of an administrator and 24-hour technical support.
    • A multi-layered security system for gamers.
    • Analytics and statistics.
    • Various payment methods, including electronic payment systems and cryptocurrencies.

    These are just some of the benefits your business will get from ordering cloud solutions from our company. An online casino powered by this technology is a secure investment and a stable profit.

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