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  • The mobile version of the casino

    Mobility and constant internet connectivity make portable gadgets far more in demand than desktop computers or laptops. Now that users can be online 24/7, they spend considerably more time visiting entertainment resources, including online casinos.

    With constant access to the web, be it public Wi-Fi or mobile internet, people can browse their favourite websites and use apps while sitting in a café or passing the time on the go. All this has given a great impetus to the adaptation of online gambling clubs to meet the needs of modern users. Nowadays, having a mobile version of a casino is a prerequisite for a successful and profitable online gambling business.

    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works

    Mobile online gambling today Obviously, a person would rather use a smartphone or tablet than carry around a bulky laptop. And the easier access to the internet proves to be, the more often a user turns to it. Take a look at the 2018 statistics from We Are Social: mobile users make up a large share of the total number of internet users.

    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works
    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works

    To get a sense of how popular smartphone web surfing is becoming year after year, take a look at the graph provided by statista.com. As you may have noticed, more and more people are turning to mobile Internet every year. There are several reasons for this:

    • smartphones have long been an affordable gadget, not a luxury item;
    • mobile internet tariffs are becoming more favourable and loyal to users;
    • due to the mass popularity of compact gadgets, smartphones have become easier to use;
    • Public Wi-Fi coverage is much wider: you can now connect in any café, entertainment venue or institution.

    And if you look at the chart from ComScor, which shows the percentage of use of smartphones and desktop computers in different countries, it is clear that web surfing using a PC loses considerably to mobile surfing. Agree that even at home you would be more comfortable lying on the sofa with your phone than monitoring websites on a computer.

    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works
    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works

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    Are mobile casinos a trend or a necessity?

    Businesses will be successful if they keep up with the times. The same applies to online casinos. It is commonplace to play casino games on your phone, and users turn to this way of spending their leisure time far more often than they do to play games on their PCs. The modern world is a very dynamic one: People are always in motion and they want to use every free minute to have fun. This is where smartphone games, including gambling, come in.

    Nowadays, the developers have all conditions to create a quality product: excellent Internet speed, modern technology and high performance portable gadgets allow you to make a mobile casino is as good as the stationary one! Today, mobile casino versions are different:

    • high image quality;
    • with full functionality;
    • a huge range of games to suit all tastes;
    • a simplified user-friendly interface;
    • the elaboration of all graphic elements, animation and soundtrack;
    • fast data transmission, allowing the “mini casino” to respond instantly to user commands.

    All this encourages people to opt for a portable version of the gambling site. Being mobile, staying on the go and not being tied to some place that is necessary for a quiet game is exactly what modern users of online gambling clubs want.

    The money question: how profitable is a mobile casino

    Mobile casino: what it is and how it works

    Those gamblers who prefer to turn to mobile casinos instead of playing at a computer will bring you more income. They have the ability to bet at any time of the day or night. In other words, if the casino is at their fingertips, there is much more play. The target audience in such cases is the users from 18 to 45 years old.

    Statistical studies show that this particular segment of players is the most active, solvent and progressive. More specifically, the average mobile gambler visits the casino website 200 times a day! Such a player spends more time surfing the web, and makes bets at times more often than the average user of the PC.

    Mobile gambling market has a very bright forecast: according to marketresearchfuture.com, the annual acceleration of market growth will be 7%, and it promises great profits for all the owners of online gambling clubs.

    Varieties of portable casino versions

    Mobile casinos can be divided into three types according to their operating principle and device:

    1. Adapted mobile version of the website. A simplified look and feel, while retaining the necessary functionality of the full stationary version of the gaming portal.
    2. A separate mobile application. Software that needs to be downloaded onto a gadget. Directly linked to the main website, but may have additional functionality, games and design.
    3. Bot for messenger. Software linked to the main website to run the necessary gaming functionality directly in the messenger. Convenient for those users who live in countries where online gambling is banned.

    The future is iGaming!

    Demand breeds supply: all well-known game developers have long been releasing mobile versions of their gamnators, and programmers are competing with each other to create the most user-friendly engines and scripts. Mobile casinos are now a lucrative and in-demand business that guarantees a financial return and keeps up with the times.

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