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  • The role of mobile interfaces in increasing online casino conversions

    Online gambling is not a new phenomenon: for more than twenty years, gamblers have been able to bet from the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of online slots continues to grow rapidly. High demand naturally leads to an expansion of supply: there are more and more new projects, some of them remain on the sidelines of the competitive race, while others in a matter of months to break into the leaders and firmly entrenched in the top of the most popular and popular gaming projects.

    If you have decided to launch your own game project, we recommend you to actively work in two directions: correctly organize the business from a technical and functional point of view and pay attention to methods that will help to gain recognition and trust of the players. About the first direction in the web of information presented a lot, but it is not easy to find useful, competent articles on mobile interfaces and conversions online slots. We will try to correct this oversight.

    On the key performance indicators of slots

    A well-planned business development strategy should be based on at least three pillars:

    • it is important to work on attracting customers to the resource. A variety of marketing tools can be used, from links on various forums and blogs to contextual advertising;
    • you need to get players interested. The more casual visitors who look at your site will want to try out the slots, the more profit you can expect to make from the project. Increase the inversion in a number of ways, from the attractive design of the online casino, to the simplest, most intuitive slots interface, to the large selection of slot machines;
    • you need to be able to retain casino customers. This is done through bonuses, VIP programmes and so on.
    The role of mobile interfaces in increasing online casino conversions

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    A few words on conversion

    Conversion refers to the percentage of people who perform an action in relation to all users who had the opportunity to perform that action. If we talk about conversion in relation to online casinos, there are two main types of conversion:

    1. From site visits to registrations. This refers to the percentage of visitors who filled out the registration form out of the total number of people who came to the site. Low rates of such conversions are a signal that we should work on site design, content presentation, the location of interactive elements – perhaps users simply do not understand what you need to do to register, and spend a lot of time trying to understand the interface, today no one will – there are a huge number of different casinos on the web, including those where everything is clear, simple and convenient.
    2. From registration to deposits. Simply registering users is already a good thing. But they can bring you profit only when they become active players, i.e. make their first deposit into the account. This indicator becomes especially important if the casino practices distribution of freespins and sign-up bonuses (before making a deposit).

    Conversion is one of the key metrics for building a successful online business, so you should pay close attention to increasing conversions (both first and second): the more people who visit your site, complete the registration process and make their first deposit, the more profit you can expect to make.

    On mobile interfaces as a way to increase conversions

    The first entertainment portals appeared almost immediately after the appearance of the Internet in the mid-nineties of the last century and immediately became megapopular. Technology evolved, and at a certain point it was not enough to just offer to play slot machines sitting in front of a computer monitor – the developers made another leap forward, offering players to carry the “casino” with them – we are talking about mobile projects created for tablets, smartphones.

    The market of mobile projects is quite young – the first noteworthy mobile casinos appeared only in 2013, and until today not all small projects have a version for touch screens, but the situation is changing rapidly.

    According to the results of recent studies, experts make a clear conclusion: in 2018, about half of the users will bet using mobile gadgets. Over time, the number of gamers who prefer mobile online casinos will only grow. Therefore, it is not surprising that gambling industry giants are actively working on creating perfect mobile interfaces.

    Mobile interfaces of gaming applications are extremely simple and easy to use: it is extremely important – on a small screen of a gadget everything necessary for a comfortable game should fit. You can, of course, try to play through the browser, but it is very uncomfortable, and often dangerous for the wallet, because it increases the risk of false clicks.

    Among the features of mobile applications can be allocated and traffic savings (this parameter will be appreciated by those who use mobile Internet) – the application loads only individual elements of the picture, without refreshing the page completely. Including only the necessary game functions, the mobile version also significantly reduces battery consumption.

    Modern mobile interfaces allow you to control the game using the touch screen – such projects are still few, but today many large companies are working on the creation of such applications.

    Finally, mobile applications imply the most convenient interaction between the casino and the player: for example, notifications from the casino are sent via push messages: the first time a gamer visits the casino (or online), he will know about bonuses and promotions, respectively, will not miss a profitable offer.

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