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  • Promoting a betting shop website quickly

    If you want to make your business profitable, then promoting your betting shop website will be a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of only a few people knowing about your resource, no matter how good and reliable it is.

    How to start promoting a betting shop website

    As surprising as it may sound, before you start promoting a betting shop website, you should take care about the quality of the resource. Analyse how well it meets the wishes and requirements of the target audience.

    What do users expect from a visiting betting shop?

    • the quality of the resource;
    • high fees;
    • a professional support person;
    • fairness and transparency in the calculations;
    • a clear-cut security service;
    • quality customer service for betting winners;
    • the legality of the activity.

    Therefore, it is necessary to start with building a positive reputation and image at the stage of creating the resource. The website must meet the modern requirements of customers as much as possible, so that the promotion of the bookmaker’s office will be effective.

    Examples of quality legal betting companies that have formed the top 10 in Russia so far:

    • Leon;
    • Fonbet;
    • 1xStavka;
    • Marathon;
    • Pari-Match;
    • Winline;
    • Olympus;
    • Betsity;
    • 888.ru;
    • Betting League.
    Promoting a betting shop website quickly

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    Promoting a betting shop website online

    The most effective way to promote a bookmaker’s website is on the internet. Firstly, the main target audience of the online resource is concentrated here. Secondly, the network gives the widest coverage of users. You have a good chance to make almost any user over 18 years of age your regular customer.

    The main methods used to promote a bookmaker’s site:

    • SEO search engine promotion.
    • SMM promotion.
    • Affiliate programmes to increase traffic.
    • Developing a loyalty programme for active customers.
    • Promotions, bonuses and promo codes for newcomers and regular customers.
    • Maintaining blogs and forums on relevant topics.
    • Registering on betting websites, actively participating in them and posting content.

    A comprehensive promotion of the betting shop’s website provides the best results. Use all available methods. Not experienced? Turn to the services of professionals. A wide range of online support services, including promotion assistance, is offered by B2bslots.

    Why promoting a betting shop online is effective. This method makes a difference:

    • the comparative cost-effectiveness of the methods combined with high returns;
    • wide coverage of the target audience;
    • high efficiency, thanks to the comprehensive use of different tools;
    • the opportunity to actively engage with the target audience.

    Promoting a betting shop website - other methods

    Owners of both offline and online sites can use more traditional methods of advertising to promote their betting site. Information about a fixed BC may well be supplemented by data from an online resource. Common methods of advertising:

    • outdoor advertising;
    • radio and television advertising;
    • leaflets and other printed advertising;
    • placing information in a variety of specialised and thematic publications.

    An important point when running an advertising campaign is strict compliance with the law. Study the relevant articles of the RF law “On Advertising”. They prescribe the permitted places for placing BC advertisements, the time when advertisements are broadcast on radio and television, etc.

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