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  • Casino Software - all about its types, functionality and structure

    The core of any online casino’s functionality is the casino software or software. The quality of the casino software not only determines the reliability of the playground, but also the possibility of adjusting the functionality. Compatibility with the gaming product of different developers. Control and analytics of financial transactions. Reporting, creation of various bonuses, promotions and loyalty programmes.

    Casino Software: Appearance, Functionality and Structure

    Software, also called casino software in the language of professionals, can be divided into three main types:

    • functional gaming platform software,
    • game content;
    • payment systems.

    Таким образом, любое онлайн казино имеет следующую структуру – это игровая платформа, в которую интегрирован платежный и игровой контент, а так же гемблинг партнерка.

    Успешность, надежность и популярность казино онлайн напрямую зависит от качества казино софта. Игроки просто не заинтересуются площадкой, где небольшой выбор азартных игр, или той, которая предлагает игры низкого качества.

    Не менее важный момент – надежность, безопасность, оперативность и доступность финансовых операций, а это уже качество платежного ПО. И, конечно же, сама платформа имеет огромное значение и для удобства игры посетителей, и для владельца казино с точки зрения настроек и управления.

    Наше предложение казино софта является наглядным примером качественного продукта, приобрести который можно по вполне доступной конкурентоспособной цене. Вот тут можно найти всю необходимую информацию, если хотите купить казино на нашем ПО.

    Чтобы лучше разобраться в основных принципах выбора казино софта. Предлагаем подробней рассмотреть каждый из видов и их ключевые параметры, на которые обязательно следует уделить внимание.

    Casino Soft

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
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    1. Casino gaming platform

    Casino Soft


    So, the gaming platform is the basic foundation of any online casino. The process of its development and creation is very time-consuming, requires high professionalism and quite a lot of time. Therefore, the casino platform simply can not be cheap.

    However, to avoid overpriced, you should apply to proven organizations. Our company, offers casino software that features guaranteed quality combined with an affordable price.

    A good gaming platform should be easy to integrate with any gaming and payment solutions, have a wide range of functions and settings.

    An important point is the possibility of its further optimization, implementation of improvements and innovative solutions. As you know, modern gambling does not stand still and is rapidly evolving, so the platform should have the flexibility for the implementation and improvement.

    Also it should be understood that for the reliability and stability of the casino platform requires constant, professional and high-quality technical service. All this once again confirms the fact that it is necessary to carefully choose a provider for cooperation.

    When choosing a casino platform, pay attention to the availability of the following features and capabilities:

    1. Manage absolutely all the functions of an online casino site, not just the gaming content, but also the ability to customise and manage bonuses, promotions, loyalty and gambling affiliate programmes, users, reports and analytics.
    2. The accessibility of the platform to play from any device.It is no secret that the modern user is increasingly using mobile devices. You should therefore make sure that your online casino is accessible to play from a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., and that it has a convenient extension for any type of device.
    3. Stability and smooth operation of the platform, as well as the presence of a function to track suspicious user activity in order to prevent hacking.
    4. Ability to quickly and efficiently integrate game providers, including several in a single integration operation.
    5. The ability to generate reports in any format and section – on finances, players, bonuses and other important parameters reflecting casino activity. It is important that reports can be generated for any period. This is necessary for analysis and making operational management decisions.
    6. The function of creating multiple language versions of the website. Even if you are initially planning to start in one region, a quality online casino is well placed to expand geographically and reach new markets if it is successful. Make sure you have the right tools in place beforehand.
    7. Extensive player loyalty programme options and an online chat room. These are tools to attract and retain users, helping to keep them in constant contact and provide all-round support.
    8. Payment system management options, including limit settings.
    9. SEO tools to promote the casino online, including the ability to send newsletters to users, place banners, etc.

    If a software product has the features listed above, it is safe to say that it makes sense to pay attention to it.

    2. Script casino online

    Casino Soft


    However, many people are attracted to cheaper and more accessible versions of the software, such as the boxed casino script. It is a ready-made software, which allows the client to connect to the game in online mode.

    Thanks to the script, you can get detailed statistics, find out when which player started playing, how much time he spent on the site, the result of the game, the amount of win/loss, etc.

    Online casino script is a set of encrypted codes that ensure the operation of the playground. However, this is an example of software that, in most cases, requires substantial revision and has minimal functionality and configuration capabilities.

    This way of running a casino involves buying a customized online casino script or scripts from the provider and installing them independently, integrating them into the operator’s resource.

    The benefits of choosing a casino script:

    • Low cost – it is possible to buy the script very cheaply or even download it for free.
    • Unique casino design can be set up.
    • A single script can be installed on several websites.

    Disadvantages when choosing a casino script:

    • Poor quality scripts – often need revision.
    • Additional rework costs.
    • Minimal control and configuration options.
    • Often there is a lack of upgrades and integration of modern game software from leading developers.


    Casino Soft


    It must be said that cheap casino software can be a real stumbling block on the way to success.

    According to the forecasts of experts by 2022, most of the Russian casino scripts Vulcan will be closed, due to the termination of technology Flash.

    This year, more than half of the bets users make from mobile devices. Compared to previous years, mobile gambling is rapidly gaining momentum.

    Every user who has a smartphone and mobile Internet can go to an online casino. However, not all software is supported by mobile devices. This applies, above all, to games based on flash technology.

    Today, there are many seemingly tempting offers on the market for a cheap “turnkey online casino” or “online casino in a box” service that operates on outdated technologies with flash games.

    By choosing this option, you run the risk of losing about 50% of your profits at the time of purchase alone. And when Adop and other browsers stop supporting this technology ( source: https://lenta.ru/news/2017/07/26/flash_rip/ ) and lose your business altogether, because flash slots will no longer work.


    Casino Soft


    Our company is ready to offer you a truly cost-effective and reliable solution – because all our games are based on HTML5 technology and have a mobile interface. We have the largest arsenal of HTML5 games.

    You can see and play the games here: https://b2bslots.com/casino-games/games/

    To sum it up, it is safe to say that a gaming platform is not an expense item worth saving if you want to occupy your niche in gambling business and get high steady income.

    3. Casino software payment solution

    Casino Soft


    An important part of any online casino is financial transactions. The quality of the payment solution is one of the indicators of the safety and reliability of the gambling site.

    The task of the casino is to ensure:

    • Fast and secure deposit and withdrawal of funds;
    • Prompt processing of withdrawal requests;
    • Accuracy and transparency of funds flow analytics;
    • The convenience of financial transactions. Several available deposit and withdrawal methods.

    It should be noted that the selection and integration of a payment solution traditionally causes the least amount of difficulties and problems. The fact is that payment systems are strictly regulated by the regulatory authorities, so the risks with this software product are minimal.

    When arranging the operation of your online casino, you should be guided by the following parameters when choosing a payment solution:

    • the popularity and prevalence of the payment system in the area where the online casino is planned to operate;
    • payment system coverage of the required types of currencies;
    • the ability to integrate additional payment systems as needed.

    To keep up with the times, it is also advisable to look into the possibilities of playing casino games with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, and it is simply a crime from a business perspective to miss out on this promising trend.

    Let's recap. So what have we found out about casino software?

    Casino Soft


    There is no doubt that the choice of quality casino software is the key to the successful development of your gambling business. Often it is this factor that is decisive. It determines whether the establishment will become popular and in demand or it will be swallowed by competitors very quickly.

    Gambling business – a growing and promising area in which today can still find a place for everyone. The costs of casino software should be considered as an investment. Given the popularity and profitability of modern online entertainment, this investment will quickly pay off.

    For all the questions that may arise, you will consult our competent experts!

    We can help you choose the software. It will be easy to use, reliable, of high quality, attractive to users, and therefore profitable!


    Casino Soft
    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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