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  • Online casino games

    If you analyse the cost items required to start your gambling business, the online casino games will be the most prominent of them. If you are going to open an online casino, you have probably already heard that the key point is the choice of software.

    The standard casino software is a complex of three software products integrated with each other: the platform, the gaming content and the payment systems. It is the choice of gaming content that we want to focus on in this article. The popularity of the casino among the visitors will depend on the gaming software.

    Choosing the right online casino games

    With the rapid development of technology, the demands on the quality of gaming content have changed dramatically. Modern players simply won’t stay long in a casino that offers games with outdated graphics, a small selection of slots and low odds of winning. Therefore, the following features should be considered when choosing gaming software:

    • Modern graphics. The development of casino games today involves the use of innovative technology. Therefore, modern slots have a high degree of appeal – three-dimensional 3D images make the game vivid and interesting. Flat “cartoon” graphics have become akin to the notion of mauvais ton.
    • High quality sound. The picture must be supported by an equally spectacular soundtrack. The secret of gambling’s popularity is its complete immersion into virtual reality and its removal from the daily grind. And sound design plays no small part in this.
    • The use of animation. A game’s visualisation should not only be colourful and three-dimensional, but ideally accompanied by animation. This attracts attention and forces players to choose the most impactful content possible.
    • A variety of thematic designs. Want to attract as many visitors as possible? Provide a wide range of games by type (slots, card games, roulette, etc.) and thematic design. Online users are of different gender, age and social status. And they are all the target audience of your gambling site.
    • Usability of the interface. Playing and searching for the right information on the site should be accessible to visitors with any user level. Having opened the slots, the player should not doubt the sequence of selecting actions. An intuitive game interface is another important element of quality software.
    • Software support for mobile gadgets. The trend in online gambling is to allow the player to log into an online casino and start playing fully from their phone or other mobile gadget. Today, the lion’s share of active, solvent users are opting for mobility. Do you want to be a full-fledged participant of the market and have a perspective for development? Focus on HTML5 games.
    Online casino games

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
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    Advantages of new generation software

    Casinos that use flash-based games run the risk of ceasing to exist altogether. The backbone of modern online casinos is HTML5 technology. The advantages of this technology:

    • HTML5 games are supported by all types of mobile gadgets;
    • The software is characterised by high speed, which is important when running on mobile devices;
    • lower cost, as developers do not have to pay for HTML5 code.

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    Our advantage is a high quality guarantee, the lowest software prices and free installation. All our slots are based on HTML5 technology. They have a mobile interface. New games are automatically added to all our customers’ casinos for free.

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