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  • How to open your own online casino and successfully develop business

    The most topical question today in the sphere of gambling is how to open your own internet casino and how much money do you need? Such interest to gambling business is caused by the gambling addiction that swept the network users with the migration of gambling entertainment to the Internet.

    Let us note at once that there is no single answer to the question “how much? The price depends on the chosen way to open your own online casino. There are options, starting from half a million dollars, there are budget and even free ways.

    How to open your own online casino basic steps

    Before proceeding to the choice of method, an entrepreneur needs to have an idea of how to open his own online casino step by step. Knowing the procedure will facilitate his cooperation with the providers, even if he chooses a ready-made solution. Possessing information and being aware of the basics of the business is never superfluous.

    The main stages of opening a casino online:

    • website creation;
    • domain name registration and choice of hosting;
    • obtaining a gaming license;
    • the choice of basic platform, gaming and payment software;
    • launching the player support service;
    • development of a loyalty program and the launch of a gambling affiliate program;
    • advertising campaign and promotion in the network.

    Please note that it is impossible to open an online casino in Russia according to the current legislation. Therefore will have to register and license in one of the offshore zones. Today, the list of countries that provide such an opportunity totals about 80, including European countries.

    How to open your own online casino and successfully develop business
    How to open your own online casino and successfully develop business

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    How to open your own online casino on the cheap

    Unfortunately, it is not 100% free to open your own online casino. The operator will still have to create a website and pay for hosting, periodic optimization of the resource, etc. But to minimize costs is quite possible.

    The most popular budget options to open your own online casino:

    • Buy a franchise. The operator gets the right to work under a well-known brand using its software. There are no costs for the creation and promotion. Payment is made once in the form of a lump sum payment and periodic royalty payments (% or a fixed amount)..
    • Buy White Label. A great option for developing and promoting a unique resource on the basis of a ready-made solution from the provider, having secured its technical support and full support services.
    • Buy a script. The cheapest way is to buy or download free software codes of a gambling platform, install them on your site and run the site. Requires some experience for a successful independent launch or resort to the services of professionals.
    • Buy turnkey. Not the cheapest, but practical and effective way to start your own business. High quality resource is guaranteed.

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