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  • Online casino gambling developers and new technologies

    Online casino gambling developersaand new technologies But today it is already outdated. Forecasts experts are inexorable: by 2022 will have to close most of the casinos online that use software on flash technology. They will be completely non-competitive in the online gambling market.

    Online casino gambling developers and new technologies

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
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    Benefits of HTML5 for online casinos

    Leading developers of software for online casinos highlight the following advantages of HTML5-technology:

    • high loading speed of games and the gameplay itself;
    • the sound and graphics quality is at the highest level and fully satisfies the needs of the modern user;
    • HTML5 games are cross-platform – they run in all existing browsers and on all platforms;
    • HTML5 technology is now the best way to play multimedia content;
    • there is no need to download additional software to the gadget, as it was previously the case with the Flash player;
    • high reliability and security of the software is ensured;
    • broad further prospects for the development and improvement of this technology.

    Price of HTML5 games

    Speaking of the technical advantages of HTML5 technology, it is impossible not to mention the price of gambling games created with its help. Their low cost is an additional advantage of this technology.

    Up to that moment, the game software for online casino represented the most expensive part when creating a gambling site. This was due to the fact that the codes (scripts) flash-games were paid, and their developers put a high price for their use.

    Codes HTML5-technology is in the public domain. This made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the finished product. The best offer on the market today is HTML5 games from B2bslots. The company has a team of professionals with great experience. It cooperates with the leading developers of gambling games. The result of this is the maximum reduction of the price for the product of own production!

    Benefits of HTML5 games from B2bslots:

    • high quality;
    • a wide range of finished products;
    • the possibility of ordering HTML5 games on any theme;
    • software integration with any platform;
    • low price.

    B2bslots installs game software on the casino platform for free for its customers. All software updates are also free of charge. The royalty for the use of the product is the lowest on the market and is 8%. It is half as low as the offer of competitors.

    Cooperation with B2bslots guarantees successful development of your gambling business. The future of gambling is in HTML5 technology!

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