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  • How to set up an online casino online video

    Search engine query statistics show that one of the most common questions asked by users is how to set up a casino. It is usually about online venues. Online gambling has become very popular in recent years.

    Reasons for the relevance of the question, how to organize a casino on the Internet, several. Let us highlight the main ones:

    • large coverage of the target audience – all web users;
    • the availability of the resource to users at any time of the day or night, making gambling mega popular;
    • cost-effectiveness – the cost of an online gambling club is many times less than that of opening a land-based establishment;
    • accessibility – finding ways to set up a casino, including for free, is available to everyone. Experience in the gambling business is not necessary.

    How to set up a casino in the Russian Federation

    But to determine how to organise a casino in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to study the norms of the current law regulating the organisation of gambling. Unfortunately, today you can open a casino in Russia legally only in a traditional land-based format. Special gambling zones are allocated for this purpose. It is prohibited to organize gambling outside these zones.

    The question arises: how to open a casino on the Internet, as a Russian entrepreneur? Such a possibility exists – registration and licensing of gambling business in one of the existing offshore zones. Legalisation of gambling activities is now available in more than 80 countries of the world.

    How to set up an online casino online video
    How to set up an online casino online video

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    How to set up an online casino steps

    Want to know how to set up an online casino? Check out this little handout outlining the main steps of the organisational process:

    • create a website with a unique design;
    • get a gaming licence;
    • buy and install a gambling platform on the website;
    • integrate gaming software on the platform;
    • connect payment systems;
    • organise a helpdesk;
    • conduct an advertising campaign and implement a network promotion strategy.

    The process is quite time-consuming and labour-intensive. And each of the stages is important. Building and promoting from scratch can take a year or more.

    How to set up a casino quickly

    Not sure how to set up a casino quickly? Turn to the professionals. There is no need to organise everything yourself. All the organisational and legal matters can be taken care of by a provider company.

    There is a wide range of turnkey solutions on the market. Such a solution is for many the best answer to the question “how to organize a casino online?

    What is a turnkey service?

    • a ready-made website with a user-friendly interface and well-designed structure;
    • license;
    • multifunctional platform;
    • a range of quality gambling games with the possibility of upgrades and replenishments;
    • connected payment system unit.

    Note that a quality provider is prepared to offer customisation of the resource and additional services. For example:

    • options for an original website design of your choice or implementation of a client’s idea;
    • a choice of different numbers and brands of gambling kits by manufacturers;
    • a payment block according to the planned region of operation of the resource;
    • promotion and support for the project.

    You will find quality ready-made online gambling solutions for every budget at b2bslots.com. Our specialists will also consult you on how to organize an online gambling club and offer high-quality software. We have the lowest prices and tempting terms!

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