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  • Overview of the gambling market

    In recent years, the global gambling market has grown rapidly. For example, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, a consultancy corporation, average revenue growth in this segment has been 9% over seven years. By comparison, it is three times the growth of the global GDP. The same corporation estimates gaming industry revenues to be $217 billion today. PwC forecasters assure that this trend will not change until at least 2022. A number of factors will contribute to the continued rise in the popularity of gambling:

    • emerging economies;
    • the active development of IT technology worldwide;
    • increasing the actual income of the population;
    • easing of legal restrictions on gambling (in some countries).

    The development of internet technology has provided users with the greatest opportunities: hundreds of millions of gamers around the world can now play poker and blackjack, roulette and slot machines from the comfort of their own homes – all they need is an internet connection. What’s more, there is no longer any connection to a classic desktop computer – using mobile devices to access the web, players can bet anywhere and anytime: standing in traffic jams, waiting in line, getting ready for bed.

    Some statistics

    Statistics show that at least once a year at least 1.6 billion people try their hand at gambling.

    Today, the market for online gambling simulators is the most actively developing area of the gambling business. Over the past eight years, the growth rate of online simulators was 9.1% and their share of the total gambling market reached 72%.

    What can explain such a rapid growth rate? First of all, strategic advantages over standard business schemes: online casino services require minimal maintenance, which reduces operating costs, add to this the reduction of transaction costs for transactions, and the conclusion is obvious.

    The Internet gives users an incredibly wide range of opportunities, offering more and more goods and services. Already today, the services of online casinos are used by hundreds of millions of players around the world, mastering online poker, slot machines, roulette, and in the future, this number will steadily increase.

    Profits leaders in the gaming segment, such as William Hill and Bet365 are billions of dollars a year – $ 1.6 billion and $ 2.2 billion respectively.

    Online poker, which annually exceeds $4 billion, deserves special attention. Thus, one of the industry leaders, PokerStars, has an income of $ 1.5 billion, despite the fact that reviews of the company on the Web are not too good.

    One of the most effective tools to scale and attract different groups of players to the project – the company’s expansion into new gaming markets.

    Experts point to the many advantages that the business models of online gambling operators have, winning over the classic business schemes.

    Overview of the gambling market

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    Online gambling industry: trends and benefits

    1. Traditional casinos and sports betting operators have the ability to serve a very limited number of customers – those who live in their area of operation or tourists. In the case of online projects, casinos and operators can provide their services worldwide.
    2. The operating costs of offline casinos are significantly higher than those of online operators. This allows important financial indicators such as ROE and ROI to increase markedly.
    3. Comfort. Players no longer need to travel to a casino, which may be across town (or even across the country), to bet on black or spin the reels of their favourite slot machine. All you need to place a bet is a computer or an internet gadget. You don’t have to use simulators; you can play at the real tables or follow the game via a webcam providing live streaming.
    4. Scalability. One online operator can serve several thousand players around the world – simultaneously.
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