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  • Why casinos don't convert on their own or the laziness of affiliate managers

    Obviously, online gambling involves a certain amount of trust between the establishment and the gambler. It is for this reason that no unknown casino will be able to reach the top, get good ratings and attention from players. This is not possible even for bonuses or money, because gambling clubs are a special business where the consumer is initially ready to make some contribution to your leisure time. And if, the institution does not inspire confidence, then no one will play for money in it. That’s one of the basic tenets of the gambling business. So, if the casino owner is going to promote himself, he should not only get a firm support of SEO specialists and game software developers, but also hire a good affiliate manager.

    At the start

    Moving on to the discussion of online gambling, it is important to outline the basic concepts, as a misunderstanding of how the gambling market works leads to a misguided strategy. For example, gamblers need to understand that online casinos are not places where anyone should win or hit the jackpot, and that there are no “working” strategies – all tricks offered to players can only work to extend the life of the game bankroll and no more. The same applies to affiliate practices – a special type of activity within affiliate programs for online casinos.

    Why casinos don’t convert on their own or the laziness of affiliate managers

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    Superficiality is a major strategy mistake

    Initially, any online club owner and affiliate manager needs to understand that a new casino by itself will not become popular – no new project will convert by itself. And if the owner of a new portal is primarily interested in increasing profits, the affiliate managers are hired to give the new casino a life, and therefore – to increase its profits.

    The problem with affiliate managers is that they are superficial. Their goal is usually to get the new brand in the top ranks of every existing site, to make it popular on any affiliate site, and to get it noticed everywhere. However, only the top advertising does not work here. It is easy to see that even after the placement of banners and ads with the new gambling establishment profit is still forced to wait. And if there is no profit, it means that there is no necessary flow of gamblers.

    Why does this happen? It’s simple: a potential player goes to an advertised portal, does not find what he wants and just leaves with his money. A mediocre reputation of the establishment is not the most significant condition for the successful and profitable operation of a newly founded casino. It is necessary to invest in the product itself, taking into account how much would be reasonable to spend on affiliate advertising and promotion.

    Why casinos don’t convert on their own or the laziness of affiliate managers

    As it should be

    For some reason, affiliate managers live under the delusion that by placing a banner in some reviewer or one-time top ranking on some mediocre site, affiliate advertising will work. Aff-managers must understand that the very same affiliate site does not need his casino with his desire to promote himself – he just sells space for banners or frees some headline for a review article. The only interested party in this process is the affiliate managers of the casino being promoted. After all, that’s what they are hired for!

    The owner of a new gambling establishment should not make any effort to get the affiliate managers to do their job. On the contrary, it is the managers themselves who should stimulate the owner’s interest in promoting their product. After all, who, if not the owner, allocates the funds for advertising and promotion.

    Why is the quality of staff falling

    Why casinos don’t convert on their own or the laziness of affiliate managers

    However, as practice shows, regardless of whether the partnership brings in some income or not, affiliate managers do not respond in any way. They are used to inaction, naively believing that the essence of their work is just to place a banner. And whether their advertising works or not – they do not care. It can be noted that any promotions, bonuses or tournaments – it is almost an impossible job for the aff-managers. They procrastinate in organizing promotional events, procrastinate in creating the necessary graphics or content. With such a lazy approach, affiliate advertising will not work. For some reason, affiliate managers are deeply convinced that the affiliate site owes them something, when in fact the opposite is true.

    And no matter how the managers are pushed by those in charge, you will not get any activity from them. Unfortunately, the number of small casinos is growing, but they are not popular due to lazy staff. That is why big players of gambling market can be counted on one hand, and to find more or less stable and profitable casino among small gambling sites is a fantastic task.

    Affiliate management involves cleverly investing money in encouraging partners to advertise. And here it is important to be active and foresee the right moment, when the partner site is bursting with the number of visitors. Otherwise it’s just money down the drain and paying the staff, who are not interested in anything and work with their hands down.

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