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  • Create a free casino in-house

    Why does the idea of setting up a casino yourself for free seem unrealistic to many people? A person who has at least a general interest in online gambling has an understanding of the process of developing a gambling site.

    This process includes:

    • website development and unique design;
    • obtaining a licence and choosing a reliable hosting service;
    • buying game software – and licensed software is expensive;
    • connecting payment systems;
    • advertising and promotion online.

    These are just the key steps. Overall, the process can be time-consuming and requires a large investment. Against this background, the prospects of setting up a free casino look rather bleak.

    In fact, alternative solutions do exist. If they are properly implemented, everyone has a chance to create a quality gambling resource for free.

    Create a free casino with the script

    An affordable way to set up a casino for free is to use scripts. A script is a set of software codes that ensure the operation of a gambling platform. You can use them to create your own gambling entertainment resource by integrating games and payment systems into it.

    The web offers to buy or download the script for free. Both options require a careful study of the technical characteristics of the software.

    What you should pay attention to:

    • breadth of functionality and admin;
    • the date of release of the software and the possibility of updating it;
    • integration possibilities with software products from various developers;
    • the range and quality of already integrated game content;
    • the opportunity for players to play the machines in good quality without registration;
    • the reliability of the payment software and the ability to connect any payment system;
    • easy to install on the website and with installation instructions.

    The decision to set up a free casino has certain risks. Often, free versions require tweaks that are not free of charge. B2bslots offers help in selecting and installing scripts. We have the lowest prices for our services and a quality guarantee. Such costs will be negligible and fully repaid by the opportunity to create a quality casino and a fast start.

    Create a free casino in-house
    Create a free casino in-house

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
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    Set up a casino with minimum costs

    Another option to set up an online casino for almost free is to franchise a well-known brand. The costs of setting up a casino can be divided into the following categories:

    • resource development;
    • legal execution;
    • regular optimization;
    • advertising and marketing promotion.

    With a well-known brand franchise, the operator does not have all kinds of these costs. This means it is another way of creating a free gambling resource that will immediately generate income. Brand awareness will ensure a high influx of visitors, and therefore profits.

    Casino operator who chooses a franchise solution, will have to pay a one-time lump sum and then periodically pay a royalty in the form of a fixed amount or % of turnover (the conditions are individual for each franchise).

    Whichever casino option you choose, there is always the opportunity to get advice and professional help from experts at b2bslots.com!

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