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  • Online casino solutions

    The gambling business is one of the most lucrative areas, which makes online casino software solutions in demand on the market. Entrepreneurs are attracted by the possibility to open an online casino with a relatively small budget.

    Online casino solutions as a profitable solution

    There are several ways to create an online casino. They have significant differences and a wide cost range. For example, custom development of an online casino can cost an entrepreneur several hundred thousand dollars, and the promotion and promotion in the network will take at least a year.

    At the same time, you can open a casino for free or with a minimum of cost, using the franchise known brand. Also on the web you can find information on how to create your own online casino for free on the basis of scripts. As practice shows, free created online casino in the obligatory order requires rework, additions, and it is time and money.

    We suggest you to consider two of the most popular methods today, which provide a quick start with relatively small investments:

    1. Turnkey online casino solution. Leading developers offer a service – turnkey creation of online casinos. This service includes a gambling license and a set of software products, namely, a gambling platform with integrated gaming and payment software. Thus, a client receives a ready-to-launch resource consisting of three software products with good functionality and individual design. The cost of such a turnkey solution is many times less than the cost of casino development to order. High-quality online casino supports software products of any developer, easy and quickly updated.

    If you choose cooperation with B2bslots, you get a set of four high-quality software products, fully integrated with each other, namely, the platform, game software, payment systems and affiliate program.

    If desired, an operator may further use professional support services from B2bslots.

    2. White lable casino solution. No less interesting and accessible is White lable casino solution. Developer creates online casino with a wide functional control, a set of high-quality and diverse game content. In this case, the solution of all organizational and legal issues for the developer reserves and provides full technical support to the resource.

    Buyer White lable casino receives at its disposal a fully ready-to-launch platform. It remains only to choose a unique design, invent a name and logo of the online casino, brand it. Developers often offer design options. You can also order the implementation of the idea of the client.

    The operator’s task comes down to promoting the casino, attracting and retaining customers through various marketing tools.

    Online casino solutions

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
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    Benefits of working with B2bslots

    Both of these methods are relevant and in demand in today’s online gambling market. Professional advice from B2bslots specialists will help you choose the best way for you.

    We do not only consult you, but also offer a wide range of software products and additional services. You can buy from us:

    • all types of online casino software – platform, gaming and payment software;
    • HTML5 games in a wide range that have a mobile-friendly interface. New games will automatically be added to all of our customers’ casinos for free;
    • cryptocurrency solutions for your casino;
    • turnkey online casino solutions;
    • order project support and promotion services.

    Our main advantages:

    • a guarantee of high quality in all products;
    • lowest prices;
    • free installation of our software;
    • advice and comprehensive customer support.


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