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  • White Label casino project with its own name

    The White Label casino scheme is becoming increasingly popular today. The very idea of the “white label”, which is how the name literally translates, is not new, and online gambling comes from other lines of business. Here it has successfully “caught on” and is gaining momentum in today’s environment.

    White Label casino circuit principle

    Let’s take a look at what a white label casino is before moving on to the features and benefits of this solution. Companies that produce casino software online provide the entrepreneur with their own software to be able to do business under their own unique name.

    Actually, the name “white label” indicates that the gambling platform prepared for launch does not yet have a name of its own. The operator is setting up its own design, coming up with a name and logo. Otherwise, the product is a full-fledged resource with the necessary functionality, management tools and gaming and payment software integrated on it.

    The cost of creating a casino online from scratch is very high. Such a way is not available to a common person, who wants to start his own online gambling business. The decision to buy White Label casino is a real opportunity not to invest money in the creation of the resource. All efforts and finances can be directed to the development of a ready-made, but at the same time your own project.

    White Label casino project with its own name
    White Label casino project with its own name

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

    White Label casino offer features

    What do providers offer under the White Label casino solution? As standard, the product involves the following set of software packages and services:

    • a gambling licence to ensure the legality of the activity;
    • quality hosting for smooth and reliable operation of the resource;
    • A basic platform – software with multi-functionality, extensive administration and management tools, the ability to monitor activity, etc.;
    • quality game software;
    • connection and setup of payment systems;
    • a package of basic marketing tools prepared for use;
    • full technical support and maintenance;
    • advice on running a gambling business.

    Note that the White Label casino gaming software package in most cases the operator will be able to choose. Professional provider offers several packages with games. It is possible to choose the number of games, brands of developers, etc.

    An example of such a provider is B2bslots. We offer ready solutions for your business. Software packages include software products of the best developers as well as high-quality in-house games. Turn to b2bslots.com to buy quality game software cheap.

    Such a choice allows the operator to adapt White Label casino to the requirements of the target audience of the region where he plans to work. There is a similar situation with payment systems. A set of systems relevant for a particular region is connected.

    The benefits of opening a White Label casino

    • Quick start – you can start working with White Label casino just a few days after signing the purchase agreement. The time frame depends solely on the time it takes for the operator to make the resource unique.
    • Cost-effective – the cost of purchasing a White Label casino solution is an order of magnitude lower than investing in other methods of opening a casino.
    • Professional technical support and full maintenance – the provider company that developed White Label casino provides the technical and legal side of the business.
    • Unique – the operator is developing its own brand and has broad development prospects.


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