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  • Betting company scripts

    Everyone can buy a bookmaker’s script on the online gambling market today.

    The attractiveness of the bookmaker’s business hardly arouses any doubts. It is enough to refer to the official information of the Russian State Statistics Service: the average annual turnover of betting shops is above $ 3 billion. And we are talking about officially operating land-based betting shops.

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    Betting company scripts

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    Advantages of an online bookmaker

    With the spread of the Internet, the sphere of gambling entertainment was one of the first to appreciate all of it and amicably “marched” into the expanse of the network. It is not surprising that the betting business is not left behind.

    Highlight the main advantages of online bookmaker office.

    1. Comparative cheapness of the start. The cost of opening a bookmaker’s office on the Internet is several times less than opening a land-based one. There are no costs for buying/renting/building premises, for its repair and equipment, for hiring and training personnel.

    The main cost items when starting a betting shop online are licensing, purchase of the script, hosting fees and marketing promotion in the network. And if an entrepreneur chooses a White Label betting shop solution, his expenses are reduced and reduced to marketing promotion. Buying a franchise of a betting office reduces the cost of start-up to a minimum – the promotion and brand promotion is done by the parent company.

    2. the economical maintenance of the BC during its operation. Further maintenance of an online site is also much cheaper than a land site. There are no costs for utilities, maintenance of premises and staff.

    The work of BK-online in 24/7 mode does not increase the costs of its owner, while the costs of the owner of the land-based betting office increases during the night mode (in particular, increased costs for employee salaries).

    3. Accessibility of the site for customers. A client can go to the site and make a bet at any convenient time of the day. Moreover, there is no territorial binding. He does not need to visit a betting shop to make a bet. A client can be in another city or even country at that time and use any kind of device with Internet access.

    4. wide coverage of audience. Availability and possibilities of Internet make the scale of target audience coverage really impressive. Every network user of full age, regardless of sex, citizenship and location can become your customer. The attractiveness of your resource in the eyes of sports betting fans determines the success of your business development. The competition must not be forgotten. More and more online betting companies are claiming to the target audience.

    5. Great prospects for development. The development and improvement of online betting opens up great prospects for the development of this line of business. The mere appearance of mobile applications of bookmaker’s offices allowed their owners to make a huge step forward. The ability to bet on events from anywhere in the world from mobile devices has made betting even more popular and increased its target audience.

    What you need to open a bookmaker's office in the network

    The main stages of opening a bookmaker’s office online:

    • site development and design;
    • choosing a domain name and hosting;
    • registering a company and obtaining a license;
    • purchase of a bookmaker’s office software;
    • connection of payment systems;
    • promotion and promotion of the site in the network.

    Most of these steps have already been discussed in detail in our materials. You can find them, as well as information on how to open your own betting shop, on our website b2bslots.com.

    Today we want to concentrate on betting site software and everything connected to it. Let us remind you that our company B2bslots is one of the leading suppliers of online gambling software and is ready to offer a wide range of products and ready-made solutions for online betting business.

    What is a bookmaker's script

    The work of any online bookmaker’s office provides a set of software.

    1. Platform – the so-called “engine” of the BC.

    For successful operation and development you should immediately learn the importance of choosing a platform. This is the basis of the basis of your bookmaker’s office, on which, in fact, it will work. Your administration and management capabilities depend on its quality and functionality.

    Do you want to fully manage the odds and bets, develop bonuses and loyalty programs, own statistics and generate reports in the right sections? So, at the stage of selection you should make sure that the software product is a full-fledged processing center.

    2. A script for betting on events.

    BK script allows you to accept bets on the event. Bets are traditionally accepted in two modes: before the event itself (Prematch) and in real time (Live), when the event has already started. To make a bet on the result of an event, a special betting software is required between the bookmaker and a client who is registered on the site.

    A quality bookmaker’s script must have flexible settings. This allows the owner to customize it to the peculiarities of his work. Examples of settings:

    • when the odds change, the event lines are automatically scanned and adjustments are made;
    • event result scanning;
    • a wide selection of events available for betting and the ability to add an unlimited number of sports and events;
    • possibility to add any necessary fields for bets – bet type, odds, comments, bank percent, etc;
    • setting the counter of the return report, which will show the time before the start of the event or the time before the closing of the betting;
    • automatic manual mode of updating quotes;
    • the ability to integrate the service of free (and sometimes paid) forecasts of the outcome of events – relevant to attract newcomers who have not yet figured out the analytics and are ready to trust the official forecasts;
    • automatic software update, etc.

    3. Payment software.

    When choosing payment services, you should be guided by the following parameters:

    • reliability and security of the service;
    • its popularity and prevalence in the region of the planned operation of the bookmaker’s office;
    • number and types of supported world currencies;
    • availability of cryptocurrency solutions.

    If you carefully choose each of the elements of software for a bookmaker’s office, then you can talk about high chances for a successful start and rapid development.

    Operating principles of the BC script

    Let’s pay attention to the structure and the principle of the scripts for bookmaker’s offices. They all consist of two main components:

    1. Frontend – the “face” of your bookmaker’s office. The external part, which the user sees when entering the site. This part of the betting shops software is formed from the user interface, navigation and site design. All these are important components for attracting customers.

    The navigation of the site should be simple and clear, especially considering the abundance of information and sports events located on it.

    No less important is the design of the pages. There has to be a balance: colors should not be too dull, so as not to increase boredom and gloom, and at the same time should not be so bright as to be an irritant. Today, the client considers the style and modernity of the project, so modern technology must be used in the design.

    2. Backend – the “heart” of your betting shop, which will provide all the processes. The same platform and software for sports betting with flexible settings and a wide range of functions that you will use to build the operation of the betting office. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this component. That is why we never tire of repeating that the choice should be very carefully, do not succumb to the temptation to get everything for free. But it is possible to save money and minimize your expenses without losing quality. Turn to B2bslots, and we will offer you the best conditions!

    Choosing a script for a betting business

    We have mentioned the importance of choosing the right sports betting platform, scripts and payment solutions so many times in the article that it is time to elaborate on its parameters:

    • Stability and reliability – failures, unavailability of service, slow operation and other “charms” of low-quality software are of no use to anyone. All functions have to be performed with lightning speed and not to cause discomfort to customers and visitors. Do you want to work effectively? Take care of the reliability of your bookmaker’s office.
    • Security. Financial operations and storage of personal customer data require the most secure solutions. Software should have advanced algorithms to resist hacking and hacker attacks. This is the key to your credibility and positive image in the betting environment.
    • Licensed software is an ideal option for successful development. This choice gives advantages both for the betting shop owner and is highly appreciated by customers.
    • Real Time mode support. The presence of this mode does not require refreshing the page to see changes in odds, quotes and other relevant information for the client. Updates are performed automatically in real time. The absence of unnecessary gestures is a definite plus in the karma of the owner of the bookmaker’s office.
    • Uninterrupted operation of Backend software in offline mode.
    • Automated analytics functions. Ability to generate reports, statistics, charts, etc.

    Free scripts: pros and cons

    Let’s go back to the offers of sports betting software download for free. The network is full of such proposals. Let’s try to understand how effective and safe they are.

    Let’s remind ourselves that free cheese in a mousetrap and that the freeloader always pays three times. It’s to the point that folk wisdom is rarely unreasonable.

    Reading the advertisements of companies and individuals who put out free software for BK, one can only be inspired and rejoice. Easy installation and functionality, reliability and security – and it’s all completely free. The only question that remains is: why would someone put a debugged full-fledged script, if it is an effective business tool, the development of which cost time and effort of a large number of professionals?


    But this issue recedes into the background when the tempted novice bookmaker encounters free products in practice. The Risks of Free Scripts:

    • An incomplete, “leaky” script. Such software can’t function properly, has limited management and administration capabilities, is not always available for updates, and has a whole set of other drawbacks. And here is the question: what will be cheaper – to improve it or buy licensed software?
    • Low level of security and reliability. Even if you manage to install, configure and run a free script, there is a huge risk that you will encounter instability of the software. And that’s a loss of customers. Not to mention that the lack of protection against hacking threatens you and your clients with financial problems.
    • Distributing free software can be a scam. The software product may contain malware or give access to attackers to log into your system and outright steal from the bookmaker’s office and its customers.

    Therefore, as experts in the field of online betting, recommend a thousand times to think twice before trusting the dubious distributors of free software.

    Benefits of B2bslots

    We hope that all this information about online betting has not put you off or frightened you by its complexity. In fact, everything is real and solvable if you choose B2bslots as your partner.

    The advantages of working with us are obvious:

    • a team of experienced professionals;
    • a wide range of BC-online software products and accompanying services;
    • consulting services for each of the stages of opening and launching a project;
    • the possibility of professional project support;
    • a set of multicurrency and cryptocurrency solutions for BC;
    • ready-made turnkey solutions for bookmaker’s offices;
    • the lowest price for products and services, as well as offering personalized pricing.
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