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  • Buy a betting company

    What makes an entrepreneur want to buy a bookmaker’s office? The attractiveness of the bookmaker business for entrepreneurs in some respects exceeds other types of gambling entertainment (lotteries, online casinos, etc.). Betting on sporting events and activities enjoys great popularity among network users. This provides a high level of profitability in this area of business.

    Why is it profitable to buy a bookmaker's office?

    The secret of such popularity lies partly in the ability to accurately predict the outcome of events. An experienced player does not rely blindly on luck. Collecting and analyzing information allows you to predict the outcome and expect to win handsomely.

    Along with land-based bookmaker’s offices, online bookmaker’s offices are becoming more and more widespread.

    Buy a betting company
    Buy a betting company

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    To apply

    Advantages of BC Online

    • round-the-clock availability of the site to customers for betting;
    • no territorial affiliation – you can visit the site and make bets from home, office or anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet;
    • cost-effectiveness – the cost of opening a bookmaker’s office on the Internet is several times less than the cost required to launch a land-based project;
    • wide coverage of the target audience – your bookmaker’s office client can be a user from any city or country.

    Traditionally, experts recommend to start work, focusing on specific regions. At the initial stage, it facilitates the development and promotion of the resource. But in the long run you literally have no territorial restrictions. Gradually you will be able to expand the sphere of your influence, covering new regions and countries.

    Successful development depends primarily on the quality and reliability of your resource, the breadth of events and activities offered for betting, the attractiveness of quotes and odds. The competent promotion of the online bookmaker’s office ensures a constant increase in traffic to the site.

    Is it possible to achieve success and high profitability in the betting business by your own efforts, starting from scratch? The chances of such a scenario succeeding are naturally present, and they are high for entrepreneurs with experience. It must be noted that independent establishment of a bookmaker’s office is a long, complex and expensive process.

    But this does not mean that for beginners the road to the betting business is closed. Very popular today is the offer to sell a bookmaker’s office “turnkey”. Such a turnkey solution guarantees a quick start, successful development, high profitability and the ability to quickly recoup the costs incurred. This makes ready-made solutions popular also among experienced bookmakers.

    Ways to open your own betting shop online

    There are several available ways to open your own bookmaker’s office.

    1.       Independent creation. The process is long, complicated and requires large financial expenses.

    2.       Franchise of a bookmaker office of a famous brand. The option is comfortable for newcomers to this business, as it requires practically no costs, and all organizational and legal issues and promotion are undertaken by the franchisor. The disadvantage in this case is the limitation of individual development opportunities and complete dependence on the parent company.

    3.       Buying a betting company. Optimal solution, requiring relatively low cost and providing complete freedom to develop and expand your business.

    We suggest getting acquainted with the third way of opening a bookmaker’s office. The main advantages of buying a ready-made betting shop solution:

    • the possibility of a quick start – within a few days;
    • getting a ready-made business, fully equipped with the necessary software (“engine”, scripts and payment software);
    • developer’s help in installing and launching the platform;
    • gambling license, which ensures the legality of the bookmaker’s office.

    How to choose and buy a betting shop

    What does it mean to buy a betting shop? It is an opportunity to buy a ready-made betting business. As a rule, developers offer optimal functionality and a set of tools for administration, a connected betting shop script and integrated payment systems. That is, all the key stages of developing a bookmaker’s office are already completed.

    A quality offer of a ready-made solution is also complete with a gambling license. Having a license is a very important point, because getting one yourself is a long and complicated process.

    The buyer only needs to develop the design of the betting shop and decide on the final set of necessary payment services and currencies. In most cases, the developer is ready to offer several ready-to-use options for the design of a betting shop website. If none of the variants “warms the soul” for a client, it is possible to order individually an original design, embodying a specific idea.

    You don’t have a website to install the software yet? Website development specifically for a bookmaker’s office is an affordable service. All listed range of works and services are offered by the company B2bslots. Our team includes specialists in all areas related to online gambling.

    But let’s go back to choosing a ready-made betting shop solution to buy. There are various offers on the market, differing in terms of the package and quality of the product, price and set of additional services. The success and development of your project will depend on the right choice of a reliable partner.

    Let us highlight the main points, which should be paid attention to when selecting a ready-made solution of a bookmaker’s office:

    1.       Site structure and design

    It is not by chance that we start from the variant when the client does not have a website or has a resource that is not adapted for the bookmaker’s office. In this case, it is worth choosing a ready-made solution with the development of the site. The quality of the site should be of a high level. Otherwise, and quality software will not hold customers if they will be difficult to understand the information and navigation of the resource.

    The site should have the following characteristics:

    • Simple understandable structure and comfortable interface. At this stage, there is a symbiosis of common efforts from the designer who created the layouts to the layout designer, who will determine the appearance of the interface (pop-ups, changing banners, button activity, etc.). The productive work of professionals results in a harmonious structure and interface.
    • Convenient navigation. The site of a bookmaker’s office contains a huge amount of information – quotes, odds, results of events and events, announcements, and so on. It is important that the client’s search should take as little time as possible.
    • Speed of operation. Site pages should load quickly without freezing.
    • Stylish modern design. Traditionally bright color combinations are used for the design of betting sites. However, the color scheme should not overload the visitor’s vision. After determining the basic desired colors and the very idea of design, it is better to entrust its development to a professional designer.

    2.       The platform

    The quality and functionality of the platform will determine the reliability of your resource. It is, in fact, the real engine of the site. Therefore, preference should be given to a licensed software product.

    3.       Betting company script

    The next important point is choosing a script for a bookmaker’s office. Quality software covers all the key areas of your work:

    • setting up and adding events for online betting;
    • automatic update of quotes;
    • generation of reports and analytics;
    • tech support, etc.

    You should definitely ask the provider about the script’s functionality and set of tools. If the developer refuses to provide detailed information, or if you are not completely satisfied with the offered functionality, it is better to refuse such a partnership.

    Free versions of the scripts for bookmaker’s offices mostly suffer from small functionality, a lot of bugs and low level of reliability. That is why experts recommend to choose licensed software. This will save you money and time.

    4.       Payment software

    Since the principle of operation of a bookmaker’s office is closely related to financial transactions, the choice of payment software is another important point. As for the reliability and security of payment services offered on the market, in most cases they do not pose any problems. Financial sphere is controlled and regulated even in the network quite strictly.

    Your task is to choose payment services that will be popular in the region where you plan to work. Also decide on the set of supported currencies.

    We recommend to pay special attention to accepting bets in cryptocurrencies. Payments in cryptocurrency are gaining popularity in various areas, and bettors are no exception. So, take care of the prospects of your BK in this direction as well.

    Additional recommendations:

    • Domain name. Domain name for the site should be both simple and catchy to the user. It should also be easy to remember. This will allow the customer to quickly find your site from any device, even if the site is not bookmarked on it.
    • Hosting. Uninterrupted access to the site and its fast operation with any amount of traffic – it is the merit of hosting. It is not recommended to save money on hosting, if you want not to worry about the work of your resource.

    As you can see, before buying a bookmaker you should conduct a serious analysis of the software product itself and the developer offering it. Cooperation with one-day providers without guarantees carries great risks. To make sure that your partner is reliable, you should pay attention to the following:

    • the duration of the company’s presence on the market;
    • a wide range of products and related services;
    • examples of successfully launched projects using the company’s products;
    • the ability to update the software;
    • reviews from real customers and independent experts.

    Don’t have much experience in the betting business in principle and don’t understand many of the nuances? Don’t follow your intuition. Trust the professionals at B2bslots! Our specialists will advise you on everything from choosing a provider to software quality analysis.


    Frequently made mistakes when opening a BC

    So, you have bought a bookmaker’s circuit and successfully started work. This is a highly profitable business and you have all the prospects of recouping all your expenses in the shortest possible time. However, its profitability becomes the reason for certain risks. You must not forget that the world of big money is always full of “sharks”.

    Common mistakes for beginners in the betting business

    1.       Not taking seasonality into account

    At the start you will certainly feel the seasonality of the business. And high revenues during major sporting championships will be replaced by a conditional lull. If you carefully considered the issue of opening your own betting business, you took this into account at the stage of drawing up a business plan.

    If this moment was missed, and at the beginning of work euphoria was replaced by disappointment and even panic, then in vain. You should be patient and develop your BC. Gradual expansion of sports events and activities will allow you to level out and smooth out the seasonality spikes.

    2. ignoring competitors.

    On the one hand, the network is a huge source of traffic. On the other hand, any bookmaker’s office, regardless of where it is registered, can become your competitor and steal your customers.

    The client is always looking for more favorable conditions for himself. So constantly monitor your competitors’ market, study their methods and, of course, improve your business.

    3. don’t be afraid of professional cheaters

    Unfortunately, bookmakers are not immune from professional players and scammers who have studied thoroughly all the subtleties of the betting business. For a beginner, the entry of such a professional in the game can be disastrous – a few accurate bets for a fabulous amount and your gambling fund can be bankrupted. Large bookmakers develop different strategies to combat such players, but the best way is to refuse to accept large suspicious bets.

    Minimize the risks and avoid mistakes by using the services of professionals. At B2bslots you will be offered consultations and full support of the project.

    What are the advantages of cooperation with B2bslots

    B2bslots company specializes in online gambling software. We offer a wide range of software products of our own production and world leading developers.

    We are also ready to offer consultations on choosing software or ready-made solutions for bookmaker’s offices. We give you a fast start and guarantee successful development.

    Our team is a team of professionals with great experience. This and cooperation with the best developers of software for betting shops has allowed us to optimize pricing. We have the lowest prices and an opportunity to get a personal price for our software: the more experience our clients have in betting business, the lower the price.

    Our offer includes:

    Software for betting shops from the best providers:

    • Novomatic – a company that has been creating software for online casinos for several decades since 2017 has released a line of software for BK. Products became popular at once and only confirmed the professionalism and quality of the developer.
    • Playtech – the company’s products for sports betting are considered by many experts to be the best solutions for sports betting. Full integration and high quality are the main features of this developer
    • others.

    Payment services cooperating with bookmakers:

    • Webmoney;
    • Visa и MasterCard;
    • Qiwi;
    • others.

    We offer multi-currency and cryptocurrency solutions for BC and much more. You can find the full catalog of current offers and products on our website. You can also contact our specialists and ask questions.

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