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  • How much does it cost to run an internet casino from scratch?

    The popularity, profitability and rapid spread of online gambling on the internet makes more and more entrepreneurs wonder how much an online casino costs. In fact, the amount of start-up capital required can range widely. The main influencing factor is the way of opening a gambling establishment.

    How much does a bespoke internet casino cost

    How much does it cost to run an internet casino from scratch?

    The first way you can’t ignore is custom casino development. This is one of the most expensive ways. The high price is compensated by the uniqueness of the project, its high quality and full compliance with the functional needs of the customer. When asked how much does it cost to develop a custom online casino, the answer will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to experts, the development cost can start from 50 thousand dollars, and the period of implementation and launch of the project will be at least three months.

    What affects how much it costs online casino? In this case, the price affects:

    • the cost of highly specialised website development services;
    • hosting fee;
    • the type and price of the gaming licence;
    • the cost of developing unique game software;
    • buying game software from leading developers;
    • promotion and marketing of the project online.

    It is no less expensive and also more time-consuming to develop an online casino from scratch on your own.

    How much does it cost to run an internet casino from scratch?

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    How much does a turnkey internet casino cost

    A turnkey solution is more affordable and economical. To determine how much a turnkey internet casino costs, it is sufficient to look at the offers that exist on the web. Factors influencing the price are:

    • developer brand;
    • the quality, quantity and variety of game software;
    • feature richness;
    • set of administration options.

    Once you know how much a turnkey online casino costs, it is advisable to be guided in your choice not only by the opportunity to save money. The key point is the quality and safety of the online casino software. It is from the software that the reliability, safety and smooth operation of the resource will depend.

    How much does an online economy casino cost

    But today, developers also offer more economical options with a quick start-up option. Entrepreneurs who do not have a large start-up capital are encouraged to consider how much an internet casino costs when choosing the following methods.

    • A franchise of a well-known brand – for example, the Vulkan brand franchise scheme.
    • White Label Casino is a quality gaming platform solution with a unique design, where full support and technical support is provided by the provider, the operator handles the marketing and promotion.
    • The script is the purchase of the basic codes that provide the functionality of an online casino. The main trumps are easy installation and a quick start.

    Please note that regardless of the method chosen, regardless of how much an online casino costs, special attention needs to be paid to the software. Our company B2bslots offers high quality gaming software at an affordable price. Our offer includes:

    • software from leading developers;
    • unique slots of our own design;
    • HTML5 slots;
    • mobile solutions;
    • multi-currency and cryptocurrency solutions for gaming platforms.

    Our price ranges from $0 to $15’000. It will depend on your experience in online gambling. The more experience you have, the lower the price will be. As mentioned above, the average cost of competitor online casino software is at least $50’000 and up. When you buy software from our company, you get a casino platform, game content, affiliate program, payment solution, integrated with each other. It takes less than 7 days to create and launch typical online casino.

    By working with us, you can save a lot of money! How much are the monthly costs for technical support, software, updates with us? 0$! While the price of these services in our competitors every month at least 5000$.

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