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  • SoftSwiss-based DarkSlot Casino declares bankruptcy

    Today, none of the slots are available on the official DarkSlot casino website. Concerned players and the curious decided to contact the support team to clarify the situation. The managers of the gaming club explained this state of affairs very simply – the casino went bankrupt and the management decided to close the entertainment portal.

    Reasons for bankruptcy

    There were several reasons for DarkSlot going bankrupt and ceasing operations:

    1. Firstly, gaming resources ruin a large number of gamblers who come only for bonuses and no deposit accruals. Having received a gift payment from a casino, the bonus-hunters wager it, withdraw the money and disappear. This approach promises the casino only losses, not profits.
    2. Secondly, the RKN recently blocked the ip address of SoftSwiss, the platform on which DarkSlot operates. Unfortunately, on SoftSwiss, players cannot change their own ip or select mirrors – it’s all done purely through SoftSwiss. Because of this, a large number of SoftSwiss casinos are not available in the Russian Federation, and the situation is in no hurry to change for the better. Without VPN, old casino users can’t use mirrors and this only makes it harder to access the gaming clubs. Consequently, new RF player traffic is very low.
    3. Thirdly, another new problem has arisen: deposits can now not be made from all cards. For example, Rocket Bank has already blocked the possibility of making deposits via their cards. This hinders players and reduces the financial inflow to the casino.

    There may be some other hidden problems. For example, large payment commissions or large gambler skips. In any case, the closure of small casinos was to be expected. In the not too distant future, several more small gambling sites will be closed, which will only benefit large gaming networks.

    SoftSwiss-based DarkSlot Casino declares bankruptcy

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