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  • Who is Direx N.V. or SoftSwiss

    Many people think that SoftSwiss is a solid, reliable company, but this opinion has never been borne out by real facts. This assumption is due to the fact that its logo is always in plain sight, the company name has a beautiful sound and is associated with Swiss quality. However, if one explores the subject more closely, one realises that the company’s reputation is not the best.

    Who are Direx N.V.

    SoftSwiss is often mentioned when opening a casino with WhiteLabel applications, which means that the provider provides the operators with all the benefits: platform, look and feel of the sites, customer service, hacking protection, etc. These collaborations are long-lasting, as the providers are involved in maintaining the casinos from the moment they are launched.

    Often WhiteLabel casinos are operated by Direx N.V., so the names of these firms are interchangeable on the sites. SoftSwiss develops the applications and Direx N.V. operates them. For such services, the owners of the gaming business charge them a certain percentage of revenue each month. SoftSwiss also develops its own ProvablyFair games (apps started being released this spring under the Bgaming brand).

    Who is Direx N.V. or SoftSwiss

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    Activities of Direx N.V.

    Direx N.V. operates a large number of casinos (more than 30). Operators of this provider have not the best reputation, but many of them are appreciated by gambling lovers (in particular, Bit Starz, Jet Spin, King Billy casinos). Of course, complaints are made against these institutions, but it happens with every casino.

    If you look at it from the point of view of SoftSwiss activity and peculiarities of working with the clientele that orders the development of WhiteLabel, the picture becomes less straightforward. Having studied the reviews of some customers, we can conclude that the company’s service is in a terrible position. Here is one vivid example: in the previous year of 2017, the owner of Satoshigames.io casino entered into a public confrontation with the company, accusing it of not fulfilling the obligations that were spelled out in the contract concluded. As soon as this case became public, SoftSwiss blocked the client’s access to its resources.

    In explanation of this fact, the representatives of the company stated that the reason for this decision was that the client spoiled the reputation of the developer. Also one of the reasons was named the fact that the client has violated the rules, allowing the resource players from the United States of America. This reason is very strange, because SoftSwiss itself should be responsible for blocking the gamers’ access. From all of this you can conclude that the firm did not want to solve the problems and just decided to brush off the customer.

    It should be noted that the example of such an attitude was seen not only with Satoshigames.io. Experts and customers from around the world have repeatedly discussed the fact of unprofessionalism and false promises of the firm. There are also problems with the Merkeleon division. The firm develops online auctions and trading platforms. This company has also been accused of incompetence, unprofessionalism, and false promises.

    Now you have to wonder: if SoftSwiss’ service is far from normal, can we expect their applications to be honest? Of course, there is no evidence of fraud. But if even a major player like SheriffGaming turns out to be a cheater, one cannot help being suspicious of all providers.


    When viewed from the players’ point of view, SoftSwiss is relatively reliable. Although Direx N.V. runs controversial casinos, most of the establishments are decent. So if you come across a casino under the patronage of Direx N.V., you cannot be sure whether it is a good or a bad casino.

    If you are planning to set up your own online gambling establishment, however, you should think carefully about whether or not you should use SoftSwiss. After all, there are many situations where the company showed itself as a dishonest partner. Although the company assured in comments that the problems are caused by its customers, you should think – would you like to be in the shoes of these customers? We think not.

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