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  • Marketing casino to increase the number of customers

    Even the highest quality gambling platform cannot do without marketing casino tools.

    They allow you to solve problems of various kinds:

    • new customer acquisition;
    • retention of regular players;
    • returning customers who, for whatever reason, have stopped coming to an online casino;
    • creating a positive image and reputation in the gambling market.

    We suggest looking at some of the online casino marketing tools that are highly effective. They should be on the radar of every operator who wants to succeed.

    Marketing casino promotions prizes

    Marketing casino to increase the number of customers

    The development of bonus programs, promotions and loyalty programs is one of the areas of marketing casino. In the sphere of online gambling today there is quite a lot of competition. Chances for rapid successful development are greater at sites with unique offers.

    Players, of course, like to receive free gifts. And prizes for active play or participation in tournaments make the game process more exciting. Much attention should be paid to VIP programs aimed at encouraging big players.

    Examples of promotions and bonuses within the marketing casino:

    • Deposit bonuses.
    • Accrual of free spins for playing a particular machine.
    • Site sign-up bonuses. Rewards for attracting a new player.
    • Cashback opportunity.
    • The possibility of earning special points during gameplay, which can then be exchanged for prizes.

    This is only a small fraction of the bonuses and promotions possible. With a good marketing casino specialist, the administration will be able to develop unique offers to entice players.

    Marketing casino to increase the number of customers

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    Marketing casino CRM systems

    The modern marketing casino strongly recommends the use of a CRM system. First of all, it’s a tool to optimise and automate work with the client base.

    But most importantly, CRM-system allows you to analyse the behaviour of players in the casino, keep statistics on the time they stay in the game, see the size of their bets, etc. All this information helps to develop individual loyalty programs. If there is a decrease in player activity, the analysis system will prompt which bonus offers and promotions can interest him and bring him back into the game. Individual promotions can be notified via email or pensh notifications.

    Marketing casino pusch notifications

    Puch notifications are another modern marketing casino tool. The current solution is to launch a special mobile app that will notify via puch notifications about upcoming events and tournaments, software updates and other useful information. The interconnection with the CRM system will allow each player to focus on the events that are most interesting for him, according to the analysis he carried out.

    Do you have any questions about using the online casino marketing tools? You can always consult with B2bslots specialists. Our company specializes not only in software products for online gambling, but also provides a wide range of related services. You can contact us at b2bslots.com.

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