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  • Casino software in a modern format

    Since the advent of online gambling, casino software has undergone significant changes. Technology continues to evolve rapidly. This in turn puts new demands on online casino software.

    What modern casino software is like

    One of the key steps in setting up casino online is the selection and purchase of gaming software. Let’s highlight the basic requirements for software products:

    • Graphic quality – the picture must be clear and of good quality. “A cartoonish image is more likely to alienate visitors. Today’s users have very high requirements for image quality. Today, games are created using technologies such as 3D and VR/AR.
    • Quality sound – sound and music should be both pleasing and appropriate to the atmosphere of the gambling hall.
    • The use of gamification elements – makes even the most mundane and “boring” gameplay moments more appealing and user-friendly.
    • The mobile interface is a very hot topic, as the modern CA of gambling sites has migrated to mobile devices. Do you want to stay “afloat” and grow successfully? Choose HTML5 games.
    • Ability to integrate with any platform and the ability to update automatically.

    Only software that meets this list of requirements should be considered for purchase.

    Casino software in a modern format

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!
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    Additional criteria for choosing casino software

    When selecting online casino software, attention should also be paid to the choice of the software provider. The following criteria should be used to assess a potential partner:

    • reputation, reliability and length of time on the online gambling market;
    • the breadth of the range of software products on offer;
    • availability of additional services, customer support and follow-up services;
    • the price of products and services.

    The main sources of information for provider analysis are customer feedback and information disseminated by the company itself. It is not uncommon for company managers to provide minimal information. Their offer is limited to selling software. This is not the best way to cooperate, especially for those who are new to the gambling business.

    If you need a quick successful start and professional support of your project, B2bslots services are the best proposal. The company specializes in the production of its own software for online casinos. It also offers ready products of leading developers.

    Installation of B2bslots software products and technical support is free for clients. If you turn to competitors in the market, you will have to pay at least $5,000 a month for technical support services.

    All updates of B2bslots software are also free of charge and are regular.

    HTML5 game order

    The future of online gambling is undoubtedly in HTML5 technology. Gambling games based on them are accessible from any type of mobile device. The question arises: where to buy HTML5 games?

    B2bslots offers a wide range of in-house produced HTML5 games on various themes. A client may also order the development of a game with any thematic design. Installation of the game on the client’s platform, its further maintenance and update will be absolutely free. As for the royalty, its amount will be only 8%, which is half the amount offered by competitors.

    Optimisation and reduction of prices for its products and services allowed the company to have experienced professionals in its team and cooperation with leading software developers.

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    Buy a casino

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