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  • Online Casino Development

    A promising and, importantly, realistic solution to start your own gambling business is to develop an online casino. For a newcomer to the gambling industry, opting for online gambling has a number of advantages. Before turning to the main topic of our material – the development of an online casino, let us pay attention to the advantages of this solution.

    Why is it important? At the start of any business, you need a strong belief that you are making the right choice. This confidence is further reinforced by desire, goal setting and determination. But at the outset, ask yourself a question and give a clear answer: “Why online gambling?

    Online casino development benefits

    In terms of starting your own gambling business, an online casino is much more profitable than a land-based gambling club. And this applies equally to newcomers to the field as to experienced businessmen.

    Moreover, having experience can bring an additional bonus in the form of a personalized software price. This is exactly the kind of policy we have at B2bslots. We offer personal rates to our clients! The more his experience in the gambling entertainment industry, the lower his personal price.

    However, it does not mean that newcomers have to pay three times the price. B2bslots specializes in various software products tailored to different tasks and related services for online casinos. We have the lowest prices! To start gambling business with minimum expenses becomes an absolute reality with us. You can make sure of it, if you get acquainted with the current offers on the website b2bslots.com.

    The main advantages of online casinos:

    • Relatively low start-up capital is required, as there are no investments in refurbishing and equipping the premises, training staff, organising security, purchasing play equipment, etc.
    • The costs of running a casino online will always be lower: there are no staff salaries, no utilities and so on.
    • It is possible to choose the most comfortable jurisdiction in terms of taxation for conducting business. Online casinos are banned in Russia, but that does not mean that you cannot get a gambling licence in one of the EU countries or offshore zones.
    • Fast start-up and fast return on investment.
    • A great deal of administration can be outsourced to professional contractors, especially for newcomers.
    • There is no territoriality, and every network user is your potential customer. Hence the huge reach of your target audience.
    • The online casino site is available to players 24/7 with a minimum of effort to do so. And it’s hard to imagine what could get in the way of your operations (assuming you’ve been thorough in setting up the casino and are operating legally).
    Online Casino Development

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    Stages of online casino development

    We have decided to present information on the process of developing and launching an online gambling site in the form of a step-by-step guide. This will help newcomers to plan their actions and at the same time not to miss any important points.

    Let us outline the key steps on the way to setting up an online casino.

    1. business plan: gather information and calculate the project’s payback.

    We are not discovering America if we say that the very first and most important step is to draw up a business plan. It is a prerequisite for a successful start-up for any business. However, there are three reasons why this stage should be given the utmost attention:

    • You will be able to visually assess the cost of running a project and its feasibility.
    • A business plan is a prerequisite for obtaining a gaming licence in some jurisdictions.
    • A promising business plan is a tool for attracting investors, which in turn will ensure fast and successful development.

    A business plan should contain not only cost items, but also specific objectives. Otherwise your venture makes no sense at all. Objectives can have different expressions. For example:

    • The daily number of visitors to the website should be (****).
    • The number of new visitors each day should be (****).
    • The casino’s profit per day (week, month) must be (****) thousand dollars, etc.

    When it comes to cost items, it is also important not to leave anything out. Write down absolutely every question that comes to your mind, regardless of when and where it happened. For example:

    • How much would it take to develop/purchase the software?
    • How much will the hosting cost?
    • How much is needed for licensing? etc.

    Translate the answers to all these questions into monetary terms and include them in your business plan! This will gradually give you a realistic picture of how much you need to invest and the prospect of a return on your investment.

    2. Obtaining a gaming licence.

    A very important and responsible moment is obtaining a gambling licence. Its existence confirms the legality of the online casino. However, you will not be able to obtain such a licence in the Russian Federation. There is a ban on online gambling. Only land-based casinos can be organised in specially designated areas after obtaining the relevant permits and licences.

    The way out is to register a legal entity and obtain a gaming licence in one of the offshore zones. Note that this can also be an EU country. European licences have a higher prestige. But they also have a higher cost, the procedure of obtaining it is more complicated and lengthy, there are additional conditions (for example, having that very business plan for the rock for at least 3 years).

    The choice of jurisdiction should be made very carefully. Take your time and financial capabilities into account. A great advantage of a prestigious European licence is the upfront credibility and the ability to work with leading software developers. With the casino, working without a license or its pirated version, is unlikely to agree to cooperate a serious company. And most importantly, such a pirate casino is not going to be used by the players either.

    Types of gambling licences:

    • Full – gives the right to engage in any type of gambling business, as well as the authority to transfer sub-licences to other online casinos.
    • A sub-licence – this can be obtained from the holder of a full licence. It gives you the right to run a full and completely legal gambling business. The minor limitations are fully compensated for by its lower cost.
    • Licences for certain types of gambling business, such as games with GGC, poker rooms, betting shops and for software developers.

    It is not always easy for a newcomer to understand the intricacies of the terms and conditions of different jurisdictions. To choose the best option and speed up the process, seek the services of professionals. B2bslots, in particular, provides such services and advice.

    3. Site development for online casinos: website, hosting, domain name.

    A website is a responsible business. It has to be optimally adapted to the online casino. If you have somewhere a ready-made resource that has previously been used for other purposes, it is advisable to optimise it.

    Creating a website includes:

    • Developing the concept: the style, the colour scheme, the structure of the sections and the general idea are all the task of a professional designer. A professional approach will allow you to create a unique resource, even in the usual online casino style. It won’t let you get lost on the web.
    • Website layout: leave it to a professional layout designer to see how user-friendly it will be for visitors and, indeed, for you as the casino owner.
    • Content: Games are not the only content on the website. Therefore, take care of quality content. Order interesting thematic content that is not only engaging, but also useful for players.

    A quality online casino website is also about domain name and hosting.

    Hosting requirements:

    • a high level of security;
    • stable 7/24/365 service;
    • high response speed;
    • the legality of the work.

    Recommendations on what a website domain name should contain in order to be memorable to players:

    • the name of your casino;
    • an allusion to the theme of the slots (e.g. fruits, 777, etc.) or the type of gambling entertainment (e.g. poker);
    • the name of the country or city can be used as additional information.

    Remember, however, that the domain name must be both simple and memorable. Do not overload it.

    4. gaming software: choose and buy software or commission custom development.

    The backbone of any online casino is the platform. It serves as the engine that keeps the resource running. A quality platform integrates with the software of all existing online casino software manufacturers. Gaming and payment software serve as a kind of superstructure on the platform.

    The choice of gaming software is fundamental to the success and popularity of your gambling establishment among online users. Forget the days when players were happy to get into any gambling hall and spin the reels. Today’s player is a demanding customer who is interested in the quality and variety of gaming offerings. Do you want to attract customers? Choose only licensed software.

    Do you want to be a unique establishment? Order custom game development. The benefits of custom development:

    • the uniqueness and high quality of the product;
    • When you own a game, you do not have to pay the providers a percentage of the revenue from it.

    But there is a downside – the cost of custom development is high, unless of course you are a customer of B2bslots. We have the lowest prices for all types of online casino game software! Our custom price ranges from $0 to $15’000. It will depend on your experience in online gambling. Meanwhile, the average cost of similar services from competitors – from $50’000 and above!

    By ordering the creation of an online casino with us, you will get cloud products: Casino Platform, Gaming Content, Affiliate Program, Payment Solution. All products will be already integrated with each other. It will take our specialists less than 7 days to create and launch a typical casino, while our competitors offer starting from 3 months!

    If this is your first experience, and you just start developing your own online casino, then you should immediately discard the games created using flash technology. This is outdated software that is not supported by mobile devices. If you want to develop and become a highly profitable casino, you should focus on HTML5 games that are supported by all types of modern mobile devices. This approach will expand the reach of the target audience many times over and attract new visitors.

    So, let’s highlight the basic criteria that a quality gaming software must meet:

    • modern graphics using the latest technology;
    • high-quality, original soundtrack that contributes to a special atmosphere;
    • a variety of thematic designs – your potential customers include women and men of different ages and social backgrounds, remember that;
    • reliability, safety and a level of return that is attractive to players.

    You will find examples of quality software at b2bslots.com. This is software from well-known developers such as: NetEnt, Igrosoft, Playtech, Novomatic Delux, B2bSlots Erotic.

    5. Payment software: Connecting payment systems.

    When choosing payment systems, be guided by the following criteria:

    Reliability and security.

    Popularity of systems among your target audience. Do not forget to focus on widespread payment systems in the region in which you are going to promote your casino.

    Choose multi-currency solutions. This will lay the foundation for the prospects of development and expansion of the sphere of influence of your resource, as well as provide players with a wide range of ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

    Look for new, unconventional solutions to attract advanced players and keep up with the times. At the moment, integrating cryptocurrency solutions into the casino can be considered such a choice.

    6. Advertising campaign: start-up and follow-up promotion.

    Do not be surprised, to start an advertising campaign and promotion specialists recommend even before the opening of the resource. This step will allow you to get a significant influx of visitors from the first days.

    The advertising campaign should be simple, bright and memorable. But most importantly – it should be intriguing! Do not reveal all the cards at once. Start with the placement of commercials or banners on the network, which will inform about the imminent opening of “something. But what exactly will be unknown to users.

    For design, you need to think of the original chip, which will resonate with the logo or the name of your future casino. It will flash before the eyes of users and, as they say, postponed on a subconscious level. As the opening should become more and more transparent, but already give hints about the specifics of the resource.

    As a result, the moment of opening the network will literally wait! Even not particularly gambling people will probably want to look at the site after its opening. And then it will all depend on you. Were you able to properly approach the development of your resource and be able to keep your visitors?

    In the future, be prepared to work actively to promote the casino and attract new customers.

    Benefits of offers from B2bslots

    The peculiarity and main advantage of our company lies in the fact that we can offer profitable and constructive cooperation at every stage of online casino development.

    The B2bslots offer includes:

    • online casino platforms.
    • in-house developed and world-renowned gaming software from leading developers;
    • a wide range of HTML5 games;
    • multi-currency and cryptocurrency solutions;
    • payment software including 12+ of the most reliable and widespread payment services;
    • project support services and many other online gambling software products.

    Another large-scale offer from B2bslots is ready-made solutions for online casinos. Such solutions include all the necessary software, license, wide platform functionality and administration options. Turnkey solutions – a guarantee of fast and successful start! We are experts in our field! Let us help you and speed up your way to success!


    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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