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  • Telegram casinos: the benefits and advantages of a new trend

    In 2016, a new trend appeared in the mobile Internet sphere – messengers. They have displaced not only browser-based applications, but also most of the major social applications for voice, text and video communication. The most popular messenger at the moment is Telegram. Its convenience lies in the low load on the RAM of the device, special data encryption codes and the absence of binding to any geographic region. A user can easily use services and applications, which, for example, are not among the acceptable ones in his region. These include online casinos. That is why the iGaming sphere is interested in using Telegram to attract new users and increase traffic.

    Telegram casino: simplifying business

    Conducting a gambling business on the Internet requires the simultaneous performance of many tasks: mailing, consulting, familiarizing users with various offers and other communication activities. In order not to spend money on appropriate personnel, all these tasks can be entrusted to a special chat-bot, which functions within the messenger.

    Automatism of a bot is a guarantee of timely execution of tasks and uninterrupted work, while there is such a phenomenon as human factor for usual personnel: people can make a mistake, or perform a task untimely or incorrectly. And a chatbot will only do what it is programmed to do. Plus, saving on staff, you can use the funds to improve other segments of your gambling business.

    It is the task of the programmer-developer to put the chat-bot into the messenger. It is he who sets the algorithms for the desired actions. For businesses, it is helpful to have regular contractors who specialize in developing and improving chatbots for online casinos. Over time, chatbots become more and more functional, which means they are able to perform more and more types of tasks. You can automate many processes with them, and the further the technology develops, the more automation it involves.

    Telegram casinos: the benefits and advantages of a new trend

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    To apply

    To date, the chatbot has been able to perform such tasks:

    • selling and offering any goods or services;
    • distribution of commercial documents (price lists, updated and new documents, contracts, partnership and business proposals);
    • acting as an intermediary between the user and the platform linked to them (users sending commands to the main platform via the chatbot);
    • automated advice or technical support by searching for keywords/phrases in the query, on the basis of which the user will be offered a suitable answer;
    • notify users, customers and partners of any changes or developments by sending out links to relevant documents or announcements.

    The attractiveness of chatbots for online gambling

    To get the maximum benefit from the use of Telegram chatbots, you need to fully understand their capabilities. The introduction of the bot into your business implies certain costs, and in order for them to pay off, it is necessary to properly apply this trendy technology in the field of iGambling. To do so, take a look at the opportunities and benefits offered by the Telegram chatbot:

    • cross-platform – the Telegram chatbot works on any gadget;
    • no intrusive advertising – Telegram does not use advertising as a source of income;
    • further improvement and development of chatbots is in no way restricted by the messenger;
    • encryption against third party interference with the chatbot and the information it provides;
    • no hacking – third parties cannot tamper with or “reprogram” the Telegram chatbot;
    • low RAM load – the app works even on low-powered gadgets, does not slow them down and saves battery life.

    As you can see, the Telegram chatbot is able to solve several “pains” of the gambling business at once. First of all, anonymity and absence of regional affiliation allows to increase traffic at the expense of those users who are located in the jurisdiction where gambling is not quoted. Plus, the user himself feels freer, remaining anonymous while playing. Cross-platform increases the breadth of traffic capture: if a low-powered gadget or lack of the right browser do not stand in the way of the gambler, he plays more often and more willingly.

    The use of the Telegram messenger directly affects the increase in the flow of users. Having become a fashionable trend as well as a simplified communication application, Telegram is very popular among users aged 18 to 35. And if you are interested in attracting traffic of this age category, the messenger is an easy way to increase the number of players on the portal.

    Data encryption and reliable protection from unauthorized interference is a nice bonus for online casino owners. It allows you to conduct business calmly and openly, and the absence of loopholes for third parties guarantees protection against hacking. This is especially true for business that is conducted on real deposits, which is directly related to online gambling.

    Online Casino Chatbot Implementation

    For owners of standard online casinos chat-bot may become a necessity due to constant blocking of mirrors and direct sites. Chat-bot in this case is indispensable, as it is anonymous and does not react to the direct geographical location of the user. The bot can be used as an intermediary between the main site and the users. Through Telegram, the chatbot sends commands and creates a visual space for the game. With his help, you can not only play, but also replenish your balance, contact support, receive news and notifications, manage your account and deposits.

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