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  • Gambling licence available and fast

    The key step in establishing an online casino is a gambling licence. It is a proof of the legitimacy of a gambling establishment. In the eyes of players, it is a confirmation of the reliability of the platform. For regulatory authorities and business partners, a gambling licence is a confirmation of the legality and seriousness of the business.

    Gambling licence in the Russian Federation

    In Russia a license for gambling on the Internet cannot be obtained. Here at the legislative level there are restrictions on the organization of gambling. Gambling games are placed in certain territorial zones, which of course the Internet does not belong to.

    The solution for the Russian entrepreneurs has been licensing in different countries of Europe and the world, where Internet gambling is not prohibited and is regulated by the state. Today the number of such countries is about 80. And if previously the first and only European country in this list was Malta, today it is joined by Bulgaria, Poland, Isle of Man, Cyprus, Montenegro, Alderney and others.

    Gambling licence available and fast
    Gambling licence available and fast

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    To apply

    Gambling licence how to choose

    Different jurisdictions offer different conditions and a gambling licence may not be the easiest step in the process of establishing a casino. Key differences between the different jurisdictions:

    • Cost. The licensing process in European countries is the most expensive. On the one hand, this is compensated by their prestige. Permits issued by Malta, for example, for international financial institutions are proof of the absolute legality of the institution. Malta is not considered by them as an offshore zone.
    • The complexity and length of the procedure. High prestige gambling licences are usually accompanied by a long list of documents and additional conditions to be applied for. For example, applicants for a Maltese licence will need to submit a business plan for 3 years.
    • Duration and conditions for renewal. In different jurisdictions, the duration of the permit varies from 1 to 5 years. Also note the complexity and cost of the gambling licence renewal procedure.
    • The taxation system in place. The purpose of any online casino is profit. Therefore, when choosing a jurisdiction, pay close attention to the current taxation system.

    You should also consider the nuances of the legislation in the region in which you plan to operate your platform.

    Gambling licence when not required

    Are there options for starting an online casino where a gambling licence is not required? An entrepreneur can indeed save himself the hassle of obtaining one if he chooses one of the following ways of starting a gambling business:

    • the purchase of a franchise of a well-known brand;
    • White label casino;
    • the purchase of a turnkey casino;
    • purchase casino script with license.

    All of these methods imply that the provider offers ready-made gambling solutions with the appropriate gambling permits. Their cost is already included in the price of the software product. However, this should always be clarified, as no one is immune to online fraud yet. Checking technical specifications and legal aspects will help avoid misunderstandings and problems with regulatory authorities.

    Are you looking for a quality licensed software with full legal support? You will find the best quality and price offer at B2bslots.

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