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  • Gambling licence obtaining video

    Is a gambling licence required for an online casino? Gambling and gambling are activities that require a licence. As the operator will need to open accounts and provide financial transactions, a licence will be required to prove the legality of its operations.

    Gambling license in Russia

    According to current Russian legislation, a gambling licence in Russia can only be obtained for land-based casinos. Certain conditions must be fulfilled for this purpose. The main one is to organise gambling only in specially designated areas.

    A similar situation with online casinos operates in Ukraine, Belarus and several other countries of the former Soviet Union. An alternative legal solution was to obtain a gambling licence in offshore zones.

    Gambling licence obtaining video
    Gambling licence obtaining video

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    To apply

    Choosing the right gambling licence

    It is no coincidence that a gambling licence is associated with choice. There are dozens of countries around the world that offer online casino licensing options. The challenge for the operator is to choose the best option that meets all the possible requirements.

    What to look out for:

    • the period of validity of the licence;
    • the price of the design;
    • the length and complexity of the procedure for obtaining it;
    • the existence of additional requirements for the licensee.

    European gambling licences are considered to be the most prestigious. Malta was the first country in Europe to take the area under state control. Today, the Maltese licence is highly regarded. International banks do not view it as an offshore zone. This means that there are no difficulties with financial transactions.

    However, one has to pay a price for such prestige. The features that distinguish the Maltese gambling licence

    • the high cost of decoration;
    • the existence of additional requirements and checks on the licensee;
    • the duration of the procedure;
    • time-consuming and multi-stage.

    Malta is not the only European country to offer licensing. Today it is joined by Poland, Albania, Bulgaria and others. The jurisdiction of Curacao is very popular. In particular, it attracts by the universality of the document issued – one for all types of activities.

    When a gambling licence is not required

    A topical question for many people: when is a gambling licence not required? Indeed, it is possible to avoid the self-licensing procedure, but still run your business completely legally.

    Providers offer turnkey online casino solutions. They already include all the necessary approvals. This is included in the price of the product. The advantages of such a choice are saving time and effort and, in most cases, money.

    You can find variants of high-quality, ready-to-launch online casino software at b2bslots.com. The company specializes in software products for gambling sites and provides full project support. One of the main advantages is affordable prices.

    The cost of B2bslots company’s services is much lower than that of competing companies on the market. Cooperation with it is an opportunity to open your own online casino quickly and cheaply.

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