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  • Online casino licence how to choose the right one

    Why do I need an online casino license? How to choose the right jurisdiction for licensing? How to go through the procedure quickly and cheaply? These are just some of the questions faced by entrepreneurs who want to open their own gambling business.

    In this material, we will try to answer the key questions. You can get detailed expert advice by contacting the company B2bslots. Appealing to professionals saves a lot of time and money at the start.

    Casino license online why you need it

    For a gambling establishment, a casino online license is a confirmation of its legal activities.

    Licensing is a procedure, the result of which is permission to conduct gambling activities. To pass it, the entrepreneur must submit a certain package of documents and pay the fees approved by the legislation of the selected jurisdiction.

    In different countries, the requirements for the licensee may differ significantly. Thus Maltese or British licenses are considered among the most prestigious. International financial institutions do not consider these countries as offshore zones. As a result, all banks, payment systems and partnerships with the best software developers are open before the operator with a license of such jurisdiction.

    General advantages of getting a casino license online:

    • the legality of gambling activities;
    • the high business reputation of the establishment;
    • a positive image in the eyes of potential clients;
    • ample business development opportunities.
    Online casino licence how to choose the right one
    Online casino licence how to choose the right one

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    Online casino licence choice of jurisdiction

    As mentioned, an online casino licence can have different jurisdictions. There are about 80 countries in the world today that offer this type of service under certain conditions. The price of a gambling licence has a wide range. The highest cost of licensing is in European countries.

    When choosing, one should pay attention to:

    • a list of the documents required for the application;
    • the existence of additional conditions;
    • the taxation system applicable to the licensee;
    • the length of time it takes to get there;
    • the period of validity of the permit;
    • price.

    Casino license online varieties

    Depending on the type of activity an entrepreneur plans to carry out, an online casino licence may not be sufficient. Some jurisdictions have a different type of permit for each type of activity, namely:

    • on the slots;
    • casinos and lotteries (which use PPPs);
    • on betting and online betting;
    • Game of skill games where the outcome depends on the player’s skill (e.g. bingo, poker, etc.).

    Experts recommend preferring jurisdictions that offer a universal online casino licence – one for all activities. An example of such a jurisdiction is Curacao. Today, Curacao is one of the most popular offshore zones.

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