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  • Online casino licensing types and features

    Gambling is an activity subject to licensing. Therefore, the licensing of online casinos is a hot topic for participants in the gambling market.

    Licensing of online casinos in Russia

    Online casino licensing for entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation will cause difficulties. Despite the fact that gambling itself is not prohibited in Russia, there is state regulation of its organisation.

    According to the current legislation, the operation of a gambling establishment is allowed only in several special zones. So, to get a licence for online casino in the Russian Federation is not possible. An alternative is to register and obtain a licence in an offshore zone.

    Online casino licensing types and features
    Online casino licensing types and features

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    Online casino licensing choice of jurisdiction

    Today, there are about 80 countries around the world that provide licences for gambling entertainment. On the one hand, this makes online casino licensing affordable, but on the other hand, it poses a serious choice.

    The gambling license for a gambling establishment may differ from country to country:

    • at the cost of;
    • in terms of the difficulty of obtaining;
    • by duration;
    • in terms of coverage of activities.

    A detailed analysis of the different types of licenses will help you choose the best option for your online casino, taking into account the region of the planned work.

    The most popular is the licensing of casinos online in European countries. The first such service was provided by Malta. Today this jurisdiction is considered one of the most prestigious.

    To obtain a Maltese gaming license applicant must go through a fairly complicated procedure and meet a number of stringent requirements. But the result justifies the money and effort. Malta is not evaluated by international financial institutions as an offshore zone.

    Among the available and popular jurisdictions are Curacao and a number of Caribbean countries. They are distinguished by their versatility and simplicity of the procedure of obtaining.

    To make the choice of licensing jurisdiction as profitable as possible, it is recommended to apply to professionals. The specialists will not only consult and help to decide on the best option, but also will help to speed up the whole licensing procedure. In fact, legal work is possible without a license. It all depends on the geography of your business.

    Is online casino licensing compulsory?

    The question of whether online casino licensing is compulsory is of interest to many people. In fact, there are ways to open an online casino and not have to get a license. An example of this is White Lablel casino. Choosing such scheme, the operator does not bother about getting and further prolonging the license. All legal and organizational issues are taken care of by software provider. The operator runs its business and successfully develops under its licence.

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