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  • Buy online casino with a licence

    In order to run a gambling business legally, it is necessary to buy an online casino with a license. This is the solution most newcomers choose, wishing to open their own casino online.

    Buy online casino with a licence

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    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

    How to get a license

    For Russian entrepreneurs this immediately poses difficulties. It is impossible to obtain a license for an online casino in Russia. There are legal restrictions on the organization of gambling. You can only open a land-based casino and only in special gaming zones. Online gambling is completely prohibited.

    If a Russian entrepreneur wants to open an online casino, he will need to register a legal entity and get a gambling license in one of the countries, where such activities are allowed. Today, there are 80+ countries around the world, including the prestigious European jurisdictions, and more accessible offshore zone – for example, Curacao.

    So, a newcomer, wishing to start his own gambling business, will have to solve a number of tasks related to licensing:

    • choice of jurisdiction;
    • study the conditions for obtaining a licence and the cost of the licence;
    • exploring further extensions of the licence;
    • fulfilment of additional licensing conditions (requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction);
    • payment of all taxes, state fees and contributions;
    • waiting time for the document – waiting time can vary from 2-3 weeks to six months, depending on the jurisdiction.

    Advantages of buying a casino with a license from our company

    A logical question arises: can you avoid all the legal red tape and buy a licensed casino outright? Yes, you can. And the proof of that is the offer from B2bslots. We specialize in software for modern online gambling, and our offer is not limited to single software products.

    What are we prepared to offer for newcomers?

    • Advice on choosing the jurisdiction best suited to the client’s capabilities and the legal framework of the region in which the work is to be carried out;
    • Comprehensive assistance in obtaining a gaming licence – we have the legal tools and experience to do so.
    • Ready-made online casino solutions with a licence. We guarantee a quick and successful start within the law!

    Our key advantages are the high quality of products and services and the lowest prices. We are ready to offer the client a personal price, which will be the lower the more his experience in the online gambling industry.

    To work with our software you will need to open and maintain a “pirate” legal entity and a “pirate” gambling license. The cost of opening a legal entity with a license will cost you an average of $ 10’000, the minimum annual maintenance it will cost from $ 12’000.

    Let’s highlight the main advantages of buying a ready-made solution with a license:

    • saving the customer time and money;
    • the opportunity to receive professional support and follow-up of the project;
    • guaranteed quick successful start;
    • the ability to generate income from the online casino immediately after launch.

    Have any questions or need advice on online casino licensing? Contact our experts via email, Skype, Telegram or send an enquiry from our website. We will be happy to help you!

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