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  • Casino franchise gambling video

    Thanks to the popularity of online gambling, casino franchises are becoming increasingly important as a way of starting a business. It is easy enough to buy a Vulkan casino franchise and completely save yourself the organisational hassle. Such a method is particularly in demand among those who are new to the gambling business.

    Casino franchise general introduction

    What is the essence of an online casino franchise? This is a format of cooperation on a contractual basis, which allows the entrepreneur to conduct commercial activities under the brand name of a well-known gambling site. An example is the Vulkan online casino franchise. Since Vulkan is known and popular among players, the cooperation with it arouses special interest.

    The seller in this scheme of cooperation is called – the franchisor, and the buyer – the franchisee. A logical question – what is the price of a well-known brand casino franchise? The price may vary significantly depending on the popularity and promotion of the brand.

    Typically, the franchisor receives two types of payment from the franchisee as a result of the deal:

    • A lump sum is a one-off payment, the calculation of which includes the amount of the owner’s expenses required to provide such a service.
    • Royalties are periodic payments which may depend on the amount of turnover or margin. The frequency of payments, the calculation scheme and the format (percentage or fixed amount) are specified in the agreement on a case-by-case basis and depend on the terms and conditions of the software owner.

    If you decide to buy a Vulkan casino franchise, you should study all the terms and conditions of the deal carefully beforehand.

    Casino franchise gambling video

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    Casino franchise key benefits

    The reason why casino franchises are in demand is because of the advantages of this method:

    • an easy and quick way to start a business in the gambling entertainment industry;
    • no need to obtain a gambling licence on their own;
    • there is no cost for promotion and marketing of the resource on the web;
    • ensuring comprehensive support from the franchisor – legal, technical, advisory, etc;
    • operating under a well-known brand, the operator has little or no competitive disadvantage;
    • in most cases, the parent company offers training for the operator’s staff free of charge.

    If you don’t have any experience in the gambling business, entrust the selection and launch of a resource to professionals. With B2bslots you are guaranteed to choose the best offer on the most favourable conditions. Our specialists will advise you on all basic questions. Launching a platform with us will not be a hassle.

    What to face without a casino franchise

    To many people, a casino franchise seems to be an option with limited development possibilities. This is due to the high degree of dependence on the parent company. If you want to become the owner of a unique resource and develop it on your own, then prepare to go through the following steps:

    • research and analysis of the gambling entertainment market;
    • business plan development;
    • Legal registration and licensing of activities;
    • choosing a reliable hosting service;
    • creating a uniquely designed website;
    • selecting and purchasing a gaming platform, integrating gaming and payment software into it;
    • organisation of a player support service;
    • marketing promotion of the resource.

    The whole process from scratch can take at least a year and requires a large investment. Choosing to work with renowned brands is a solution for those who are interested in a quick start and the opportunity to make money today.

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