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  • How to open an online casino in Russia legally

    Attractiveness and high profitability of gambling business make many people ask the question: how to open an online casino? Why on the Internet? The costs of creating an online gambling entertainment resource are many times less than the costs of opening a traditional land-based establishment. And this is not the only advantage.

    The advantages of opening an online casino

    The main advantages that encourage businessmen to open an online casino:

    • wide coverage of the target audience;
    • 24-hour availability of the site for visitors;
    • the ability to play from mobile devices;
    • minimum maintenance costs and no need for a large staff;
    • wide opportunities for development and expansion of the sphere of action.

    A striking example of a successful online gambling project is an online gambling platform Vulkan. It enjoys great popularity among users. But most importantly, to open your own casino, to occupy a niche in the field of gambling entertainment and achieve no less popularity is available to everyone.

    How to open an online casino in Russia legally

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    How to open an online casino Russian businessman

    The question on the answer, how to open an online casino in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, today for the domestic businessmen will be disappointing. On the territory of these countries is a ban on online casinos. And if the Russian Federation is possible in specially designated areas to organize land-based gambling establishments, in a number of other post-Soviet countries, there is a complete ban on gambling business.

    However, this does not mean that the entrepreneur is completely deprived of starting his own gambling business in the network. An alternative is to register a company and obtain a gambling license in an offshore zone. That is, the company itself, processing power and a database of players will be located in the territory of the country where it is allowed to open an online casino and gambling licensing.

    How to open an online casino basic steps

    The procedure to be followed to open your own online casino includes the following steps:

    • registering a legal entity and obtaining a license in the country of the chosen jurisdiction;
    • website development, choice of hosting and assignment of a domain name;
    • purchase of the platform and game software;
    • connecting payment software;
    • organization of the player support service;
    • promotion of the resource in the network.

    Specialists recommend that you start working with a specific target audience geographically. At the start, this will make it possible to open a project which best meets the needs of the audience in a particular region. For example, you are planning to work with Russian-speaking users living in the RF and CIS countries. It is necessary to choose software that is popular for this audience, convenient methods of payment and withdrawal of funds, game currency, etc.

    How to open an online casino without the hassle

    Another topical question – how to open an online casino on the Internet without a license? It is also possible if you use the services of a professional provider. The company B2bslots offers its clients a wide range of products and services:

    • licensed software from leading developers and in-house products;
    • multicurrency and multilingual software solutions;/li>
    • mobile solutions and a wide range of HTML5 games;
    • advice on selecting a jurisdiction for licensing and ready-made solutions with a license;
    • assistance in launching and project support services.
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