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  • Responsibility for gambling in the Russian Federation

    The main body of legislation restricting the organisation of gambling and outlining responsibility for gambling in Russia was adopted in 2009. This was a forced measure, against the backdrop of the current situation in society with the growth of gambling addiction, especially among minors.

    Previously, gambling entertainment venues had been a common sight in most communities. With the introduction of new legislation, the situation has changed. However, gambling and casinos are not banned as such in Russia. Now this type of commercial activity is strictly regulated and controlled by the state, and responsibility for illegal gambling has been introduced.

    In order to understand what responsibility is envisaged for gambling business organised illegally, one should know what refers to gambling entertainment.

    Liability for different types of gambling business

    According to Act No 244-FZ, this includes

    • classic gambling games – slot machines and playing tables (games with chips, cards, etc.)
    • bookmakers;
    • totes.

    All of these gambling activities are permitted in the Russian Federation. But there are certain territorial restrictions on their organisation. For instance, classic gambling through casinos or slot machines is only allowed in special zones. Today there are 5 such zones and an expansion of the list is under consideration:

    • “Azov-City” in the Krasnodar region;
    • “Siberian Coin” in the Altai region;
    • “Krasnaya Polyana” in Sochi;
    • “Primorye” in the Primorsky region;
    • “Amber” on the Baltic coast.

    The opening of casinos and the organisation of slot machine raffles outside these zones are punishable for illegal gambling.

    Totalizators and betting shops are permitted throughout the Russian Federation. In order to conduct this type of activity, it is necessary to be licensed and comply with all the requirements of Law No. 244-FZ and the NLA.

    Online gambling is completely prohibited. Online gambling will have to be held liable for the organisation of online gambling and casinos in Russia.

    Responsibility for gambling in the Russian Federation
    Responsibility for gambling in the Russian Federation

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    Liability for gambling business changes

    Responsibility for gambling business has changed over the course of the legislative restrictions. In particular, some changes came into force on 03.01.2015. As a result, court decisions on penalties for gambling business were added to the statistics in 2016. The controlling bodies are active in their work. Court cases appear regularly.

    As of today, the following types of liability for illegal gambling business are envisaged

    • criminal;
    • administrative for a legal entity;
    • opening an administrative case against a legal entity and a criminal case against an individual at the same time.

    How to avoid liability for gambling

    In order not to be held liable for gambling in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to strictly comply with legal requirements when opening a land-based casino, sweepstakes or betting house. This is the best way to successfully develop your business.

    As for online gambling, the alternative is to register a legal entity and obtain a licence in one of the offshore zones. The complexity and duration of the licensing procedure depends on the chosen jurisdiction.

    Having a license makes your online casino completely legal. The office of your company and servers will be located on the territory of the country, which issued the license. And to carry out its activities on the Internet, you will be able to choose the audience of any region in the world, including the Russian-speaking.

    In order to choose the most convenient jurisdiction and exclude the risk of liability, consult the B2bslots specialists. We are also ready to offer ready-made solutions for online gambling with a license.

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