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  • Article Organisation of gambling business in the legislation of the Russian Federation

    What does the organisation of gambling business in Russian law tell us about? In general, this type of activity is regulated by law No. 244-FZ. And the main conclusion that can be drawn from this law is that many popular types of gambling entertainment are allowed on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Article Organisation of gambling businesses permitted

    What types of gambling entertainment are allowed under the article Organisation of Gambling Business?

    The following formats fit under the wording “gambling”, if Law No. 244-FZ is followed:

    1. Classic gambling:

    • slot machines;
    • board games using different elements of excitement (with chips, cards, etc.)

    2. Bookmakers’ offices.

    3. Sweepstakes.

    However, the article on the organisation of gambling business for each type has its own requirements. For example, all types of classic gambling (casinos, clubs with machines) can operate only in specially designated territorial areas. To do so, one has to obtain a licence and meet all legal requirements.

    At the same time, the article on organisation of gambling business indicates that betting shops and bookmakers’ offices may operate on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Owners of betting shops will need to be licensed and comply strictly with all legal requirements.

    Article Organisation of gambling business in the legislation of the Russian Federation
    Article Organisation of gambling business in the legislation of the Russian Federation

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    Article organisation of gambling business bans

    While land-based casinos, betting shops and betting shops are allowed, online gambling is prohibited in Russia. You can read about this by studying Law No. 244-FZ, namely Art. 5 p.3.

    What does the prohibition in the article on the organization of online gambling business tell us? That it is impossible to obtain a licence in the Russian Federation to operate online gambling analogues.

    Is there a legal way out of the situation? Indeed, an alternative and perfectly legal solution exists. We are talking about registering and licensing your brand in one of the offshore zones.

    Ways of legally operating a gambling business

    There are many ways not to violate the article and to set up an online gambling business outside Russia. The computing power of the servers and the office of the company will be in the territory of the chosen jurisdiction. And, therefore, there is no violation of the article of the law.

    You will be able to choose any region to operate your site. Here, the specifics of the Internet comes to our aid. Any resource in the network is available to users around the world. However, for a successful start, experts recommend first clearly defining for yourself the region of the target audience.

    Within the framework of marketing promotion it is necessary to create a portrait of potential client. Guided by this portrait, the operator will choose:

    • game content;
    • interface languages;
    • casino currency;
    • set of payment systems.

    The easiest way not to violate the legal articles of the gambling business organisation is to seek the services of professionals. The specialists of B2bslots will help to choose the jurisdiction for licensing as comfortable and profitable as possible for economic activity.

    An entrepreneur can also completely free himself from legal decisions on the article of gambling business organization and project promotion by choosing one of the methods available today:

    • buy a turnkey casino;
    • White Label Solution;
    • a franchise of a well-known gambling brand.

    Whichever option you choose to run your gambling business, take advantage of our services! We have the lowest prices, quality software and a wide range of support services!

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