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  • Gambling practices and methods of organisation in the Russian Federation

    To start your own gambling business, practice and experience in the gambling industry is not necessary today. It is available even to beginners. A radical new opportunity has opened up with the development and spread of the internet.

    Gambling business practices in Russia

    It should be noted at once that gambling business practice in Russia has its own peculiarities.

    To date, the following types of gambling and entertainment are legally allowed:

    • slot machine draws;
    • land-based casinos;
    • betting shops;
    • totes.

    In practice, however, gambling in the form of classic gambling, i.e. casinos and automatic machine clubs, is only allowed in specially designated territorial zones. The list of zones includes:

    • “Azov City” – Krasnodar region;
    • “Siberian Coin” – Altai Krai;
    • “Krasnaya Polyana” – Sochi;
    • “Primorye” – Primorsky region;
    • “Yantarnaya” – Baltic coast.

    Bookmaker’s offices and betting shops are permitted throughout the Russian Federation, provided they are licensed and have all the relevant documents as required by law.

    A separate topic is online gambling in practice, in a context where it is completely prohibited by Russian law.

    Gambling practices and methods of organisation in the Russian Federation
    Gambling practices and methods of organisation in the Russian Federation

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    Gambling practice on the internet

    Most newcomers are interested in online gambling practices. Online gambling has a number of advantages over land-based casinos:

    • wide coverage of the target audience;
    • the possibility of round-the-clock customer access to the website;
    • the ability to play from mobile devices;
    • relatively low start-up costs;
    • quick return on investment and high profitability.

    How can online gambling be organised in practice, if it is prohibited in Russia? An entrepreneur has the opportunity to obtain a licence for the relevant type of activity in one of the offshore zones. To do this, it is required to register a legal entity in the selected jurisdiction and undergo the licensing procedure.

    What should be taken into account when opening a gambling business in an offshore zone:

    • the complexity and length of the licensing procedure;
    • class of licence – universal or separate for each activity;
    • additional conditions;
    • price;
    • validity period and conditions for renewal.

    Gambling business quick-start practices

    Gambling business in practice shows that licensing alone can take from 2 to 6 months. On the whole, the development and promotion of a resource from scratch takes a year or more. And the cost of the project can be several hundred thousand dollars. You must agree that this is not a very profitable way for a beginner with a limited budget.

    Providers on the web offer a more comfortable and quicker way to start without preparation and practice:

    • turnkey solution;
    • White Label casino;
    • name brand franchise;
    • casino script download free or buy cheap.

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